Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Freestyle Today. GDD. Oh the mighty FREESTYLE next to HEDGE FUND the most overused myopic terms that somehow still garner credibility.

Oh the freestyle, next to hedge fund the most overused myopic terms that somehow still garner credibility. But for me, it's always be fun, a few fellow, very white former co-worker would laugh, your practicing your freestyle? "That's so funny dude." Um yeah. if it's real you practice. If it's made up you rehearse. Simple, dimple, talk it out, people know anyway, I mean people being, enlightened cats, true MC's, fans or just people. I once walked in with my summer crush to an open mike on U street 2006. it was our first week in our new loft and I was anxious to show off.

It was a good 1, OK, but I was into it, strong presence, confidence and Bombitty smiles. I got shit from the guy MC'ing the thing which was cool, I was the underdog, only white kid. I left was deranged sense of anger against most American and British white people out of the spit. And then the other bozo's in jersey's and sweat towels over their shoulders chimed in as well. "nah, nah, it was written." It was OK, but confident and incorporated stuff in the NOW. Anyho (anyhoo those that say that relinquish any happy thoughts u may or may not have about me and Sum, the worst!) Long story longer, 65 year old black grand actually greatgrandmother jumped out and had my back. "That was freestyle bitch." We embraced. It was , and she knew it. So many, 90% are not. Try it yourself sometime, rap about your room, no lay up.

2nd Half

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