Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Boss Meet The Parents + Chris Rock encourages Bullying over coffee with Seinfeld and Christian The Lion.

Boy have I had it. The bailout's, blues, fair play and the bullies. Since when is life fair? And who is so naive and emblematic to ever suggest such a notion? In being so fair are we truly being unfair to our kids (I was channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw on that 1)? And the answer is yes. Yes, yes, yes. Only through loss will you learn a great lesson! Come on! What's with our country? It reminds me of my favorite youtube piece and now book and movie, Christian The Lion. Are you familiar with the story of Christian the Lion? Adopted by young art dealers, Christian the Lion who grew up in London in a department store? His parents were jailed up and somehow Christian , back in the 70's made his way onto the trading floor of legendary department store Harrod's. Oh the 70's. He was the subject of my favorite documentary of all time. And these men, fathered, loved Christian with all of their heart. More than they loved themselves. And Christian was paraded around London becoming an icon onto himself. And he loved his two dads.

But soon the New Zealand born duo realized as Christian grew and grew they could no longer stay in London. And what to do. It was a daunting task. And they knew what was right, they couldn't bring themselves to give Christian to a zoo, admonish his joy and subject him to the very conditions they were so proud to have helped free the young Lion from in the first place. Oh What to do. The circumstance weighed on the wealthy young art dealers. They'd salvaged a big yard in the back of a church but soon he outgrew that. The plight of flight back into jail, a pattern that had dogged his royal bloodlines for generations was increasingly seen as their only option. Until one day, i love that shit, i love those (ADD) 3 words, until one day.... all day every time. It implies change which is the only truth in life outside of, wait, ok, drinking is the opposite of trying, confidence is everything and you can't touch other people without their consent. Anyway, until one day a couple walked into Harrods. And couldn't believe their eyes. They adored Christian, and just happened to be the married stars of a hit, big screen documentary entitled, Born Free. And it charted the path of a caged Lion being re introduced to the wild. And it was their lucky break. And they formed their team, gathered their famed Lion whisperer (George seen in the vid) and attempted to repeat history. And it wasn't easy. And I urge all GDD to check that shit out. My intent on clawing back Christians story were those first years in the wild. And boy were they tough, unnatural always is. His paws were too sensitive, he couldn't fight or hunt and it would take diligence on all parts and a few small miracles to pull it off. We never knew how long he lasted, but we did know he found his lioness and made his den. Discovered life all anyone person or animal can ask for in our short stint.

And that ladies and ladies reminds me so much of this trophy and or millennials last couple generations and their kids. I for one will not stand for it quietly. These are our sons and American daughters, and we are not preparing them for the wild. And it's selfish. Check out the CNBC Power lunch crew talking about "Heliparents" and fast forward to the 10:20 mark of coffee with comedians. Seinfield and Chris Rock both deliver nuclear quotes as relates. Rock: "There's a way to get in the game." (10:10 mark) Strong implied ration. And then Seinfeld, "everytime I look at those skateboarders I think to myself they'll be all right." Smart. He's right. Hit me with anything as always blind or with some heavies.

And the Full Ending

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