Thursday, October 03, 2013

Girl fight

Ok, a couple things, one the Micheal Bivins of the video, i.e. the "talker" is something else, if you didn't know of course World star was behind this video, well, now you know,you know. 2) There should be some sort of penalty if men stand around and watch, and film this horrific shit laughing , letting it happen.

I quote Edmund Burke when I say, "The definition of evil is being idle watching it occur." or some shit like that, but come on! way too much of this shit lately. My dad always told me to stay out of that shit, but then how the hell am I going to be a Son of Liberty? I ask. The kicker for me was listening to this jackass, in between World stars throw in a, "Yo, I think she dead, I think she dead." GTFOOMFWTS. < That is my phrase all year, 2013, = getthefuckoutofmyfacewiththatshit. Fucker. Anyway quite a brawl, geussing venue is Waffle House as usual, and probably dowhn siouth, grain a truth to every, nahwhadimeanyah?

Chuck P.

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