Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cherry Bombs 2013 - Flowers for sale, less money, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink ! They've All xcome 2 Look 4 America. :):):)

I biked all year long.  Basically that means all winter long.  So, like Eagon, the candy bar and Ghostbusters, I, I earned it.  This is tricky, biking, early DC, they expect 2 million visitors for their cherry blossom festivals.  Cherry Blossoms, how grill is that name? I mean next to furry soft or gucci, gucci, C-rat and your host, CP, it's the illest of the grillest

It's the first time in a decade the cherry tree's blossomed in line with the parade they piled trillions into.  Now remember, we at GDD LOVE seuqestration.  And because we need real estate.  The boom, bigger Gov't and free money has caused my little district and favored arlington to creep up on some Manhatten prices kids !  But these CB's, like shooting stars, here for just a minute, always have to peep.  It's one of those things on that life list, in my estimation.  Here's some buns footage, too early, but you can get the idea.  I'd say you have an asian for every white person.  A bike for every three walkers, and fanny packs everywehere you look circa magic 1991-present.

The most wonderful time of the year !   Still headed west north of 40 mr. east, it's on. .  Hahahahah -

Also GDD rumor of the day.  Kimye , Kayne to name his baby boy, Easton.  Smart.  And RIP.  Freddy ball games dear mother, great run, we know your in heaven smiling down.  Thanks for a great son.

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