Wednesday, January 06, 2016

dance all night, play all day, not in January, love the cars! shake those thoughts and pour boyee

Wed. Jan 6th, 2016. Quick thoughts, cold in DC, biking in this weather makes me go animal, best Muppet, love the drums, and a beat and a movie, snort lines, third base lines, OK, can you imagine if a bunch of brothers holed up in a federal building armed ala Wisconsin? Racism or denying its existence is the single most racist thing you could do, true. What the fuck is going on in Wisconsin? In addition to not drinking this and every January for the last fifteen years, I’m taking the historic step of “ig’ing” the izm for a month. Is this smart? We shall see. BIGGIE said he’d rap without it, and it was “eh” there is great merit and shifting the minds platonic plates just a little something. So the DOW is off almost 400 points this morning, on the heels of N. Korea successfully testing a hydrogen bomb. Apparently there’s a bunch of atomic bombs stuffed in the MF, where do you test something like that? Imagine a scenario where, it comes to, OK, fuck, call Denis, Denis Rodman is our last diplomatic resort. I had this dream, Hilary Clinton became president and was assassinated at her inauguration, placing, you guessed, it Bill our favorite republican president ever, (as my dad likes to call him) back in the helm. Obama teared up yesterday, he went American president on us, it was moving, it was real, it, made, sense. Obama would win in a landslide if he ran for a third term. FDR went 4 terms, I equate those two closely, the fucking nightmare they inherited. Cut taxes, cut classes, was a high school motto of mine. In college, I didn’t have to many mottos, was hard to get into something after the miracle of my own high school graduation, subsequent matriculation, I was typically the only person in button downs, I was a business major for three months until I realized I wasn’t really learning about business. We don’t teach business, probably because if we did, you’d have to, you know what’s the point of education? Most everything you learn starting at ten is wrong anyway. You think you get ahead from studying? I’m off TV again. How cool it most have been seeing color for the first time on your home set. The peacock, NBS, get it? The 50’s were a great American time, unless you were black, people oft overlook that when nestling up to a more civilized era, LOL. LOL is making an unexpected comeback for me, basically my responses have been boiled down to wurd and LOL. A fun short term trading play might be, may calls today on Chop’t. This is a new year’s resolution play, first quarter earning’s up on resolutions still in play, people eating salads. I biked up 17th this AM, two people at a red light window down, crushing a butt, I laughed, dam! Not even trying, New Year Bozo. The redskins made the playoffs, proving like magic’s older brother leaving home years ago that miracles do in fact happen. Our blood brother Brad Cicalla most be a good agent, Pierre garcon is the highest paid player on the entire team! And the game, that one, agent shit, is calling me B, like that pipe to Pokey on the new Jack tip, rip! Pull, cut the bull, if it’s red, #5, the chemicals mixed don’t keep us alive. Part of my feels like firing back a lager right now, settle down sport, retire, I wrote a poem about recovery as a minor, knowing the abuse and gene got in the way of things in life that finer, man what a road, it’s great to breathe dawgz, it’s great to breath…… Dream aka Charlie “Dice” lez go LOG LINE: 2016 (the year!) A lonely trans-racial Teen unlocks life's magic out of an explosion of dysfunction and demerit. One boys unique chaos blends a swirl of American dynamics that create high stakes only his passion for the darker corners and skins can synergize to save. In pursuit of "legend" in the absence of "family" a band of same age misfits soon follow, surfacing to light everything that's wrong and in the end right with our great nation. The simple task of graduating high school has never, ever been so fucking crazy. PS: today's safety note, never book an escort called earthquake

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