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Script, Move The Tape , Le Hoops, Golden era's 1965-2009 - some early notes, rough scripts

Opening clip Flash date: 01/22/07 05:52:12 – I will say this – quote JV caught drinking clip, ur @ a party, tell them u play for Lexington basketball, and if it sounds corny, so what. And roll it until he says, “you know I used to run a program called ACE and we’d give kids thirty forty chances, but not here.” 1:09 : I got no tolerence for that – fade to gold and blue The little known story of Lexington Basketball, it’s legendary coach Bob Farias and the 2006-07 season. Lexington MA, April 19, 1776, fog, black boots laced up, Sound : you hear the shot heard round the world – * U Hear marching red coat boots, a marching horn all to Captian John Parkers famous words in text and as heard and finally a single gun shot * Faded shot out of Captain John Parker - Shot of a Google page on an I Pad – type in Lexington, MA as he types in Lexington MA you begin to hear sneakers squeaking – Bob Sound Bites, one from each bin – humor, darkside, game, practice, wisdom, crowd roars and cut sound back to only sneaker squeaks cont. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – flash this on screen or show shot of this as displayed on an I Pad. Lexington is a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 31,394 at the 2010 census.[1] This town is famous for being the site of the first shot of the American Revolutionary War, in the Battle of Lexington on April 19, 1775.

• After 6 seconds - Show the I Pad begin to shuffle faster and faster down the Wiki Lex site and stop when it hits notable people. Scroll down through the names highlighting the Amanda Palmer , Ethan Zohn other heavy weight’s, go to bottom and scroll back up down, and settle on Rollie Massamino • Bob Quote “Rollie is what we call the ball in Lexington” and “he’s the only friend you need” Capture this audio from Brownie’s audio he got “Rollie speech” Hayden 2012. * Flash a classic Rollie pic 86, finals – sneakers stop. * Hand clicks on Rollie and it scrolls down to here, stops, sneaker squeak * Coaching career High school From there, Massimino moved to Lexington High School in Massachusetts. In 1965, he led the Lexington squad to a state championship and later[when?] led another to a 20–1 record.[citation needed][vague] Along the way, Massimino was laying the foundation for an elite scholastic program which later dominated the Middlesex League, winning state titles in 1971, 1972, and 1978 along with league championships in 16 of the past 30 years.[citation needed] In ten seasons as a high school coach, Massimino compiled a 160–61 record.[citation needed] *Show local stuff we need to get from those years, the papers, Minuteman , and year book, Ball You Win, you need to add that to the Wikipedia.

*Audio Bob “In Lexington we call the ball Rollie” Audio Uncle Van, “people don’t know what Rollie did for Lexington” * Cut - Visual – empty gym, ball bounces and bounces, becomes flat. * Cut to shot of trophy case and banners, flash: ROLLIE STARTED A TRADITION OF DOMINANCE THAT WOULD SPAN 40 YEARS TERRORIZING THE MIDDLESEX LEAGUE * Cut to Bob Jeff Paris interview, “sad part is most of the town doesn’t know about it” *Cut to ten back to back dunks practice or game, old or new, crowd, crowd, crowd BEST STUFF* * Cut to Bob talking post game about the Chataeu and Rollie, his road after Lexington, this is great stuff and all pre Villanova, two moves, 5 kids, took a pay cut *Flash state titles headlines from the Boston Globe in the 70’s *Cut to Ronnie Lee, LHS mural (maybe put the clip with Ross where Jimmy tells him to rip the “snipe” of his grace * Cut to all of the times or just 1 Bob says including try out day, Jeff Paris interview, “38 years ago they said we’d lost Ronnie Le, we’d never win again, we’ve been successful ever since.” * Cue the Ronnie Lee bin, cut to every time we hear Ronnie Lee, the different faces, places, headlines, many times you hear his name in this project. * Cut back to iconic main hall Ronnie Lee mural FLASH – Ronnie, 1977 NBA all rookie team, All-American university of Oregon, Pac-8 player of the year and back to back state titles at Lexington High School or in reverse here w high school 1st OR just flash Globe clippings * Flash headlines from papers that follow his career through the Minuteman (Cary Library) and footage - “As good as you can be” Coach Farias *– cut to me praying to Ronnie Lee (3-0 @ Wakefield) * Air Ronnie Lee out – get my dad talking about when he used to see him play – FOOTAGE include the CS interview when he talks about being a kid rec league Ronnie Lee was ref, highlight the Kamikaze kid and show the words from the Phoenix Sun Blog, he made diving popular – *Talk about or through Boston Globe show or intro about the Boston Six * “In the 1976 CBS Slam Dunk Contest, he defeated David Thompson, M.L. Carr and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar before he was forced to withdraw because of a strained knee.” 2010 \Phoienex Suns – need that clip (NBA maybe Sam from Ok City can help) * * Cut to practice footage, end of the year Bob tells Keebs, Jack Dempsey GM of the Pistons dynasty “it all started when we brought in Ronnie Lee, he taught us how to play tough, how to dive on the floor after that we brought in guys like Dennis Rodman, Rick Mahorn, it’s write there in the book – flash bad boys Detriot shit *Explain text clips or nararation, explain Stan (the Rim) took over won back to back and retired *Cut to Bob explaining why Stan left – too much pressure, he was a physics teacher, etc… *Get a photo of Stan *Cut to guy from Bob’s era, @ Watertown, baseline interview, pre game, says “Ronnie Lee was ten years ahead of his time” And also he says, “you know it used to be something Greater Boston and the city of Boston basketball, Sommerville, Durfee, Quicny, Cambridge and Lexington, man, 14 thousand at the Garden for the tech tourney” * Grab Old Globes – possibly old tech tourney footage at Garden would be sickest * Cut 2 Bob clip, we only ever had five coaches * Flash 2006, 07 practice clip, running split with Big Guy in chair with usual suspects – date by ##/##/## 06 – THIRTY YEARS LATER, everything had changed except the program which had been come an endangered species surving a climate, town and pervading culture of everyone plays everyone gets a trophy *Cut to Big Guy, if I don’t get my check Friday I quit, I’m not coaching.” Text : Show his salary 2007, only made $2,300 per season Flash his career record and then follow up with his record the last four years before we started filming *Cut to BG, I’ll never read the Minuteman again – flash the article of boys basketball interviews, Scully (95 fall maybe earlier)

*Vanish the shot like “poof” *Flash keys to Lexington basketball success part I- CHARGES *Cut to the Clip of BG aka CF saying Ronnie Lee used to take a charge and slide thirty feet across the floor and the crowd would go wild…. *Cut to our bin of CHARGES and diving on the floor for loose balls – Audio” Speed through all the times we hear just “Ronnie Lee” in bin, speed up the vocal after the first f *Cut to practice clip when Bob says, “I’m going to give you guys a compliment (this also introduces Matt from jump) my little guy Matt every time he’s playing basketball now everytime he rolls the ball and then he goes dives on it. I know he’s not getten it from me cause I’m not diving for nothing, so we figured it out, he’s getting it from you.” *Cut to Matty Bin, get a clip or two when he’s diving on the floor *Matty clip getting out of sweats in his LHS gear split screen with him telling Thompson how he has to baby sit, and he’s got the hip hop blue and gold shorts and Lexington colored top and he’s got a mouth guard for him, he says, “I can’t wait to get home.” * Cut to clip of modern day Bob when he says in pre game, “if we see a loose ball on the floor that better say Lexington (Belmont 1st game I think pre game) *Pull best dive we have of the year FLASH on screen letters “It makes me sick when I see a guy watch a ball go out of bounds” Larry Bird * Cut to old school Zilla @ Watertown saying, “we used to have something back then” – show ghosts of the past *Find Ronnie Lee footage, from any level – Flash letters Ronnie Lee was 50-1 @ LHS and flash quote "I may be a little bit slower now, but I'm still diving for basketballs," he said with a laugh. NBA.COM 2010 - Phoenix Suns blog * Fade in from RONNIE LEE MUREL Cut Visual – empty gym, ball bounces and bounces, becomes flat / as half screen is Bob shot patrolling the sidelines we flash letters “Lexington basketball : After the 1975 state title coach Stan Boyton” and we hear next Bob saying Stan’s the rim (prob from Rollie speech) retired elevating coach Roberto “Bob” Farias as Lexington’s next varsity boys head basketball coach. * The varsity’s record prior to Coach Farias (show JV record) taking the helm was (??) including three state titles.

*When we came home to film everything had changed except the program, and the program we soon learned was under pressure text or narration, “It had started in my year, the compliant’s, inequality, the jealousy of a small, determined faction of upset parents * Example 1 of his weakened state 2006, what happened 2 The Bleachers? *Cut to Coach Farias clip They took my seats Carl! Unbelievable. * Cut to RC, in the RC interview at Jimmy’s, the bleachers * ****cut to Sean saying , I wish I played in the 80’s *Cut to 80’s bleacher clip * Cut to RC interview, “it does seem like they are against us, look at the bleachers thing” *Coach Farias was a product of Durfee B. M C high school whose legendary basketball program had, by the time I was in high school been immortalized in Bill Reynold’s, Fall River Dreams. – flash book cover and 30 / 30 shot, unguarded. *Narration or flash: In Bob’s first year as head coach he took a team to the state title led by … … and defeated his old coach and mentor * Cut to crazy Bob clip, cut to grandfather clip lockerroom, “I think it’s beatiufl how you drew your name” hahaha * Cite Bob’s time as a teacher at Adams, ACE, the years of service. * Lexington, MA. 1st Shot with Captain John Parker in the back, sun rising. Audio: the shot heard round the world, Drums sound, musket’s fire 1776 – I was the same way, age mellows you out a bit. *Splash headlines to cheers *Mack headlines and dates where he went his accolades and Brown (maybe Tricon or at Belmont shots + also flash article, key his name as author)

*Cut to Brinks classic quote last prac before senior night 17-0, you have something to do no team has done since Ronnie Lee *Cut to Sat practice, when he’s discussing Mac and Brown U, dates thank god he went back, I think he would’ve missed it. But he quit because they didn’t work hard it wasn’t life & death * Cut to Big , “People don’t understand what we have here.” * Show Brinklow moment when before the last practice of reg season he asks if he can get in the huddle, and says, “you guys got a chance to make history do something no one has done since Ronnie Lee.” The Cut to 88 highlight, arms up, his trademark, then cut to 88 rap my name is Tommy but they call me T…. we got it *Explain after winning back to back state titles with Ronnie, Lee and Wayne Morrison he retired * Bob, Jeff Paris interview, Stan quit, he was an advanced mathametics and physics teacher, too much pressure, changed the direction of his life, BG : I took over the next year * IN coach Farias’s first year coaching varsity they won the state title - we hear the audio from state title 1977 – Flash first paper clip from Mizzle’s BIG tribute – play clip from Jeff Paris when he talks about it * use the radio from 78, Lexington wins, flash papers

