Friday, September 02, 2016

Final Take The Kap Man (Colin) and Silent Protests.

It’s worth mention this is the first example in my entire life I haven't stood with an athlete in a protest of this nature. That's #1 so why, well Football is a monster sadly bigger than the NBA. He wants to play football. The man is making headlines. He’s trending again like 2010. His agent first broached the topic who has more incentive than any of us to exploit Chip Kelly’s recent perceived racist failure in Philly.

This is a backup QB on the decline true guys would’ve been making this stands at the height of your prowess a few short years back. Colin as it stands is probably cut and in the ultimate emotional hedge can say, racism is why no team picked him up lost that it’s a distraction and football the ultimate team sport. This is also about how his contract is structured. If he plays this year and is hurt his 15 million is guaranteed next year. What a pickle for the 49’ers. And Chip. The front office a brilliant move bordering on an amazing Hollywood hustle.

Curious timing to take a stand now when your heroin spotlight has dimmed, buddy this has gone on forever. It's gotten better. Smartphones have brought awareness to things many of us have sweated to change in the upper class rank and files of American white privilege where it counts the most 4 years. The irony of course is, it is better, like now is better than 91, It’s better. Smartphones - Bless them. Cost came down and we have 5 year’s worth of footage which is clearly obvious now that everyone in America has a mobile video camera. So the timing is VERY suspect. It matters who says what. DJ Premier, on his forearm, respect is the cornerstone of power.

So he's now kneeling for one jam and standing for the next. He also said if he's cut he'll give his life to social activism. So we'll be watching. I hope I apologize to the whole FAM profusely in a few years. He added last night he will give a million dollars to charity’s reflecting the issues he’s attempting to bridge and spotlight. We’ll be watching. Money is funny too. So we hope he’s involved with where it goes. And follows up like a shark tank special to understand how it worked where it went, how we did what was learned to apply and get better help more. Show don’t tell big problem for me as well in this life at many junctures. Some socialist once said, wash the flag don’t burn it.

Some other smart person once said life comes down to what you do when people are not watching. A lesson lost of Colin long ago. It does distract from his ability. I was such a fan when he replaced Alex Smith. We shall see. I hope he’s on the realest team. I hope he calls it out in real time the ugliness of racism wherever he finds it. I hope he was like that since he was a kid. I hope he’s a panther. Not the chump this circus portends him to be in my mind. I hope my sources that our much more in the know than anything you got our false. This was Colin’s idea not his agents. He has a calling. We’ll be watching. The platform of sports is great. I named my son Cassius. Those comparisons are insulting. It’s better for me to type this out here than argue with family about so many other factors at play with this man’s agent and contract and organization lost keeping it simple.

In all of this ANYONE has more leverage speaking on behalf of these issues than complainers or deniers especially of the white ilk. I find it strange when I’m on the other side of a racial argument. It’s one out of a million. The last time was the manager of new edition yes new Edition my favorite group of ALL TIME trying to tell me our high school basketball coach was racist. “Cahl!” Oh man. He lost it. I can push buttons LOL. It was sad. I could’ve been lured with heavenly opportunities but what’s right is right and u can call my high school basketball coach a lot of things going back 40 years, racist not one can't call the NAACP on him Marv I'm sorry you were benched in the second half of the state tournament.

Again just wrong argument for wrong guy. It also pointed out how things stay with us into our adult lives. Marvin the millionaire losing his shit, “CAHL! I called Ms. Prescott I got the word on you, you are not black, you’ll never be black, u think you black?” “No Marvin I hated white people and believed my soul to be black OK fuck face” “Cahl!!!!!! I’m n-n-n-n-n-n-n-nNOT THE1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Stuttering like a MF. I wanted to be the guy’s best friend for life but I couldn’t be the pawn in that game. He spun the stories I’d dreamt about. How he became their manager. How they met. It started at the YMCA. Another story another day anyway that was the last time I took a non-black side to a racist argument. No matter what you believe YOU have to have bandwith to adjust as circumstances unfold otherwise you’re the tea party. There is a middle ground. A man’s got to have a code, Omar the Wire. But you can’t get half pregnant. Colin has gone about this knee jerk and in the wrong manner. Now it’s a mess. A circus. And I still don’t believe him. Let’s hope this guy is the real deal and I’m the asshole. It wouldn’t be the first time. Start with the premise his agent brought the idea to him. And work from there contract, Chip Kelly, waning ability…… Update: So WTFC if his agent came up with the shit. If it works. If it inspired. If it comes from the heart. If it attracts legends. I love it. Then again we'll see we're minute one in the second round of his fifteen. minutes Fake is in these days. Fake attracts. I hope this is real. Get arrested. Show more heart and above all follow through on the strong of promises you've made under pressure in the last twenty four hours.... Update duex - I DON'T give a fuck. Not anymore. Look the summer he llost his job he begun experimenting with ACID at his GF's discretion and discovered Tupac. it's never too late. really. I just don't want to talk about this guy anymore.... hero.