Saturday, February 07, 2015

A Super Timeline (Steelers vs. Cardinals) XLIII - touch down

A Super Tampa Timeline. Feb 1st, the playing of the forty third Superbowl bowl in Tampa Bay FlA celebrating America’s true professional passion, football was a first for me. The fact that I was here on business because my business partner was playing in the Super Bowl was not lost on me. Center’d, just went off the hook. Throw in the fact that uncle Preem was on the scne doing it ridulous, the only point being is that we had our cameras. 5:10PM. Although it’s raining I’ve taken off my shirt as soon as I got there. I was coming from snow and DC, I’d dreramt of that moment ever since I booked the flight. J. Wig in the SuperBowl with the Led Zepplion like Steelers from Pittsburgh, the true home base and until someone proves otherwise footballs finest franchise. \ 5:17PM. A European men’s soccer team is chasing after an exiting women, they are frantic and armed with camera’s on the Japanese tip. Talking to JQ on the heater (celly not a dump) the unmarked SUV pulls up as I say, “just somebody we thinks they somebody J.” And of course asking who said p[erson was , Jennifer Hudson. Boom, right there singing the national anthem, I knew from jump the shit was meant to be. I wanted to hug her, say how sorry I was and that Angels surrounded her. But I also didn’t want to blow up her spot, she always gets that and plus I was in Tampa. If I ran up to Jennifer after the year she’s had, and acted like every other cliché in the history of meanginless people in Tampa, I’d never forgive myself. So I shouted, “stay strong” feebly and felt like a creep as she drove out back seat Diva style into the young night. And although I felt cheesy especially when I realized my shirt wasn’t on and how big my stomach has grown to be (dam!) I said, “Jeniffer Hudson, god dam, that’s a good one.” 5:31 Goldy picks me up, he has a treat, good man. Our first destination is the hard rock Seminole casino to holla at Keebs and Preem. Keebs and Preem our staying over and I just got off the phone sayen they was chillen in the lobby waiting on sound check. I told Goldy how dope this party Preem was DJH’ing was going to be. The illmatic Turn -2 annual soriee at the casino, redenkulous. Please note: I can’t say Re-donkulis because Stuart Scott now say re donulis, five years later par for the course. Anyway kicking it with Preem, the coolest of all cats on the causeway, anyway, yup, as always was delightful, seeing Black and Biggest Gord, man, them cats done seen a day and a half. DJ Premioer is a walking hip hop enclylpedia. One of things I love to do around Preemo is rap some random ass line and watch it stick in his ear, like a itch that he loves having and finding right away. I mean like he says, “if it’s hip hop I’m probably gonna get that shit.” No doubt Preemo no doubt. Let’s just say Michael Irvin had a bad weekend. As stated on the old Sturat Scott tape, settle down Michel Irvin. At this J. Wig was in beast mode, Thnursday night, down to businerss been there since media day, which Keebs crushed, word up to Dave Lockett. And this was so good life shit. I had my partner, that got me down with the whole video thing (Lexington High. Basketball) at the casino, this his guy, at the SuperBowl that Wig was starting in. Wig played the entire season, started everygame, not promised a job, coming off craziness in Carolina and anchoring the “work in progress” that led them to a record sixth. The fucking O-Line, great story, all of those guys, I love that shit, the guts. 7:10PM. A Night of gambling and Goldy drives us back to Sarasota. Leaving in the morning (Goldy father of two kids 2 and 4, wow whole nother great story) Friday I was back in Tampa for the next classic scene. Dinner with the Wig, family, us, Preem, the camera’s, documentery in full effect. Camera’s roll back to his hotel, highest security, takes a half hour to get through that before heading to Willie Colone’s room to see the boys. Hot Dog was in the house, Willie’s brother in law famous old school dancer for Chub Rock and old friend of Preemo. All camera’s a go, bam Tre Essex, the one and only best backup in football), rookie Darnell Stapelton and some close family dope little scen

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