*Cut to Coach Sullivan , 1978 MVP Flash– what he had for dinner the morning of the big game, ravioli and sausage. Cut to TB footage of black point guard talks about it – *Flash Date, his son years later…* Date, Oct – 15th 2005 (check) Show clip from HOF when they say Coach Bob Farias who also coaches Tom’s son Sean and will probably be coaching until Sean’s son plays one day – Bob says I’ll still be younger than Tighe! If unusable gank the audio *Use out footage from that, sick! - cut back to empty gym , motif, empty, bouncing ball… * Text – LHS finished the 70’s (record) – the 80’s came represented that timer and the program lock in step – show the classic 80’s tap drill, home game, more crowd, crowd * Show Bob clip from Jeff Paris interview, we beat Patrick Ewing, we beat my ala mata, defending state champs * Cut to Coach Sullivan clip, I’ll never forget it * Cut to classic stand visuals, everything we have * Cut Visual – B Roll Lexington, audio drops a beat and we fly around Lexington, Hanckock House, Buckman Tavern, Belfry Hill, The Green, old cemetery, Nick’s pizza, other notable sight’s, Tricon sports, Tricon Barber shop, Alewife

*Letters flash against this reel or Narration in the 80’s the Minutemen 8 out 10 league titles under Coach Farias, flash years and records old clippings and 88 shit. They’d beat a Patrick Ewing *Cut to clip at Sat practice I think where Bob says, talking about me seeing Patrick Ewing on the floor in DC @ a G town game, “he’s probably going to ask him about forfeiting the title” *Did they ever beat Rumeal Robinson? – cut to clip of Bob hilarious clip when he talks about Rumeal dunking in first five seconds and calling timeout *Show B roll of big houses, powerhouse sports programs were a key to towns like Lexington’s explosion in real estate prices by the time the 80’s rolled around, Lexington was quickly losing it’s middle class to massive new wealth. The kids changed with the town, the town lost it’s toughness, a once proud football program went into steep decline, and it’s reputation as a powerhouse sports town was gone. But never the basketball program, the boy s basketball continued to soar *Also from try out day, speech to program, “You can’t be a superstar on the court if you are not a superstar off the court.” *Flash the records of every team in the 80’s up *Flash the records from my years , the 90’s were good... * Cut back to an empty gym – “by the time we caught back up with our famous old program with our cameras in 2006 they had once again secured consecutive league titles and been on the best run of Coach Farias career amassing a silly 100 and seven record by the time we were set to film the entire 2006-7 season.” The good times had been rolling and as always a happy point in our lives * Cut to the “We have a commitment” line – commitment to excellence, try out day when he is addressing the entire program

* Get Mr. D saying playing like him is like being in the marines * BG - Cut to clip from Jeff Paris interview, regarding freshmen not being so eager, full of hope, see their eyes the 2nd day, the look broken, - aka meaning playing @ LHS is a huge commitment of mind and body *Cut to Big Sully interview, I was nervous before every practice * Cut to RC interview , “it’s not easy” * Cut - We hit the top of Hayden, backside. Camera shot top of Hayden, backside shot to the small high school Basketball gym, zoom and focus. Get this in a time sequence and run it quick as so the shadow drops and the gym lights go on @ night. * “So much history in that gym.” A voice laments. Hear the cheers, cut to 88 crowd, Santo coming out of hudle vs Belmont thumping Audio: it’s all over is heard, five clap from the student section shot fades * The success was the same, but the cherished holy ground had been altered irrreparbly, it was more than a sign of the times. *cut to RC interview, “Before the biggest game of our lives getting on the loud speaker, and basically saying you can’t root for your team.” * Cut to super fan Rashad in the commons from Dreams April LHS trip, talking about the banning of chants. Cut to Ross Curley interview, re’ administrative being against them, feels that way” Cut to 88 newspapers, classic – text or narrartion the banning of the chants, banning of tag in Framingham, ban of USA chant now, banning of limo’s for the prom that year – playgrounds too safe? (article NY Times, how to land your kid in therapy, also NY Times) the world around the program had changed so drastically, the team was fighting against an administration that was against it.

* “The micro managing, the fear, the entitlement had all engulfed my town which at this point had become one of the most expensive towns to live in America” (show some #’s, medium income, show biggest house in Lex) And show the ethnic break up of the town on consensus from 50’s, 2 , 2012 – the town shrunk, athletics went down with, it changed, basketball stayed powerhouse, big state *Cut To Fall River Dreams sentence, it felt unsustainable, the scene having to give way to the worlds changes caving in taking hold. Find it ! * Presenting, “Where The Defense Began” – “Men do not fired unless fired upon but if they mean to have war let it begin here.” Captain John Parker *Me and Keebs home, to try and win a state title, at battle green (need it) to try and figure it out *cut to Bob, they here trying to figure it out clip or the Posterity, at the beg I thought it was a joke *Cut to Nate Jaffe, intro, former captain, they seem to be pulling from the same talent quote, explaining in his words the success, and Keebs saying at the end of that clip, it’s good to be with a winner.

FLASH 1ST DAY OF OUR PROJECT *Flash Date • Day 1 project. Cut to Salem roaring, our best Salem stuff. Lay it out, time, MIAA Quarter finals, Salem, date • Jimmy falls to gym floor at buzzer, isolate this with a spotlight, not zooming in (audio?) Gatorade D1 Player of the year < Text * Show great shot we have of Charlestown celebrating against Lexington after there heartbreaking loss to the 2005 eventual state champions • Slap hands, game over – Salem clip. Flash their record that year, including 18-0 inside the Middlesex League – Audio, Keebs voice on the phone, “yeah buddy calling from Salem, just witnessed one of the greatest high school games I’ve ever seen. We are def doing the project. They got a kid Tommy coming back that’s insane and Seany is nice.” • Text – “Seany “ was coach Sullivans youngest son • Cut to big Sull talking about Seany, glowingkly end of his interview w Jeff Paris • Flash Letters – after the loss to Charlestown at Salem that year we decided next year would be a great year to document a year – cut • Cut to JP, BG interview, “do you have any regrets from Last season? • Day 2 Project, “Hayden Camp.” Flash date June of 2005 – 3 months later. • “The most important day of the season is today.” Coach Farias proverb seen on the screen– audio squeaky sneakers.

• Cut to Bobby working with the kids, - cut to arm around Chris O’Keefe, horror movie quote! Great smiling shot of the two of them. • Cut to Bob Wisdom, some people like to call them foul shots I like to call them free thro clip it’s a free throw, your getting a free opportunity… • SHOW “There are a lot of distractions in the crowd” – cut to rowdy @ Wakefield screaming at Tommy, 2nd half • Visual: Campers sink free throws. “Both kids with a little encouragement got em in, that says something.” Big • Use clip where he references the ball Rollie, in Lexington, we call the ball Rollie, after former coach Rollie Massimino, flash a picture of Rollie @ Lex • Cut To famous Rollie images • Clip – Are you thinking about next season? Bob: I’m just starting now to think about. PERFECT, (we’d be there) • Flash Coach Farias has always taught competitive simon says to build on court awareness – Show Bob running Simon Says • Show clip of Keebs breaking down Hayden camp • 5 elemts to hoops, defense, free throw’s, conditioning, heart and awareness • I didn’t know what to expect – BG with our early schedule clip • October , HOF, Transition shots. 6 WEEKS TO START OF SEASON. Coach Sullivan honored, former 1978 state champion and game MVP. Great clip, use when Brownie says Coach Sullivan legend. • Use clip of Coach Sullivan being introduced w / credentials HOF • Use clip of Coach Sullivan walking out towards center 4 waiving and what not • CUT TO 1978 Clip of Coach Sullivan and Coach Farias, plug 1978 video clip, Camine has a great 1 also 1978 audio Has to Say the following, Sullivan, 1978, state champs, Lexington, Durfee. We need to hear all of that from radio broadcast

• Cut to Bob reading Fall River Dreams in practice. He reads the best paragraph out line, put up the sub text if we can’t hear it proper • Flash ‘Coach Sullivan’s son Sean is a senior captain on this basketball team. He’s also a wide receiver in today’s football game’ flash against a practice or good game shot we pull • Cut to Coach Sullivan being honored, walking to mid field – also split the screen, Sean shot, his son Sean senior captain, in a third part of the screen show Bob seated tapping his foot alone in chair at practice, reveal Sean as Bob’s godson. And on a fourth screen in the screen, Brady Bunch show the cover of the book Fall River Dreams. And draw a line that connects them all again and again. • Cut to Coach Sullivan’s name being called in the hallway ceremony (did we ever got Bob, Ne HOF Footage?) • Transition to Bob interview in which he speaks about Coach Sullivan (did we ever find that original ?) • Cut to Bob slapping Sully on the back of the head, 88 highlight.

• Next cut – Reads. Thanksgiving day football, 4 days before basketball sign up’s. • Ms Brinklow intro – her son Tommy Brinklow is the teams JV and assistant coach to Coach Farias. He played on the 1988 league and D1 north championship appearance – she also had a son Billy captain a Lexington High team. Her husband has watched the boys locker room on game nights for thirty plus years. • • Cut to BIG under the umbrella in the rain. Thanksgiving footage, Carmine. Also Visual TH Intro (huge), senior captain last years co-MVP of the league. • Audio: Bob, “Burlington is undefeated and there is no one there “– cut to empty crowd • We wondered, with myspace, myface, internet so many years later, did kids these days still come out to watch live sports at their high schools? • also plug Sean grab a football highlight –and Ross (can we get the footage of that Thanksgiving game? Grab a Sean highlight and also the Ross injury) – audio: plug in, we’re lucky we have Tommy • Show Ross’s injury, Bob’s reaction, camera was on him. “That’s not good.” (Senior basketball captain, hurts leg, carried off.) FLASH • Rain is heard as shot fades after Big says, “that’s not good.” • Try Out’s. 1st day of hoops. Clip of kids signing up • Clip Bob hockey speech. • Snippet from Coach Sullivan interview, meaning of Lexington basketball. • Cut to Santo coming out of the huddle jacked! 1994 from tribute - Cut to his framed jersey, cut to Nick clip • Flash Let The Season Begin, 1st day of varsity practice : THE ANATONMY OF A PRACTICE. • Cut to JP, BG intewrview, 00 coach how u feel 1st day of signup’s, keep short • Lesson 1, Practice makes permanent, pull that clip- play the audio over the CAPPED LETTERS. • Visual –EVERY PRACTICE HAS STAYED THE SAME OVER THE PAST 30 YEARS • #1 Long Lay Up’s, #2 zig zag, #3 Communication, #4 Tap Drill #5 run the offense both ends, the flex, shuffle cut and our different zones, #6 scrimmage. #7 light run #8 Free Throws, and daily contests #8 new plays wrinkles + scouting #9 Suicides, 3 29’s and done, 1 second added on everyone until you get it, #10 practicve wrap up, final notes,m bring it in, on 3 Lexington defense • Cut to JP, BG interview, “all these things come into focus as the weather gets colder” • Have video to back that all up, love practice.

