Thursday, May 02, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way 2 The J This AM. Ducks On Penn Ave !

OK, I usually bike to work.  it's my thing.  And I treasure the able status, hold me down and get at life and fitness.  Some mornings I'm simply too hung over to take on biking down the middle of crazy Columbia Pike.  It's something that requires my faculties to be in check.  No one cares, no one cares or pays attention to shit.  I don't drive in never have.  In fact I dislike automobiles, imagine that?

So this AM, on the 16 and Y, off @ Pennslyvania Ave, I see these guys walking towards the world bank.  People care about baby ducks never ever get this twisted.  One lady almost threw herself in front of a moving car to help stewerd one of our run away chick lits back to the herds.  I'm a Duck Tales Guy.

So even though weekly jobless claims loomed along with the european Central banks immiment rate cut, the currency markets could wait.  Your dear Uncle Charlie does not just walk away from crisis.  Uncle Charlie would not walk by an injustice, a beaten dog, child or in this case a manic, lost pack of ducks and their mama.  I'm an American, Boston $trizz-ong down here in DC.  Lex-Vegas #1 super hero.  So notice how I lock eyes with the mama, and stay comb.  Once we're locked in I take it backwards and get them on track.  All before my first cup of joe, matter of fact it might be a mimosa morning, why not?

 It takes a village !  Happy Thursday in America.  #whadawhadawhadawhada  

Do the right thing.  Let's go Celtics.  Love seeing Spike squirm!

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