Monday, August 22, 2016

Happiest Sat. Winning is simply noit losing + writing is therapy

deep breath. so close. So over the weekend I finished the book. Now it's in jay campiis's hands, LOL, my long time suffering editor at large. Anyway this one felt like that shot, you know it, swish, I'm through. Follow. It felt like winning a state title would’ve felt like I’d imagine, it wasn’t losing, I didn’t have to feel that, I won. A small celebration perhaps but most importantly not a nuclear meltdown, losing sucks a hole one. It was everything I ever wanted to say. It took a long time. I worked full time the entire fifteen years. I’d never written anything too worthwhile. I’d never gone to English class. I never wrote grammatically correct. But I had a story 2 tell, the sole driving force of this effort. I knew it. In a landslide I had a story to tell. So my dedication barring final sign off (Sum) is to the therapy of writing more specifically to the next kid that will find this book at some point in time somewhere and be inspired to write himself out of an impossible situation. I didn’t lose, that’s what it felt like. 2 finish. 15 drafts 795 pages of pure ADHD stream of vast nothingness now 336 pages locked. I could bring it further down. Kill your children. But I won’t. I learned allot. I learned never tell anyone your writing a book. The writing is the reward. So on to Chicago, book II “Outcry” 96-99 my empire strikes back, Jesus. I’ll be equally proud for the basketball film, Move The Tape, I just didn’t fail, the end motivator. Then the Wig and book 3, rounding out my Sonz! Trill DC ending where I had the idea to write the first one finished the minute I stamp the shit CW. * And on it goes. Q brothers. Up next after that, motivation in itself to clear. Magic Mayor. Yg Foundation. Sports, Politics and music all day. #YG94, the last high school legend . Thank u writing. Thank u angels. what a crazy fucking story. Ha. Thank u humor. Thank u basketball. Pray 4 me still. #thisis40(ounces)of freedom