• – 12/05/2006 v-1 • 2nd Practice Visual – Show Sammy running over a guy, Bob “Sammy my son-in law would have you arrested for assault and battery” Cut to Maz, in uniform Cut to Bob talking about the seats. (in the first ten minutes of practice) “Their are 750 seats, we used to have 1200.” "how do you know?" Bob. "I counted them myself." * Contrast the seats from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s till now. * Cut to first home game I attend, white sweater, BIG says Cahl they took my seats. Says I counted. * Me and Keebs clip – the bleachers, heart & Soul, get some lines. *The town had a new ad, Principal, and AD. All in last ? years * Flash Quote “The teachers are scared of the school committee, the school committee is scared of the parents, the parents are scared of the kids and the kids fear nothing.” Guidance Counselor, Durfee High School 1993. – Fall River Dreams

3) We have to take what we can get but we won't get anything if we can't get." Something along those lines, but he laughed and repeated after, "Hey I should be quoted on that." Back to Practice. Cut to TH 27:15. TH water off a screen on the elbow, 12/05 C-01 – Audio is Big , “thank god we have Tommy.” • Cut to Bob saying Sean’s my grandson – 12:37 • 13:39. and it all becomes who wants to be the player, if Sammy wants to • be the player, he stops him, if Tommy wants to be the player he scores. • 29:27 , Good thing we have Tommy, (save clip bin it, possibly track) • 38 even. Classic senifeld esque diatribe about the ref's calling a foul on scotty for dumb shot • Transition to first scrimmage – Bedford. 1st Scrimmage, clip Bob says”All the coaches have been assigned different players….” (Note: need to look back at Waltham scrimmage, see what we have ) To practice the next day, LH12112006A01 00-20 min -1-1 Last practice before 1st game 1:30. Coach Farias: the secret of coaching and Keebs asking permission for access on the bus. “Just got to be there when we leave.” Keebs: so when is that?” Big Guy. “When we leave.”

• Cut to a Bus shot, on the bus back with TH to the X-Mas Tourney • 3:15-3:30 “this documentery has been going on for years and years.” • 4-5 minutes. Great shot, and break down of the entire starting five to O’Grady, and going into baby O’Keefe, the lopsided score of their first scrimmage, O’Grady says Gibbsy thinks he’s pretty good, walken out with his chest out, because he beat sully, right there Sean and his dad are mentioned in the couple breaths. • • 4:20 “we’re pretty good Tommy and these Sophomores are still a little shell shocked when somebody dunks on them.” • • Text – who we got? • 6 flat. Great clip of big Guy calling over his god son, and asking who they play first because he can’t remember when O’Grady asks, classic. • Text – Who Else? 6:28. Points out Brian Johnston after pointing out ??? saying he can play. Says with his hand covering his mouth, black kid built like a young Tony davis, cut to shot of TD 88. Big Guy continues to outline the entire team to his old buddy and ace teaching colleague this years squad that this project had waited on, match up video of kids when they are pointed out, maybe we have 2 cameras at this1, if not, just pull practice frontal face shots, name and age.

• 7 flat. Talks about the league, outlining it to O’Grady when he responds that Watertown is the team to beat and why. • 9 flat Then the Big Guy goes on classic! O’Grady asks if Jay (Lawson) was looking at him, Big Guy “only problem is that he has Danny and Lou, both lex players, then says their 9-0, ranked eigth in the country, Lou scored twenety the other night.” Flash Danny and Lou face shots, 1 from Bently outside and the other from Home game (Lou) in the locker room. • Cut former MVP Lou Finnegan, date, Bently • 9:35. Reps the alum, Holbrook, update broken foot, Holbrook, sick • • 9:53. Nice shot to lance Green and zig zags so your reminded that in this conversation there is still a Lexington high school basketball practice taking place, zig zags

• 10:08. Continues to set it all up, Ross! We miss Ross, rep’s his amazing energy! 10:27 plus he lives next store to me, awesome, imagine? • 14:55. Reps the Fall River Country Club, paying for Sully, going to end membership, ever since his mom died….. • 15:42. Great Zach coaching shot • • 16- flat good shot of the seniors running basic offense w/ no d • Cut to clip of Bob saying to the reporter, after Watertown @ home??? It’s been a long time since we’ve had five seniors start. • Transition. Visual - Flash each face, best shot, Mike, Matt, TH, Ross and Sean. Audio – find clip when Bob talks about AAU and how long they have all played together for years all over the country coached by Coach Sullivan Seany dads former state title winner • Date, 1st scrimmage, text

* Transition back to Scrimmage highlight’s. Bedford - 23:40 sick over the head cross court look from TH • 36:45 nasty no look kick to TH from Seany in slight transition • • 37:45. Sick TH elbow stick, his quick time big time pull up dagger Transition - LH12112006A01 00-20 MIN 1-2 41:28. Classic Seany rep, the little guy is very gifted with the ball, he has gifts that you cannot teach 42: flat. Jake is the fastest guy in America, I’d bet on him against the dogs (Wonderland) I could see him going after that rabbit. 42:40 classic coaching to Weapon, reps Danny, Gatorade player of the year 46:55. I’m not sayen Tommy could play for the celtics, but if no one covered him, I’d be running the Tommy henneberry basketball camp 47:50. Simply classic, right after his clever with the ball he does three dumb things in one play 48:40. Screaming, “you traveled , what am I going to say? Great move?” hahaha wow 50 flaT BUTTER TH sequence, nasty dish and cut and smooth finish 51:20 suicides! 1 in 27 if everyone, and they don’t –‘what happened Mike?” I don’t know and they all have to run another one because of Mike and now they all have to do one more because your only as strong as their weakest link, wow, good stuff. And then he gets it. Yup busten a gut. And right into free throws when they are tired, first game getting closer * Lowell Scrimmage Highlight (haven’t watched yet ****) 55:10. Enter Ross! Classic. Wearing a hockey shit, we’re you been? You’re the leader, so funny, good stuff 56:25 great shot of Ross’s fly kicks Audio, I got magazines calling me Big – later in the year, 17-0 prac perhaps before senior night 02:25. Sick shot close up of Big Guy tapping his shoe. 02:40 huge extended remix Nicky yawn! *End of practice, Bob speech, cut to : Last year we lost to a pretty good team, text record – Melrose ain’t east Boston *BG tomorrow we start a journey *Cut Seany in huddle with boys end of practice reat Jimmy Shot .Last Moment Before 1st Game. “I’ve waited for this moment my whole life.” Sean Sullivan’s dad was the last point guard at Lexington to win the state title. * Cut to CS hall of fame walk at football field Cut to Santo’s jersey – cut to clips and dates of him – and good April 04/03/1993 Day 1 Melrose @ Stoneham – Text – • Cut to Sean in the tunnel bouncing the ball next to Brink • “Lexington is opening up against a former player and student of Coach Farias, Coach Rob Gibb’s. His brother “Red’ runs a very high profile year round basketball organization called, Hoop Mountain. • Coach Gibbs, is coaching the city of Melrose a high school where my mother used to cheerlead in high school. Melrose is playing tonight at Stoneham due to an enormous renovation, upgrade going on at their school. A year prior the state had released millions of dollars for schools to make significant upgrades to a schools infrastructure. IN Melrose’s case just about the entire school was being leveled. High schools all over the Middlesex league were getting brand new, big indoor athletic facilities. But not in Lexington, in Lexington with everything getting bigger around it the made the basketball gym smaller. • Cut back to my clip – re bleachers my first home game , everything else around this school is getting bigger! • Get a Bob lost his job clip from the bin • Flash to banners, to seats, contrast 80’s to 2006 • Cut to Keebs walking over to Coach Gibbs shaking his hand, dropping the project you can hear, Coach Gibbs is one of us, 15 yeqrs ago he was standing where u were • Cut to clip of Seany in the tunnel bouncing Ball, Brink nodded • Cut to starting five Melrose, their big buy, coming out announced, use halftime Vocal of Bob in this game saying, That guy is humongous • cut to last practice, end speech, Coach O’Grady works with him and says, he thinks he’s pretty good – cut to O-Grady early prac, Gibbsy thinks he’s pretty good • Quick running out shot, cut to opening tap, split second • Various 1st half highlight’s, just a couple • Show the Sammy shot that sets off Bob at halftime • Cut to Bob’s halftime intro, LOL, and then u knocked over 900 guys • Cut to Bob, early practice, Tommy, he’s a great, great high school player • Cut to Bob Line, your forcing it a little bit too, your stats will be... • Text – 2nd half • Use Bins of Bob, dark, humor, wisdom (humor might be throw up scene from this game, Henneberry were you in just then? Dark =” Why are u smiling” • Cut to clip of Danny where Bob says, that’s a dunk with a kid on him • Text 83-28 and time remaining, “jeez this is going to be worse than last year” • Cut to Nick Lesson diving, cut to Keebs post game the 12th man on the bench, taking charges, splice that a bit , i’ll know what mean • Cut to them post game slapping hands rolling back to LR, best shot – while hearing post game interview, 30 years ago we lost Ronnie Lee • Cut to say a prayer when BG walks N • Cut to let’s go home and BG Candy bar line • Get shots of the team and Fam leaving

