Friday, April 12, 2013

Havard Rugland - Awesome Football Kicker. 2013 in the building. + This Springs Anthem. X-Tina, Rap and Ah-ha?? H-Awesome. Spring's Song aka Suzy Q. 2013

And the Detroit Lions signed him.  File this under, no fucking way.  If this guy chokes even an average chip early, if he in fact wins a spot, you begin to really question.  How long must have this taken this guy?  About as long as it takes for me to finish a documentary.

Obviously there are camera tricks here.  Your not naive to think we're living in a democracy?  Just remember the full court Lebron swishes, and Blair Witch.

we'll c ya.



I leave you with this, the jam of the spring.  If your not banging this in the ride you are nuts.  Thank you Ms. Christina and Pitbull for the seasonal anthem that always seals the deal for America.   Stand up Springle, it's your track, !  Great time of year spring on the east, mwah :):)$$$$

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