Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fruit Roll Up - Happy Sunday, be healthy save us all!

Fruit Roll Up An apple shines crud from my choppers, an essential tool for the all American fool, and this makes me smile. A fresh strawberry reminds me of a backspin, ah yes to be sweet. I need a glass of water, banana please bother, puts me in the jungle and fuels my thoughts of pull up’s. Of acting right, that’s right, calm my ADD with a pear don’t you dear go to Mickie D’s, you stick fresh with me, and your ADD watch it go away like a belief in Christ transform your life they may! My heart is a muscle and I will no longer do it harm. I’ll eat grapes, dig through crates and reminisic about the business of mowing lawns. And a Pineapple for ooph travel around the world tasting different fruits. And greens keep you lean keep you keen keep the dream, alive, may farmers market’s fluoirish the opposite of malnourish. And tax the fat to feed the poor, subsidize good water so perhaps the country drinks more. Change the rules for the better, not the profit, business will adapt, it starts with yourself here’s to looking at that. Adopt a drop of Hindu and praise the earth the tree’s all the things that fester in it’s girth,

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