Game 2 Belmont Home Game • Flash: Records of Both Teams • Flash – Lexington’s home record the last five years • Cut to Belmont Coach – The Drop / Intro. • Coach cont. rivalry , + perennial power house, u get up a lil extra • Cut to Santo coming out, 93 home vs. Belmont flash date and records + state rankings • (fuck i wish we had that Belmont tape 93) • Text to me or Magic, greatest highlight of their sports life (Belmont 93) • Cut to Coach Belmont cont. special season • Flash the story of his slaying , i.e stray bullet, honor roll student • Cut to Coach – one of our all time was liked players • Cut to Coach Brinklow – saying “he was a very good player” • Flash statistics of gun violence, and # of young black males it includes • Cut to Brian Johnson talking about Academy Homes, gun violence, “it’s rough” – also text his name age, position – split screen a baby bull dunk • Cut to Belmont coach’s close up of his pin – audio: replay; we’re playing for a little something extra this season • Cut to Mr. Brinklow : It’s hot in there, hottest gym in the thing • Cut to Bob pre game, say a prayer... • BG : says Friday Night , says, They have three starters back, I’d be optimistic • Flash Lexington’s career Middlesex League titles since 1965 and run a standings chart of the whole league against the Middlex Sex league banner # of league titles next to each team graphically • Cut to BG – it’s critical for the league , critical for the league for them to come in and beat us tonight • Cut to BG, now #4 can shoot, don’t let em shoot • Cut to Board in LR, goals and league standings – split screen perhaps, BG pre game, a loose ball it better say Lexington • Cut to Ronnie Lee murel, and the Blog quote, kids wore knee pads to be like him, he made diving on the floor popular • Flash : Lockerroom downtime as girls go into overtime, BG Benny what now, segway into his “I got the same guy on my phone for 5 years he’s never moved. • Flash game time. Cut to Brian, flash drop text, Fall River, state champion, head coach Dartmouth College. Flash cover Fall River Dreams – is he mentioned there? • Flash Brian was there recruiting TH and Cuhna, cut to shot of them walking into class together and classic girl line about Coach Farias should thank her • Cut to clip of Bob, pre game, telling FRD’s legend,” hey speak Portueguese to him” • Flash: Brian had already recruited former LHS standout Danny Holbrook • Cut to Holbrook flexing, and stating three Middlesex league titles and everything he knows is from Brinklow and Coach Farias • Flash girls game still going on – cut to BG sinking the crumpled up paper shot in the LR “I still got it” • Cut to Grandkids – flash intro of Matt and Chris as they come into the lockerroom, and hallway shot of Bob’s whole family • Flash game time. Shot of Lex barreling out of tunnel • Game highlight’s – 1st half pick meaningful highlight’s and utilize as always the two faces of Bob, wisdom, dark, side, good side – SHOW Super Fans – hammer the bleachers, flash :640 seats removed , Lex was the only gym in the league that when re done, decreased in size – every game needs to utilize our best, most creative shots, bin on top of other shit, those shots are 2 B determined • Cut to shot of Bob just coaching the out of bounds play, explaining to Danny exact, and then it working like a charm • Cut to halftime flash score • Cut to Bob – dark Bob “you know why? Because we don’t run enough in practice!” Cut to exhausted Cuhna in Practice, and fast suicdes • Flash, Fear Lasts longer than Love – Bronx Tale • Flash if winning doesn’t matter, why do we keep score? • 2nd half – pick the best, and make it always well rounded, game, Bob, culture • Cut to Super Fans kicking two staple chants • Cut to headline in USA today 2012, banning of the USA chant • Pull a headline from our wussifcation in America folder • Flash final score – cut to Post Game – that’s the 2nd best team in the league in my opinion, BG “this will be an eye opening score for the league” BG - into ‘move the tape’ • Cut to Keebs re; big win” they were playing for their slain teammate quote” and fades to black… • Cut to ZJP, BG interview , 14:05, every year a freshmen will ask me coach how many shots do I get? And I just walk away • Next Date Flash practice the next day 12/16 – FLASH FAQMOUS BOB QUOTE, SOMEONE’S GOING TO BE #1 IN THE STATE MIGHT AS WELL BE US • Flash, coaches decide what players get playing time not parents • Cut to BOB – about how u get playing time, “So this is the time today…” 1st clip from practice next day off Brownie cam • Flash Key to Program CHARGES • Show charge drill in practice 12/16B. Also take post game audio from The night before Belmont, BG “we gotta take charges, it changes the whole complextion of the game” • Cut to clip A02 1:33:51 – Flash Condensed Space – Coach Allen is practicing with the Freshmen in the cafateria – obviously we’re not in Texas – fade to black • THAT THURSDAY, PRACTICE BEFORE FRIDAY NIGHT SHOWDOWN VS W0BURN @ LEX (i.e Tommy in trainer w Mike) • Flash Boston Globe had released their new high school rankings, LHS now #2 in the state – get that (micro film) • Cut to BG opening statement, “at this point I think you should be proud of yourself, I’ve had teams….” Camera shakey at some points • Cut to it BG doesn’t bother me being favored cause we got to win anyway use that whole clip, ending some one get’s a little ink, might as well be you guys • Cut to BG, we’re going to get them tomorrow, we’re going to run, crank the gym up to a hundred ten degree’s • Cut to BG, I think they can get rattled with constant pressure, Rick Pitino used to call that, his mother in law defense • Flash BG, the teacher, flash What’s inside Gatordae? • Cut to BG clip, Consumer ed ala ACE, what’s inside Gatorade??? • Use this to Flash Bob s teacher credentials segway into how Gatorade has lobbied Congress, so that don’t have to reveal how much of it if not all is water • Flash Bob on the advent of on-line stats • Cut to Max Preps explanation, scouting that follows right after • Cut to Bob good shot, if we get the running up and done their in trouble • Cut to shot of Nikki sleeping 11:19:02, 11:45 better extended 1 LOL • Flash the joy of the trainers room, fade aND FOLLOW TH RUNNINg into trainers room and chilling as BG yells and they run, great. Could develop this a bit more too, or contrastm es • Cut to 9:37:18 – BG, you’d didn’t open Lance, plus Tommy and hot girl • Cut to Jimmy asking when you first met Tommy • Plug a TH highlight or all star dunk, home game monster three

• * Game 3, Woburn @ home flash records , Tuesday Night fade to blue and yellow • Hear the stomp , defense, clap, clap, defense flash consecutive win streak in the Middlesex league, open • Flash Pre game, cut to Lou, office shot, flash his credentials • Cut to Jimmy O’Keefe, same, show them entering lockerrrom • *Cut to a fond moment between Luke and Igo ( all of these are there BTW, I’ll denote *** when the shot is not , there) • Do a split screen of the 3 of them in that locker room – and flash their current records at theor respective insititiions. Wow • Cut to Jimmy Gatorade Player of the Year • Kill a Jimmy Salem Highlight, Flash drop • !!! Cut back to the last practice when the BG told Jake when talking about this very subject i.e.Gatorade, Jimmy, and went ACE consumer ed on them this would be “Teacher” bin, important 1. • Cut to Jimmy getting trophy from coach, dope, and BG coming back to that, asking Jake if he’d retrieved said info from last prac. Jake, “no” • Cut to me, back in the day, not one player would not have had that info the next day when he asked (ah doom) • Flash Times were changing • Cut to Big Guy when he says, Watertown coach got a big raise • Cut to Big (sick) when he goes over there players the last 5 years, a D2 national champ squad. Dope • Cut to Bob pre game drop to team, ending we spanked them twice • Cut to BG “game of basketball is up and down the court so we gotta get in their faces.” • Cut to BG, “we got seven cameras at the game” arms spread • Cut to next shot (bench scroll, loose ball) • Cut to coach Zach’s words, shouldn’t have any problem getting up for this 1 , whole clip • Cut to BG the GyM is hot as hell fade to gold and blue… • *** cut to Irv, empty gym cranking the heat curl • *** Draw a couple from the Heat home crank it running team bin • * Cut to BG these guys might die (hahaha) quote • Cut to Jimmy and Lou moment shot w Jimmy holding the trophy • Show Lou and Grasso shake, Jimmy shot, good trophy, college programs, yuck stuff pre game, clips there, in • Cut to tunnel action, varsity rolls out, BG is heard not seen, that’s why Lou was in the locker room, cut to Lou walking earlier with Ms. Brinklow have both those shots, hilarious, laid back Miami scene now before big game #holla • Cut to Lou exiting the LR before boys announced and pointing to clok at front before exit. Cut to audio from BC, that clock by the way is 10 min fast • Show the coaches and Nicki walk through their LR and say hi to the ref’s who are back there • Cut to narration *** me and Keebs on the green, being a varsity player in this town was was like being elected to Congress • Cut to hand shake clip, pre game BG sits • Flash Fall River Dream quote – it meant you’d always be apart joint • Cut to BG Jeff P interview,when BG drops, his coach SK, 6 state title , lunatic • Flash the cover of FRD’s • Cut to BG we’re not tough bin • Cut to shot from SC of before opning tip, girls on the mike woo bout to b announced, great clip of crowd keebs walking by camera head set,. In • Flash game, bin of Bob, chosen highlight’s, crowd, five elements, sal my salary is 250 a week – • Halftime flash score fade gold • Cut to BG predictions of 2nd half, football guys gyms hot • Cit to BG bin, cranking the heat • Cut to BG at WaTERTOWN 2ND HALF HUDDLE, NO WATER • CUT TO DARK BOB • CUT TO suicides • Flash an American flag, big 1 • Cut to BG, HT, Tommy don’t force it, they all over you you’ve been light be pateient they are going to forget about you…. Bin BG foreshawdowing or • Flash, 2nd half • Pull the TH rip reel, his and mine favorite game of his, littered with classic • Use the usual mantra, the dif faces of BG, elements, plays, etc lined out earlier • Cut to BG, Be a blessing if he fouls out” Humor • Sick BG cam Brown def use a huge TH three we got dif angle on, you just c BG face, eyes, hear the horn, tap;ping foot, I know the 1, nods when TH sinks at the horn who u can’t see, Brown all day there + Use charges and MVP chants • Cut to post game BG sitting down GK’s in tow, “eye opener for the league boys rest of the league s going to go, huh?” • Cut to PG, BG shaking his finer, “I hope we’re not overlooking Wakefield Friday , that was the guy that voted us irrelevant, I’m looken forward to that game” • Cut to BG with Matty , anything else? Good game boys • Full clip BE used in past “put us down for #1” PG interview • Use clip that follows, 2 me (this is what I’m talking about) • Cut to I’m not worried about Watertown, so you can stop pressing me • Cut to PGI, Henney gives us a good SS question, asks a SS question who came up big, BG drops godson, reach back into Godfather 2 Seany bin • 5 stars. Cut to Perhaps the best clip in the shit, TH post game player slowly coming out, zoom in Lex basketball backside hoody (need 3 of those) and it’s TH limping out, great shot of her and Mrs Brinklow hugging, HD, BE close up tiiiiiiiiiiight • Cut to PG shot, freeze it and put pencil names to , here’s the shot, Coach Lawson, Danny, Shirl, BG, CS, Karen and Sean, TH’s dad –GREAT 1 • Flash tgext, Alexanders Pizza, post game • Keebs, how many in the 2nd half clip? GreaT CLIP, I LOVE IT GREAT SHOT OF A SMILING TH AND and recap • OK, this I some Trading Places , Coming TO AMERICA SHIT, CLASSIC WHY WE DO • PG, Alexanders, Keebs cont post last question listed here, Keebs, How many feet were u on? • Cut to Keebs at practice sitting next to tommy icing his ankle • Cut to BG telling Tommy to rest it • Cut to Keebs telling Ross post Belmont ankles can be a mutha fucker • OPK, here’s the Coming to America or C2A – cut to J Wig (flash credentials) when Preem is talken about him playing on one wheel in the AFC championship, Tiger Hartwig, classic, Tiger at the time was also playing on a wheel #major • “That’s how we do in Lex” • Next clip, Keebs PG cont. the dist. Best line “picked up the slack when TH was dogging 1st half @ Alexaders • Cut to HT of this game, recycled, BG in LR, TH eventually they’ll come off you, foreshadowing • Use Keebs last 2 clips on this sequence, Ross only tough 1, TH maybe, (wow) • **** BG “I remember when he was born” • **** cut to BG in response to new interview, how had your opinion changed of that team after they smoked Woburn? • Flash date nex5 day at practice, record • Cut to that camera on the ground look at beg of sequence, like that w out overuse • Cut to BG and Nick, great shot that follows, • Zoom in on that Brown University hat • Cut to clip where Bob says he just watched Brown play Michigan State • Cut to Mac clip, walking to car after his haircut, flash his record @ LHS , varsity • Post a MAC clip we have from Lou Days (we have one game of theirs maybe 2) • 1:14 TH Dunk (2 B used not here but on his intro, only time he does a thunderous dunk, push this to his intro) face 2 Gold • Post practice, players surround • Game 4, Schools and Records • Flash Mark Planskey, A Villanova Clip, and Scott Brown, highlight • Cut to BG, telling Nicky about the then Congress man, voted best looking guy in America, dated a Lexington girl… • Flash Friday Night , Game 4 on the road @ Wakefield Happy Holidays candy cane letters, jingles and snow fade into Wakefield student section packed sauling and sing end of the anthem • Flash Pre Game • Cut to Keebs and me with the drop, game #4 – Girls game, Mark PLansky gym, and Keebs 3-0 first road game drop • Cut to BG, wisdom , “we’re we’ve won big is on defense” PG • Cut to BG end of PG, “I want this one, this I’ll make us four and 0..” PG Bin • Cut to great Brown zoom when they bring it in before the tap and the place is screaming USA • Cut to the USA today article where they’ve banned the USA chant • Rip first half highlight’s, good shit here and BG highlight’s, electric stuff • Flash for Wakfield after spit firing the 9 three’s they made at the half, Sometimes they all go in • Cut to BG, hey Mr. Jump around guy, your mans hitting 3’s in our face!” • ALSO GET A BG BIN FOR WHEN HE DOESN’T SWEAR Jeepoers chrimidis • Cut to us changing the momentum, walking towards Super Fans, good up shot of Super Fans • Cut to girl screaming for Ross Curley • Cut to Ross Curley, when in practice says, you know Ross Curley – or him slapping BG’s hand in prac after winning Simon Says • Cut to me saying, a little country, a little rock and roll baby • Great chants, WQakefield drops all of them, this will be good for the end, WE ALSO NEED A CHANT BIN ANYTIME WE HERE 1 • Cut to Jimmy and CTN shot • 1:06:02 – TH 3, great shot, shot • Halftime (Take the whole sequence from part II all-in @Wakefield, just first five cuts, love it • Dark Bob, exit • Flash halftime score – flash average median income between Wakefield Lexington • Flash the BG was the only remaining link in our town by 2006 2 toughness • Flash The town had stopped caring a long time ago • But retained a dedicated small band of students super fans and old timers, • Cut to the very small looking super fan school night traveling squad • Cut to Shot 1002 home vs Winchester great shot of the cast behind Bob, old timers, 05:24:22 • And for 36 years they always had their coach • They’d always draw a crowd on the road, it was the biggest game of the year for every team in the league, circle when Lexington comes here, it was like slaying a dragon, defeating the very best • Cut to 9:40:25, TH being heckled, screamed at, great and quick shot • Flash Bottom Line, Lexington was the team around the league you loved to hate. And it’s a role to relish, it’s attention, but the team by now was fighting the league, their own high school and the town itself. Winning you see was becoming very unpopular, here, and around the country…. • Cut to them brining it in, their 2nd best one of the year before 2nd half • Show how much the one Wakefield kid is into the game, the football player, can only go left, 11:48:26 • 2nd half highlight’s, best shot’s, all-in • PG, BG”You have to realize that people are out to get us.” • Show us walking out, show me, grateful, saying, I’m grateful, if they lost this one my first game showing up…. Hugging Seany, team exits fade to center of the court 88 • Cut to BG Jeff Paris interview • * Cut To Bob, Jeff Paris interview, I had the unfortunate luck of coaching under Karem, Rollie bit –“i’ce clamed during the years, you know i came from 2 guys that were competitive, Skip was a raving lunatic, Rollie, certifiable, • Flash 12/23/12 - Practice • BG goes on a laughable hit spree here + it’s a nice flow from great last quote – also highlight, Jimmy and Danny D • Flash Fall River Dreams quote about how you were not just a durfee player in high school you were a Durfee player forever” PG 288 • This where Mack Quite is 13:35 – used earlier … leave this on a tough note with BH, shaking his head despondent • Flash X-Mas Tourney, games, teams, Flash WC credentials Chelsea, Lexington has never won this tournament • Cut to getting off the bus + rolling in • Cut to BG, Leo Papile said these are the best 4 teams in the state, quite a compliment • I’d like some Keebs stuff here, Brown of C if have it, snippets as they walk in and some of the coaches, Boston total hoops scene, of course the BG interview with the tourney’s publicist, which parts from that have already been written in • Def put in BG , PG, we could be playing a lower division be pounding everyone, I want to play the best • Take B01-02 our best PG, game and Post stuff, fade to gold • Flash credentials, Tournament Championship, records, schools • This is the time to go into a memorable Cambridge montage, words, images, a BG quote about RR or PE, plug Matt / Ben • List their state championships • Cut to Bus headed there – walking in • Cut to Cambridge rolling in, dam! So midnight, as they sit down in the stands • Crush best stuff, PG, HT and PG, and best shots of game fade 2 GOLD

