Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rollie Interview (Guideline)

1) What are your earliest memories of basketball?

1A)64 coached varsity in NJ and HuBey brown was your assistant,

65 come to lex – win state title

What was Lexington like, what was the program you inherited?

Talk ball, u, man, students would bring signs that read ball, u, man

Talk Ronnie Lee

Talk Bob

Chateau (tell Bob story 78 , 2 the globe)

2nd half: What it meant to us.


Rollie the ball – impersonation – speech

Your best friend

Hayden camp

Tommy, Harold Presley, Ed Pickney

We felt such a part of it.

Trophy room stuff (which will be great) and if we get him going, keep filming, Kentucky?

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