Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sick Puppies

I’m sick of fucking cab drivers not knowing directions, I’m sick of fucking elections, one night erections, I’m sick of the pain, that’s why I’m so sick so fucking sick of the baby pic’s, I’m sick so sick cause we lost all the men, I’m sick of feelings, I’m sick of not hurting them, I’m sick of being crazy, so sick of this gene, inherited just one thing from them bloodlines, I’m sick of my projects, sick of my job, sick of being sick, glass houses and the curtains that house the mighty rich, I’m sick of them too, the rich and the poor, the disilluisned and so much more, sick of people turning the other eye, sick of watching video’s of assualting crimes, sick of the pansies, never sick of summer, I’m sick of all Randy’s I’m sick of babrer Jenner, I’m sick so sick of reality TV, I’m sick of that being a bucket list thing, oh yeah I’m sick of the fucking bucket list, go fucking do something people actually care to hear, I’m sick of the bare, average motions everyday people I’m so sick of polluted oceans, I’m sick of hearing no sick of hearing yes sick of life at it’s worst sick of the best, sick of opinions, sick of funerals, suicides and rapes, sick of the attention I ever prayed on my plate, I’m sick of life beating good people down, I’m sick of my best friends and that says it all, I’m sick of not acting like I did in the seventh grade, when survival was the name still no shame, I’m not sick of that, I’m sick of the game and the one behind the game, I’m so sick of the rules and how they change, sick of the laws and how their applied, sick of this culktuyre of hate, sick of segrgation, sick of this stupid fucking human brain, I’m so sick it’s been so long since I screamed Tupca’s name I’m so sick I left my mother and sister, I’m sick of DC sick of Virginia, sick of fame, sick of small brushes, sick of being a no one sick of being a somethen, I’m sick of it not clicking, I’m sick I started only minor revolutions, I’m sick of not being jailed or housed in institutions, I’m sick of forever, sick today sick of the what, billions galaxies so far away, sick of space, sick of stress, sick of carrying the mutha fucken team on my back – sick of being feared, sick of fucking guns, I’m sick of giving a fuck, I’m sick of pretending like I might, I’m so sick I need a fist fight, I’m sick I barely help, sick it’s all an act, sick of going crazy, sick of missing traps, sick of ineptitude, sick of the left, sick of the right, I’m sick of zilla con valley, social media IPO’s, wtf is that when the whole world will simply never ever know, I’m sick of a universe so big, I’m sick that this planet has so many kids, I’m sick of Wall St, sick of suspenders, oh sorry uncle Clayt, braces, I’m sick of pictures, sick of being early sick of shit blowing up shortly, sick of my stories, sick of care, sick of vandettas, sick of everything I dare, sick of the sayings, sick of the company, sick of everything being everything to everybody, sick of no credit, sick of too much, sick of all the times I ate your lunch, sick of the gift, sick of the curse, sick of Doc Holiday I’m even sick of it could be wporse, sick of Chicago, sick of JQ, sick of Magic, Monster, Sully, Scully, Tick and Lee, sick of YG 2 I’m sick of living on a limb, sick of trying to thrive with no brain, sick of we’re all in the same gang, I’m sick of the media, I’m sick of people that work in it, I’m sick of Final Cut, sick of binning it, sick of speculation, sick of lobbyists, sick congress sick of communists, sick of straight, sick of linear, sick of people not understand when I say gay it’s only in reference to straight men not having courage, I’m sick of explainging things, I’m sick of having my heart in the right place, I’m sick of the small town legend I’ve interfaced, I’m sick of what I wished, I’m sick of the gifts, I’m sick of the ateention, I know don’t be a prick, I’m love sick, sick that me and JK have to exist, sick of doing more than most, sick of the crying sick of the toast sick of the happy, fill in a day of the week, sick of catching fire 6 days a week. I’m sick of protocol, sick of American malls, sick of Europe, sick of when duty calls, sick of taking a shit, actually I take that back, sick of the way I was programmed, sick of Biff sick of a David Ruffin riff, actually I’ll taken those both back as well. I’m sick of a tie in, sick of the way things go, sick of the legends and foster homes, Sick of being labeled, sick of being loved, sick of bei9ng hated, take that back, Sick of not putting it all on the line, sick of not being the gambler I always had in mind, sick of my sister not rocking the Domincin with a thousand kids, sick of the pills, prognosticators, pussy and panic, sick of trying to deliver something after all those P’s, bitch please, I’m sick of the Wayan brothers, sick of losing things I saved, craved, babe ! sick of white people, sick of the word absolutely, sick of biking, sick of those sunsets, on a Cali beach sick of poetry sick of being sick, sick of not teaching sick of wishing I did more, sick of my skin sick of my core, sick of cancer, so fucking sick of cancer sick that I’ll rhyme this with your own heads mind Sick of the beg, middle sick of the end. Never sick of my sister,. Sick of understanding family, sick of not discovering the man in me, sick of the daily, sick of the news, sick of Lexington basketball, sick of free passes sick of dues sick of being a therapist sick of being a prick I’m sick, Jesus, I’m oh so sick. Care, not ever!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Pandora Poem (I fucking love you)

Life is a lot like Pandora, you pick and choose who you like

So many life lessons inside of Pandora I’m starting to like the stock price

A believer in value with a remberence of 99 when U toys after not selling a toy trumped Toy s R Us bottom line, econ 2-0--5 – (1)

OH PANDORA ALLOW ME TO LOVE MY LIKES Again and again and bRing me the wisdom of like minded friends ALLOW ME TO LIKE THEM AND ERASE CHICKEN HEADS – AND PEOPLE THINK IT’S JUST MUSIC, HOW FOOLISH – cause sometime the ones you really like get stupid, and it’s rude to you know drop a thumbs down but life is all about exploring, and the ones you loved gurantee come back around

and what’s better than that? Pandora you big panda planet U complete my life for free at that, like love don’t fit pieces that don’t connect, right - Pandora it’s just me and you, I can judge – and think about what you could do in just six Pandora songs, cycle 7 miles, writes me a chapter or an over due poem for a loved one ignored sough after

Laugh and cry be alive customize my ride no more justifacations to commit suicide cause I my Pandora Spanish fly me admora , and what’s a book or a song or an old TV to an old therapist hung on a world pre me ? Question

All of that shit hammering down Pandora never know how her mix changed the ground The bad and the good stuff, thanks for leaving it up 2 me and giving me control over something in this galaxy as precious as music I got you, hahaha you got me, the way you critical like J to the C with Aliclia Keys when it’s on me B, not balls, angers falls, love is worth it and long as PaNDORA is worken I’m perfect,

I never liked a judge, .and when push come to shove I’ll be gone evertime with summer crush one love

Thanks - pandora CEE