Flash, GAME 9 , Date, record teams 6-0, Winchester @ home • cut to JP, BG interview, “tell us about your most memorable days, the 70’s….. • CUT TO MARIV MCYTIRE FOOTAGE, CREDENTIALS • Cut to BG ‘s line about one day just wanting a suit from Marshal’s right after that • Flash BG’s salary • Jump Ball • Couple clips, quick, BG theatre, cut to HT • Cut to BG out the gates @ HT trasing AAU • Cut to BG “this game is over, it’s over as far as the score BUT-“ hahaha • Couple 2nd half clips or moments, Bob and game bin • Move the Tape – BJ • End clip got a team coming here Friday thinks it can beat us, laughs I don’t think so but we’ll see. Last clip of sequence B02 • Cut to shot, end clip in B sequence B2-3, are u Hydrated? ============================================================= • Cue loud cheers – Flash Watertown @ Lexington (Game 8 • Flash median average household income • Explain Lexington wasn’t always like this • Everything had changed, the middle class almost entirely gone, the ethnic makeup also changed dramatically, a town that (need Census statistics , ethnic make up from 1978, 1993, 2012) was not 53% Asian. • Other sports flop and flipped for the most part but not the success of the towns basketball program, and it was fighting everything and everyone that came into its path. Now I was learning that every parent in town regardless of their involvement with the program carried a powerful voice. A far more powerful voice than warranted. • Cut to HUGE houses in Lexington. • Cut to the rugged contrast *** of Fall River, find Coach Farias’s house he grew up in. Maybe we need to take him back there and from there we can get all the missing BG audio we need *** • • Cut to FRD excerpts, The school and city had turned against Skippy • Flash And nothing like a home game to veil the many outside forces fighting against it • Flash or say *** His story began to mirror the story of his high school coach Skip Karem at Durfee, the book I read in 1993 the day it came out, BG had advanced copy, the book I turned to time and again to better understand Bob unearthing our story • *** Cut to Coach Sullivan, remembering the first day it came out. Have him talk about ACE quickly, his memories… • – Game #8 • Flash : Lexington though the years has had many rivalries for dominance – cut to the league flag, use pointers, records through the years • ***Need Bob talking about the great teams of Wakefield in the 80’s, Belmont 90’s, Watertown 2000 – rivals always changed 4 Lex which never wavered from favorite status • Settle on Watertown, flash records and titles in league the past 5 years • *** Cut 2 Paul the Barber talking about Watertown vs Lex back then and drop intro Paul “Those kids really look at it like us vs. them, the have’s vs. the have not’s • Flash their most bitter rival, it was big, both Boston majors dispatching writers to cover the game. Watertown had previously won the D3 state title. • Cut to Lou, @ Watertown and Mack highlight flash date records • Cut to pre game – Jimmy’s truck, the long line, game night, use one quick me clip on the phone, showing the line, the people, the scene, atmosphere shots! We have • Cut to Wayne Morrison stuff – flash credentials never lost a game in high school • Cut to PG, BG best stuff quick – including bringing Wayne Morrison into the lockerroom • Flash Boston Globes of the Boston six, and give a history lesson to buttress BG, when he talks about it, bigger than BABC • Cut to maniac guy @ Watertown, “we used to put 14K in the Garden” • PG, BG, key’s to game • Cut to starting five, got SF rocking shot, great one there. Contrast of me on phone re ticket’s sold out as the starting five is being announced • 1st half, best stuff • HT best stuff • 2nd half, Best stuff, BG, highlight, special shots – cut to one shot of people sitting all by the door and split it with 88 shot of mad people sitting on the floor (dam I wish I had that 93 Belmont tape) • Cut to horn, Sean leaving, “Sully “Sully” • Cut to Coach Sullivan interview, JP, 2;10 “it’s a great atmosphere to play” • Cut to chants, horn flash the scoreboard • Cut to Big Guy in tunnel walking back, sweating all through the shirt • Cut to TH entering LR, smiling, pointing at the camera • We’ve been edgy (BG) in practice lately, you play as you practice • Move the Tape – fade to gold • Cut to JP, CS interview 06:40, end with, if your not nervous maybe you shouldn’t be there – fade into Sully, Sully clip we just left – cut • Cut to BG interview with fat guy from Herald, first response to first question, classic, BG not surprised cut when he pauses after that • Cut to Rollie plug, story + Herald guy asking to use the phone • Mash up with a mix – the B02 clips, PG mashable quick funky stuff oh the home game • NEXT DAY OF PRACTICE • FLASH DATE, NEXT OPPENENT • 01/06 – sat pract, good times in Lex-Vegas, Sat practice, , record • Flash now 8-0, and having thumped their supposed rival everyone was excited for Saturday’s Practice • 09/14. Soul shake – in • Us playing jump a league with TH and Seany • Flash clips of smiles • Intro. Mr. Delegro – cut to clips of Danny in Practice stuffing – also flash his overseas trading card – also point out Danny came down sick his senior year Mono (maybe) and missed their tournament run which fell short 2 ????? Some power house, dam • 2:34:55 – BG, this is for a Nike Bag, who can name the most freshmen • Practice highlight’s need • Cut to Coach Delegro – and his speech, you beat Watertown… so • Cut to Big saying, “if we lose next game they’re all going back” • Cut to Clip of boys getting bags, esp. The one Big Mike where it’s just him in the shot and he str8 models the thing. • Cut to BG talking to Lance?? “I’m only saying this because you looked mad, don’t be, you have to be prepared, everygame like you’ll play, you never know when your # is going to be called • Cut to Big, “Hey Mike your hear about the game yesterday?” • Cut to BIG, “I’m a Cowboy’s fan, I’m a Bill Parcell’s guy” “what time is the game? • Cut to BG humor, “How many animals did Moses have on the arc?” Classic • Cut to 3:12:20 – nice clip of a fine oiled machine • Cut to, “Well I hope you enjoyed yesterday” HL, “unbelievable” • Cut 2 BG, it’s what as hell in here yes, loved it, was telling Jack, shut the door 2 Brink, “we should put towels in here” cut • Cut to BIG, story of the first tech he ever got…. • Cut to BIG, talking about, back when he was coaching 21, 22, blocking shots as they went by • Cut BIG, JP interview, “I think the biggest thing is a mellowed out” • Cut to BG, “you missed a hell of a game last night Cunhna • Cut to BG, “Hey we win two more and we’re in the Tourney already, that’s big, it allows us to begin scouting other conferences a bit early, but it’s up to you.” • B02 cam. End of this tape – great end of practices sight’s and sounds, kids, other cameras, nice stuff • Cut to us at Cunha’s, and Astane brining one back to the house – fhash drop – show one or two markers from that 01/08/2007 – A – all-in • Keebs cam – 07:09:28 – great shot sucking wind after their first real minute drill of the year • Cut to them brining it in center court • 01/09/2007 @ Reading FLASH records, schools • Flash some Reading credentials, spotlight there brand new gym • Cut back to half sized bleachers at LEX – am empty or almost empty gym shot • Cut to BG, post game, I know their’d be a little let down from Friday night but we’re not coming out with intensity • BG – Lance “U gotta start thinking like this in tight games, I know we haven’t had a lot of tight games but you gotta start thinking • Quick PG if available, BG drop • “Flash it quickly became evident that the team, road game cold Tuesday night big spacious indoor track and field house was off it’s game • Tear into BG, marked all over, left and right, no one can get it together, comes down hard on his seniors • Cut to Danny dunk • Cut to the Rips, one after the other back up with dismal, LAZY efforts • Cut to Halftime fiasco, angers BG even more • Cut to HT – the charade of senior rips, and a little of the positive which he does reveal during this HT only if in small bites • Cut to L:ex defense coming out of huddle • Cut to our best stuff 2nd half TH’s three while BG shakes his head • Another low light – and buzzer, shake lines, • Cut to PG Big Mike doing the funky hail Mary Catholic thing • Cut to BG, PG, ripping everyone, it depends on how far you want to go, we’ve still had a good season, play this as a loss…. • Cut to BG, “let’s go home” somber mood, LR, exhales heads down • Cut to final Scoreboard • Cut to PG, Henney interview, BG, “we’re not playing with desperation, we’re used to blowing people out” • BG “If they want to be great, you can’t afford a game like this” • Cut to BG, Shirl Happy love clip • Cut to old time coach BG loves and was talking to earlier, hug shirl • Cut to BG, “if you saw the intensity level Friday compared to here, I mean” • “This place is dead” • BG, “No question. you might catch someone here” • Cut to team walking out – dope • Fade to gold Flash – each Lexington high school practice was designed around the idea of competition and consistency, perfect practice and intensity, these were the keys and everyone knew them everywhere the goal was recognizing them, and keeping them up – * Flash through the comp’s, everyday and heavy Sat * explain the stickers, and the different competitions we’d already seen to date, Simon Say’s, TV trivia to naming the freshmen *Flash the sticker boards – get a sticker bin * could have been a sales force, and they were good. Practice was a routine, familiar, practicing perfect practice but also a chess board where pieces had the potential to move at every turn *01/10/07 B-01+2 Flash Fate, practice @ Lexington *Ross I’m sick, BG, we’re all sick ! (marked up) – also is the clip when RC says can’t get out of bed, BG says poor mother is taking out the trash… if so Cut to BJ, time of morning, he says, “yeah of course they know (re how early they awake) but they don’t know flash time clock in Southie *BG, “What’s the women’s league called? Danny I think you could play there, not right away” * Cut to BG, “Seany! You missed a good game last night” great clip *Unleash the middle game name !! Humor Bin – Cut to BG, “we’re all getting to know each other a little bit *Play right into, Walkie Talkie action, Brink and Coach Allen – Great stuff * Cut to them bringing it in Cut to Ronnie, end of sequence ============================================================= 01/12/2007B01-2 - @ Stoneham, dates, record • Flash: due to the renovations at Melrose high taking place throughout the league, this would be an unprecedented 2nd trip to Stoneham • Play audPLay HT audio of BG saying, “Nothing for nothing but this is coach said he thought Watertown was better than us” • Flash home of Nancy Kerrigan, Olympian • Flash missed shots – more of the same, school night road game they • were heavily favored to win • Cut to 12:40:00 – SS, 1 hander, Flash, when shots don’t fall go back to practiced talent • BG, HT, not mad, “your playing hard, I got nothing to say” • Cut back to JP, BG interview, “the only thing that would only proturb me is if a kid didn’t try, but I’ve never had that problem • 18:30 BG, we got to establish who we are on the road against mediocre teams • 27 even, great ross kiss, ankle, trainer shot • cut to 28:50 one of my fav game clips • Any game gems , quick, rip through Stoneham @ Stoneham • Cut to Scoreboard • Cut to PG, BG, “Great job guys, let’s go home” • Cut to BG walking out of LR, seeing Shirl, “honest to god, I thought it was going to be a close game” • Cut to squad leaving the gym – Quick can do this one in 30 seconds 01/13/2007, • Flash Lexington Basketball, “We fear everybody” • Cut to JP, BG interview, starts with “I think the other thing about me as a coach…” 16:50 – use in entirety • Flash holds @ # 2 in the state, 10-0, having already QFY’d for the tournament • An undefeated meant fun Sat practices • Cut to the opposite hand shooting contests, the sit up’s paint the festive • And go into Simon Says • Flash Simon Says • Flash Simon Says is an early camp game • Cut to Hayden camp • Flash awareness, LHS hoop element #5 • Times had to be good for the BG to run a varsity Simon Says, • Use best stuff, into high low, sick – Harry Laye laughing his ass of ======================================================== • @ Burlington, flash schools and records , 3rd straight road game • Flash hometown of Amy Polhler, flash parks and rec’s • Flash Burling hasn’t is our Thanksgiving football rival but hasn’t beaten our basketball team at this point once in two tries a season over the course of eleven years • Cut to Ronnie Lee, spotlight the Burlington guy • Flash Burlington has not beaten Lexington at basketball since 1996 • This one is 20 seconds, use the clicker device • Pick a highlight, a BG scream • Cut to HT, box and I Tommy, BG, that’s fine • Flash 500th win, no one is even aware • Hear me *** or flash such little attention to this we had to get involved • Cut to My article in the Minuteman • Cut to brownie giving him the gift • * Show Table of career wins and losses / then show Skippy with 600 ========================================================Melrose @ Home *05”06 – cut to Lance dribbling PG, slicing threw legs, likey * Cut to BG, PG, “let’s run, they can’t be running in practice, you lose that man y games, they must ba handing out Candy bars to show up” segeatys him into casually picking up the paper * CUT TO COACH GIBBS WAVING TO Carmine at BG’s request, Brink, “your in now” this BG telling Gibb’s, there doing a doc *Cut to Karen Sullivan birthday wishes + Happy 60th, oop’s • FH, HT, 2nd half, 1 or 2 highlight’s, including BG, “What’s the score, jeez we’re going to save his job” • HT highlight, BG, you want do that in the tournament, guy will come down and jam it right in your face • BG, HF time we are not playing against Melrose High we are playing Lexington basketball we do not want to develop bad habits against teams like this” • Coaches move the Tape • Again, ripping through these games • Fade to Gold • Cut back to BG, JP, interview, “one of the reasons I don’t think we’ve ever lost a game we’re supposed to win” clip • End shot of seqence, 2 fall River legends and CS, champions, great shot, they are talking about FR – FLASH CREDN TIALS, YEARS GRADUATED, RECORDS, AND TITLES BETWEEN THEM, winners circle • Flash Fall River Dreams, onto Ronnie Lee, home Lex banners, Durfee red 1’s fade to Gold • ======================================================== • 01/22/2007B01 • Flash Big Quote or clip “Tomorrow’s a big game because it’s our next 1” • • Flash date, LHS gym practice, 12-0, Monday, week ahead, two road games, re matches against the leagues top teams, 3 out of four games remaining in reg schedule are on the road vs. #2, 3 and 4 including a heated re match @ now rival Watertown… • Cut to Practice, and cut to 01:12:28 , TH slam • “You like to take a good high school team on the road, people are reading about Lexington High..” • Cut to BG, wisdom about information on the web, it also has all of our games on-line, that’s why I’m switching up the out of bounds plays” • Cut to them bringing it in , center court end of practice • Cut to Brink 6-4 black kid, dominating, but can’t play Fri or Sat because of religious reasons – cut to BG , and link words when Keebs asked if something like that could ever happen here, BG, “No, because then he’d be debate, and do this, listen if they tell me winning is not important, then everyone plays and we’ll have a different team every week” < That’s an important 1, 1 that we’ll come back to • Cut to Lilttle Jedi’s, always the next wave, keeps the system running – Flash BOB had privately said, the 8th grade could be the strongest , tallest most athletic class he’s seen in decades, he’s hinted that’s the season he’d like to go out……. Fade to Gold • ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ • 01/23/07 B1+2– Flash records – venue, drop • Cut to BG, Flash, Bob, the Grandfather, Picking up Jackie, playing with Isabell, makes a great face , great shot of Mizzle, really perfect, it’s right before she tells him about her bear that’s hibernating for the winter. • Cut to Pre game – BG, “I hate games, something could go wrong, you could lose, you never lose in practice” • Cut to FRD’s, section about Skippy, for him it was more the fear of loss than glory of victory” • Cut to PG, girls in OT, BG shaking hands, and yucking it up with official, “Can I get a tech from here? “ No but I can throw you out”, BG, that would be a blessing – plus “no more cookies for him Lorraine” all back to back • Cut to BG – PG, “I tell people I think this is the best team I ever coached, why….” • 1st half action, take the best stuff from BG , game bins, intense game, highlight’s, dives, charges, hoops, great, best stuff. BG into it boy! • Best quote of 1st half, BG, “you think this is a game?!” wow • Halftime – BG 1 thing we don’t have it gut’s • HT, BG, I don’t give a crap if we lose the game, I’ve lost games before, what I do give a crap about is getting beat up” play whole quote until “I know those are things in your heart, if you wanted to do it you could do it” • Cut to, “it’s up to you, if you want to go undefeated” • Fade to Gold, flash 2nd half • 1st highlight 2nd half, on the ground, wrestling the ball away, love it, 09:34 • HF, best • 2nd Half, best stuff, aggressive game, sequence marked up • PG, BG runs into Mack happy ending, Flash former all scholastic Mark Mcdonal, went back to playing • Cut to BG in LR w / Mack “I’m proud of you, I wanted to call you a hundred times but didn’t want to influence your decision.” • Cut to Mack in the barber shop, I say, “they grow em big out here!” • Cut to Mack – HS highlight • Cut to Mack sound bite *** “It was a great time in my life, Bob was the best coach I ever played for.” • Show the fellas getting off the bus, audio clip of BG Let’s go home, Let’s go home.” • Cut to PG back at Lex, “it’s tough to sustan a whole game, not physically but here” Gold 13:33:20 • Move the Tape, Mo, Larry, show • Cut to Ross Curley interview Flash the neighborhood • Cut to him drawking it out on cheicken fingers platter, Laweson, Sullivan, Zach Friedman • Calculate the wins and run a montage of Bently, CC aka Coach Sullivan and Bob, this next scene they’ll all conflux ============================================================= 01/26/2007 Flash Coach Sullivan’s double header • Coach Sullivan, Coach Farias , Lexington, and Concord • Drop Coach Sullivan credentials, 88 when he slaps him on the back of the head • Flash – CS has been in between two seasons, revierw Needham, record before when he left, highlight Eric Johnson, old 49’ers program, favorite coach ever. Jessica Simpson. Concord • Flash old Coach Sullivan clippings, including all Irish eyes smiling • Pull best stuff marked up CC – • Lex @ Woburn 01/26/2007 B1+2 all in • Spotlight Woburn another league recipient of a brand new gym • Cut to any angles we have that show this off during before after game • Cut to BG walking up the stairs, and he stops at a great player • Flash date, schools, record, date – median income while his walking up stairs • Flash great players of Woburn past • Cut to BG, bumping into the old timer he just pointed out on the wall • Cut to shot of Mr. and Biully Brinklow drop credentials, captian LHS 1989, Tom’s little brother • Cut to Show of brink winking game two home against Belmont in LR • Cut to phot from the Minuteman of Billy bleeding, BG, Magic has the date • Cut Lexington, defense opening tap • Cut to SB, 16-2 – any footage of the on-slaught? 3 after 3 • Take best game stuff, HF, PG and back at Lex (game is all marked up, mucho intenso) • Close with TH, talking about big football Woburn player tried to roll his ankle • TH Cont. TH, “after the show we got to go” ======================================================== Cut to BG, JP interview, “it’s unique but important part of the curriculum” this is a great quote, competition, working together, against other towns, to be passionate about something in an important part of their lives.” This goes to the heart of our thesis, and is well played back here. • Game ?? @ Lex vs. Wakfield, re-match, flash dates and records • Cut back to first game footage, them yelling at Tommy, dives and 3’s • Cut to shot of Brown walking baseline exposing the Lexington on the baseline • Cut to PA announcer Lex, moment of silence, flash the kids name that died in Lex of a car crash – • Cut to Santo’s jersey, *** cut to me, “it brought me back” • Cut to Morgan Mcduffey, stabbed, and kids killed on way up there from Lex – wowowowowow still stuns me that 1 • Flash this led the school to formulating a policy to ban limo’s for the upcoming senior prom - Flash headline’s of things banned nationally • A culture of banning Flash – against a now .01 % wealthy town bred a trophy generation and the program at it’s all time height was under renewed pressure to dissolve that @ the time we felt but didn’t nec see • Cut to BG, 02/01 Luat Rollie big east practice, “I told him if I don’t get my check, I’m not showing up and you can explain to the town or whoever…” • Cut to BGG, JP interview, “the sad thing is that not many people in the town are aware of us.” • 1st Half highlight’s, marked, quick • HT, BG, Brian your man relaxed , I would’ve jumped for the ball” • 2nd Half, BG w / Matty “Who loves you the most” also take a cute shot of Matty in this sequence clip saying “there so many basketballs.” • Cut to CB, PG, “be proud guys, that’s allot of tape” cut fade to gold aka the emblem from the 80’s, center court


