Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Someone's baseball career didn't pan out. Meet the Nat's 3rd base coach. Wow. T.I.E. of da month

  OK.  1st off.  keep in mind this is a third base coach.  This is the job that appears on Oprah's, who has the best job in America type thing.  Crowd please.  Guy.  settle down!  Thank you.  There are two things that can happen here.  This is the guy you see in dunkin doughouts with a Nat's hard hat on.  obviously this guys career didn't quite pan out.  When have you ever seen a third base coach command so much attention.  And what about the box, guy u think they painted that box for a sped program, and also too many signs, runner is thinking to himself my third base coach is fucking nuts.   A position that requires some patience, décor, a steadiness, the man just fails.     it's also illegal.  Guy mist have something on the ower.  A third base coach wants to steer clear of the cameras.  BTW next at bat over zealous he sent the guy home, yup u guessed it, gunned down at the plate. #Nat's

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