Flash: BG, no one covers us, audio - date • Flash the band wagon is starting but where’s the band?” • Cut to suicide shot, with Zach whistle wand walking away 06:20 • Flash record and looming game, @ Watertown….. records • Storyboard, BG chat with Luatman, “we gotta be out of here 5:15 on Thursday, forget we have to play Watertown tomorrow • Cut to craziest shot loudest most hostile shot of @ Watertown, perhaps iof we have the guy yelling @ Bob, “sit down you fat fuck!” Priceless • Cut to BG, Laut, “I told him if I don’t get my check I’m not showing up” • “No one covers us” BG • Cut to BG last sequence PG after Woburn home in LR, “36 straight in the Middlesex league, we gotta tell the paper, these kids are doing stuff that’s hard to do and getting no credit” • (BG I don’t have a big family ) do not plug in but be cognizant • Empty out Rick Pitino bin – use the legs crossed story here, Hayden, need a Pitino bin • Flash Why can’t high school coaches sit on the bench of Big East Games? • Roll Toad story right here • BG, great line within this Rollie big east bench story, “Why the hell didn’t we invent cell phones?” • Flash Bob, wisdom of public speaking #1, always have a joke • Cut to Bob, Pitino @ Fall River, Flash books cover or fade, Pitino offends the crowd aka “Durfee academy” then BG opens him up, “I could listen to Rick speak all night” • And then cut to Trevor Middleton, flash paper clippings and dunk courtesy JJ Sakey – And Rick blown up comes up apologizing to BG, is this about the Trevor thing? Oh course no Rick u just got hit with an ACE classic • Story takes place at Venus di Milo, cut out Dana pic if availible twin peaks with Chandra and Sonya – spotlight part of the book FRD when they discuss Venus Di Milo • This practice is BG rolling, flash difference between Belmont, LHS and Fall River • Cut to the Paul Lombert story, cut to Belmont @ Lex game 2, coach saying what good friends they are • Cut to Lex @ Belmont PG in the stands, BG saying his has a cribbage game with PL, flash PL’s credentials and seway into his HOF dinner where they said he coached baseball – “If that happened in my hometown there’d be a referedundum the next day re call election) tiiiight • (marked, I hope one day they put me in the Lexington Hall of Fame – “can’t even get Rollie into the Lex HOF) • Cut to BG, tomorrow is a big game after the proverbial whistle ===========================================================* Date 02/02/07 B1-3 - @ Winchester *PG?, game, RC show, best stuff, HT, PG (all marked up great stuff to pull) • * Cut to LR, BG, PG Wakefield @ Home, “we got Watertown Friday night, it’ll =========================================================== @ Watertown – best stuff, pull from Dream II sequence. Also worth going threw again before final Cut – gems upon gem,s here, but Mizzle extracted what we’d need from Dream II sequnce, pull from there, PG< HT< PG and highlight’s Also flash stuff from Lou @ Watertown, records, date, the drop and throw Nick in punching the guy in the fact, that can’t not make it. Cut back TO BG, JP interview take a snippet Bentley footage??? Not here, need dates, and cuts, I thought I cut it, plug in when chronologically applicable. There’s a classic cut of Lou, PG, and a kid from Belmont walks by and surrenders dap – put this into Game #2 when Belmont coach talks about a rivalry

Friday, January 24, 2014

The end of the summer on my cul-de-sac was always defined by the imminent return of my sister’s next store.

The end of the summer on my cul-de-sac was always defined by the imminent return of my sister’s next store. Over the years Mercedes, Porsche and myself have been involved in some of the more vicious physical and verbal attacks that I’ve been forced to endure over the cunning course of childhood. They are forever nagging at me to stop being a jerk. Our beloved neighbors spent every summer at their father’s happy place on actual Cape Cod. Our same schooled next store neighbors our sisters, a witness and an outlet. Chris Berman might have called our home gym, “the big experiment.” That was Madison if you played the part you could live like an adult. Madison high school with open campus, things like sign yourself out a student parking invited the Twin peaks in. The money, woods and those were the keys. You had to be a zilla to get in the opposite of integrity, kids. And now it was into Junior Year, Mike and I continued to pound the BC basketball weight program regime, which Bart had birthed as a couple years back as freshmen. It was interesting years later hearing from the starting center of the Steelers Super Bowl (XXXIV) tell the exact same story. But instead of BC basketball it was Nebraska football, his dad instead of Bart. We were getting good advice. And we cherished getting bigger, we’d just like high school waited years to be able to come down to the weight room. The Hayden weight room was undercover. You simply had no adult supervision the guy that never misses. The total absence of the police station in our lives recently floated the possibility of home happiness out there. So did Muffin. And when she didn’t do anything in the fall both my mother and I were mildly concerned. My love for her still roaring, I knew this simply by the fact that we timed our climaxes perfectly, rambunctious. Yo if you can’t accomplish this with your girl than you suck at getting busy. As I continued mulling through the list of thoughts I promised myself I’d give some attention to this morning I began to think that this was a whole hell of a lot of shit to cover before I’ve had a bowl of frosted flakes. My gambling cards would be available week one. I’d handicap the high school games and open up spot bets on those games as an appropriate beginning into the glamorous world of point shaving. Who doesn’t dream of fixing a game? I had to swallow and prepare myself for a first day unlike any other I’d exp“Can you believe it mom, Charlie Paradise an official upper class man, take a bow!” My sister cracking up over a natural next step for all incumbents into a larger world she’s already finding Woody Allen humor in what I might do next she, more than anyone had seen had witnessed my range. The comedy. The assuredness. erienced. I was now in the ACE program, everyone will know. And after a hearty standard breakfast of everything and tons of different sugar juices Parker patted me on the back proudly, smiles it was show time. “Can you believe it mom, Charlie an official upper class man, take a bow!” Brooke cracking up over a natural next step for all incumbents into a larger world she’s already finding Woody Allen humor in what explosion I might cause next. With teenage next steps came new freedoms most notably open campus, for everyone of course except me. Yo with my dope summer officially over I in the name of life past sixteen need to think of anything besides all the things I don’t have. I was maybe beginning to get it. After my mother quadrupled checked my entire outfit to ensure clean cut, no cane, pants pressed with a crease, first day, great looking children, Parker was off. “By mom! See you at school Charlie!” Mom and myself raced to the window and saw a car full of her friends peel out with cigarettes hanging out of every window. “She didn’t tell me some maniac race car driver would be screaming in here to get her out of the blue, were they all smoking in there? Was that a joint?” “You smoke?” “Please Charlie, don’t start I want you to have a good day.” “Yeah I will, big year, I’m the man. Where’s Sady?” “You’ve been saying that for years. Mercedes is just like a little sister to you.” The end of the summer on my cul-de-sac was always defined by the imminent return of my sisters Porsche and Mercedes and even though I sometimes hated them, I love them both. Waiting forever, finally Mercedes shows up right on time. “Charlie!” My mother yelled as if the Pope had entered our kitchen. “Well I heard you guys made it to the finals in the summer league Charlie congratulations.” Mercedes smiles for our “hi” hug! She is very proper when she wasn’t screaming and still I was quite certain carried a booty that had yet to be officially taxed. I knew because she had been dated all my friends. “Yeah we did.” Mercedes, closest to me in age finally asks me a question after rolling off the different Ivy League schools her summer pals were attending and where she thought she wanted to (yawn) apply. “OK time to go to Magic’s?” “Wait he got a car and a license?” “He’s driving his brothers, pretty special day for us Sady. We’ll be back wit ya tomorrow.” “You guys always get excited over the dumbest things.” And we slink in to my mothers Ford Taurus to drive us the five-minute walk to Magic’s curious what first ride to first day junior year high jam he had lined up for the ride We’ve already discussed the excitement and usual disasters for me on opening day. It wasn’t a baseball game but kind of was. The commute kicked it all off. Mike’s older brother Josh (LHS class of 89) lent him his car for our first day as an upper classman. Porsche was away at college. After running out of my house with my hands over my years. Pattle, Pat, Pat, pat, pit, pit, pit,. Pit, you could hear and see the uzi bullets creating mini “Good morning Magic.” “Well hello Mr. Junior in high school, as always you break out your best gear day 1.” So this ride while symbolic of miles traveled and new toys in our possession open campus, it also meant. “Charlie are you nervous about going right up to ACE?” “yes.” “Don’t be man, first off all I’m fucken pumped to get the classic stories! I mean your going to see the Big Guy everyday, off the court, just speaking for myself, I can’t wait to hear the stories.” “Really? Like he had two retarded heads, and finally “I can’t believe this.” I knew varsity players weren’t in the ACE program “Hey remember we’re juniors, and you have Coach Sullivan and coach Gibbs up there, you’ll be fine.” Says the guy not in the ACE program. Mercedes and Mike never got in trouble they were focused on their futures and were great examples to be so close in age, geography and time docked. Parker and I needed some counter tides because no matter what, it just didn’t seem we were getting it. Pulling into the parking lot signaled to me yet another reason to never attend class. The sun was in full glory. My crew was in a large frolicking circle. The student parking lot was now officially the place for us to commiserate and I smiled pondering upper class and soon legendary status. On a side note Mercedes friends quietly shattered the pervious best set up fifteen girlfriends ever united. Getting out of the car simultaneously the circular convoy of my crews chins creep up and their warm face’s exploded my happiness while thanking Jesus for giving me a family. “Yo I gotta talk to you kid!” I was always rattled this was the first thing I heard from Skeetah Lee right after stepping out of the car. Skeetah was in a tie with Shank for getting caught for the dumbest shit. “Give until lunch buddy.” And I walked to warmer waters towards scully, an anchor of steadiness. “You wanna skip the first class of the year?” I kick imaginary dirt, Scully is referencing a tradition I started last year six of us skipped the first class, first day and had a sit down proper breakfast at 1 Mariam St. “Whatever.” I’d recently discovered just how much I loved saying the word. “Can’t.” It was so hard for me to say those two simple words unless I couldn’t and that was the case. Besides the stigma of ACE being for mental or crazy kids I now had the hubble telescope on me with oh just basketball on the line. But I had no idea, I was in the parking lot, we were upper classmen, I never wanted that bell to ring. I wanted that moment to last forever. We were all the same before the bell. After the bell they were in mainstream high school and I was now in the ACE program. They’d meet new teachers, find follow Young Guns in class, sit next to maybe an undercover slinky. I was going to be in a class with three or four kids, a couple I might know from my own zilla contributions around town, a couple I wouldn’t. I’d have Coach Sullivan reading me freckle juice. Thank god for muffin. I’d never get a girlfriend I figured. I was too hospital. I’d just lost over 20 academic credits towards graduation. It was a huge #, out of nowhere and my “sorry coach I fell in love” response a little more than mildly retarded. And to top it all off I was literally scared of the Big Guy. He was easily the most controversial and talked about person in Madison. And he now had to monitor me during school hours. I was a wreck I felt I was going to prison with first hand knowledge of a warden of urban mythology. Dam, I’m buggen breathe Charlie Paradise, breathe And Scully could see me. Scully looked cool as shit smoking a Marlborough red cigarette “I hate it.” “Nah It’s OK buddy, listen this is just part of the script, you love that don’t you?” Smiling knowing my hot spots I’m curious, “What do you mean?” “You know what I mean man. You probably set this whole thing up just joking. Whatever the case the Big Guy will be good for you, this year is going to be dope”. I give him a hug as the bell rings I could’ve hung until the last possible second as defined by the Madison Legend hand book I pledged allegiance myself too but Walking into the main hall, up the stairs and towards ACE I’m hastily scurrying under the radar not wanting to be seen. Coupled with my hysterectomy I’m having due to panic I finally arrive at the front door. I had only walked inside ACE twice once during Freshman Year with Wells and Santo for the party, the other time was summer league. I stopped cold, my feet our numb Red Five I’m going in Walking into the holding cells long haunted hallway all was dark. In Madison’s main stream of regular classes there were levels 1-3, and then honors. Then there was the LABB program. One part of the LABB program named after itself was for down-syndrome kids. Then you had the PLACE program. This was generally kid’s that clearly a hundred times over they couldn’t, behaviorally survive regular mainstream. This was for any number of reasons. And then you had the ACE program. The ACE program was typically for kids in the court systems, kicked out of high schools and other “special” cases. And there’d never been a varsity player on the team from the ACE program. They were two very different worlds. Acclimation begins at first jump and peering as I walked slowly down the hall I heard only a mutter, a mouse and glanced curiously at the hallways walls. I noticed that the “tags”, vandalism of this programs teenage graffiti. One could see that a “shank” had been used to carve the various initials, proclamations and immature sexual innuendo that delinquents felt the need to publicize. Since the scribes were “doinks” inclinations rang true at first glance. Of course I saw the “B.” the “B” which followed me through every drop point of my life to date. Billy Graham, the orphaned hockey legend of legends, I knew I was in a bad situation when I saw the B carved on the wall or bench where I sat. Reality hit me as I could now hear voices coming from the most classic high school classroom in the state. It was my secret garden. Although there were three and a half separate offices in the compound, this was the main room. It was the kitchen, the lounge and Big Guy’s office. There was an actual kitchen, two enormous orange sofas probably from the early seventies. Of course there was the Big Guys desk and a wooden table donated from a local prison. The five by eight glass windows of which his personal headquarters perched itself on looked directly over the fabled student parking lot. He’d look out the window for ACE kids. “There he is, opening day, how you doen Charlie? The guy with the worst reputation in like fifteen years at Madison High school, Jeepers, Charlie Paradise.” I was shocked. His big personality and unique manner of speech, and how any compliment from him felt, half of my panic right there vaporized right out of my chest. And it wasn’t a compliment, a rip even felt good. It was Magic. Like a sorcerer with the force he sucked something intangible but oh crippling out of the center of my frail but lately meatier chest. That was a lift. I just stood. I Floating a very reserved gaze around the horn I think to myself, yo they got me in here with hardened criminals. The Big Guy only took half the panic away or made it worse, I couldn’t tell. “A, get over there and fill out your forms.” “But I don’t know what to fill out.” “Shut up Chalie .” PAUSING AND LAUGHING TO HIMSELF BEFORE PICKING BACK UP. Yo I’ll tell you somethen else, don’t say yo to me? OK, don’t say yo anymore. You think you can say yo to me?” “No coach.” “Good, Sully help out your boy, Sully’s boy Charlie Paradise the childhood delinquent. What do you think Gibbsy?” The Big Guy wants to bring my old freshman basketball coach Coach Gibbs into the fun frying of my frail foundation. Gibbs chewing his gum “I don’t know Big Guy, we’ll just have to wait and see.” Ooops apparently Gibbsy stepped on a toe and apparently ACE was a lighting rod aired out type of firework display the Big Guy ran. “Shut up Gibbsy, don’t call me Big Guy.” “What should I call you then?” “Coach” The Big Guy flips his hands and says this puzzled that Gibbs had to ask the question. “call me coach like always, Sully calls me the Big Guy but hey he won a state title for me you just rode the pine.” Shell shocked, intrigued, panic stricken yet confusingly enlivened, I can’t move a muscle. I couldn’t spit a sentence. Coach Sullivan, a thriving top supporter comes over and grabs my arm. “Come on Cahl take this pencil, let’s fill out your schedule.” It’s earth tattering to think how inept I was in basic protocol. I was spoiled at home our moms did everything for us. “Sully help your boy out.” Seated on the couch, “OK um. I don’t know what classes do you want to take.” “I don’t know, basketball” Coach Sullivan laughs, “Yeah I hear ya, listen I think some of these you have to take, so check off like one of those? A couple of these one’s, cross off a couple of boxes like over in that direction and your good, I think. We’ll ask Bob (Big Guy). We also have gym once a day which since you don’t have open campus you can take instead of study hall, we usually play basketball, it’s competitive, Booty’s not bad, smurf plays, Beef plays I also don’t mind playing bombahdment every now and then, wiffle ball a bit, you know whateva .” “No way?” “Yeah” Coach Sullivan chuckled like ‘yeah your god dam right we do.” “Really?” “Yeah Cahl I run it.” And pointed to himself like he’s the only security guard for a heist I was in on. My chin darted forward as my eyes popped out of their sockets like at the end of Total Recall. “Sometimes we get the batting cages set up, OK, let’s finish this up.” “hell yeah.” And soon my scheduling was done. Looking up at the clock I had about twenty more minutes before I was allowed to leave and attend an outside “mainstream” class with the “normal” kids. Situating myself quietly I sat inconspicuously. Watching the festivities of what now would be an everyday occurrence I watched the Big Guy put down a nice Boston crème doughnut in ten seconds flat. The great student “Beef” sat next to the Big Guy. He was in ACE of all reasons because of his weight. Beef was simply too big to get around campus. Therefore he sat in ACE all day, banged out Boston creamers while holding down ball boy responsibilities for the boys varsity hoops squad. And then it happened. “Gibbsy watch this, a yo Chalie!” Frightened cause I was back in the ACE spotlight and jarred over the fact that he could say yo and I couldn’t, I replied. “Yeah” “Yo, you got your gift ya shmooza.” “What do you mean?” Coach Sullivan now leveled me for preparation, he held my shoulders. “Eh you got your gift.” “what?” The Big Guy announced tapping his right foot furiously annunciated like a game show, he declared the grand prize, “I think we got your center.” Coach was heartbroken to lose him.” “What” “Transfer 6-8 Lefty junior, moving in from Nashvill, I just spoke to his coach, said he’s the best player he’s ever coached. He’s heeyah today” Coach Gibbs “we’re really excited about it.” I’d prayed for it for so long. I was astonished. I believed. And it was empowering. Hope. “What!” I throw my arms in the air and run out of the ACE program wildly screaming. I could hear the coach laugh, happiest moment of my life. A few minutes later I ran back in. The Big Guy was on the phone, “his names Sean but we’ll call him Stretch. He’ll Stretch the lineup!” And just like that word had spread and the phone in ACE was ringing. “Hey Jay we’ll see. His coach told me he’s the best player he ever coached. Yeah I got Charlie Paradise runnen around ACE like a chicken with his head cut off on Christmas, it is, unbelievable.” I’m back on with Jesus full time The one thing that we needed since we were in the fifth grade was a bona fide center. It was our birthright now, a shot at a state title. Being integrated with Diamond Junior High was the single greatest thing that ever happened to me. I got the Black Knight back, and another school to corrupt. We were finally a class, a crew family and same grade basketball brothers. We just got a six eight center in the class of 94? Come, on! This information curbed the festering panic I had looking around. “Milla!” Coach Farias screamed! “I saw that, you can’t take wood shop.” The bell r. I could now leave and go do normal things while celebrating a dynamic first session of ACE. I didn’t have to be back until after lunch for ACE Gym, my afternoon free time and an hour of group therapy. Nothing more exciting than new information and it information was already out. A six foot eight center is roaming these very halls somewhere right now Migrating north from TN Sean’s mother, now divorced from Madison originally accepted a job offer to essentially run one of the worlds foremost medical centers in Boston. My mother had told me all about it again and again after reading an article about her new position in the town paper the Minutemen. Rolling down stairs I’m sprinting to the crew and judging by their faces before a spoken word, they knew. For myself, Magic, Santo, Wells, Goldy, Scully and Spec we couldn’t have been happier than if we were seven years old in FAO Schwartz, Manhattan on Christmas Eve in the Star Wars section with an unlimited budget and ability to fall back asleep as many times as we wanted. Since the fifth grade we went to camps. We played year round. We knew we were going to good but in short, no pun intended we needed a center. Last years 6-5 captain graduated. And “Stretch” as Coach Farias nick named him on spot was 6-8. We lived with this horrible slight of height all through the chase of our vision. Santo was the tallest and only six three the final piece to the puzzle. Stretch our new center. “Hey it’s unbelievable. I can’t wait to see him play today. We might be great.”” “How’s ACE?” Mizz responded with the utmost in curiosity “Crazy I’ll tell you all about it later.” Once the final bell rang Magic and I never on time gave quick pounds to our crew as we headed to an early lunch to talk and mentally prepare for our fall basketball workouts that started in exactly five hours. I still had guidance people nurses and a few faculty friends that could dodge me out of my mainstream classes. Get back some normal time. 2:30PM. Training for the season started the first day of the fall with after-school intramurals last year when I fractured my ankle. This was fall ball. So on this splendid fall day the unveiling of the hottest thing to hit Madison since Paul Revere was our new center Stretch. He was blonde with a big smile and all American good looks. He was a Young Gun. It was being made for Hollywood.