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Chi Town Legends part I "GQ" GQ Demo reel - Gregory Qiayum + more Othello, the remix

one half of the legendary Q brothers currently knocking down Chicago Shakespear theatre with there punchout performance of Othello, the remix. These guys, write, star and direct their very own global theatre splashes. it's safe to say they've sucked as much $ out of the theatre game as humanely possible.

Watch this play BLOW them up again.

And dear, dear readers all of you that know me, heard of me, follow this GDD shit, well, u know about our G mutha fucking Q! GQGQGQGQGQGQGQGQGQGQGQGQ. I've been repping his younger brother J.A.Q. within the first ten minutes I met him via Nice, on the north side of things, until now. And we go on. If your YG, Legendes, #94, Chi Tizzle, village bound, orphan Annie our crew, this is the G shout out. And because they are black, I mean back, wait, you hear that? Listen close, yup, there she is, the bandwagon. Hear it? And it happens all the time in art and in sports on the silver screen and March hoop shorts, the mind fucking, nut hugging, deplorable, adorable, formidable, high, holy, all mighty merry bandwagon. The nature of their business to a lesser degree life something we all want to be associated with, winners. Rappers and athletes, art and ENTERTAINMENT, but listen again,. can you hear it? The bandwagon powered by unicorns, the Big Guy, my high school basketball coach used to always say "can you hear that? That's the bandwagon." all of a sudden, your 10-0, #1 ranked Boston Globe and everyone's back. Phones ringing. People stopping - people, literally popping out of the wood work, it's been a long time since we left you, Let the nut hunging commence ! Honestly it's the only reason I tried a hand at that game ! Right? that and avoiding responsiblity. And unfortunately I still gotta chase them corporate payments, it could be worse (footnote, Grommits, nut pleaser for the houchies too). But ain't that about a THANG? Say god dam now to yourself like your an aging, overpaid crappy 39 year old right fielder for anyone in MLB whose out of shape bloated ass just popped himself a haMMIE in the spring, god dam! And grab it. And I say god dam! Over the fickle nature against the transparent odd's of art and enterainment groom fans, and it's grown bigger like the earths population. It cracks me up. I loev crazy. As most of you know, Tupac Shakur alive and well, presides, chief exec over everything you see on this cold, cold bitch (GDD). Refridgearator. If you catch that must see, Pac movie MTV put out in the theatres he laments as much (bandwagon) "the same girl, the same club, same even fucken outfit, a year earlier and I wasn't hot. I barely got in the club, bitch wouldn't even tell me her name, then, about a year later, I'm cajun, me against the world is #1, and this bitch wanna suck my dick, bitch wanna give me things for free , introduce me to her parents and friends, it's crazy." Yeah cheif Malike aka JQ, aka Jeff Forte running a proper chi town family, gangster but legal, X Y kids manning it up. much love, RIP, SRC It's the life we chase. And have always chased. And it's the fantasy not the dream.

And in the center of that shit in many ways for many reasons stand the Q brothers. Chi Town's finest. And in chi town the Q brothers and worldwide, and the entire GDD fam these two and Pos, Jack SON! THE MUTHA fucken Retar Crew remain in the center of everything we say, publish and do. And that's the Board of Trade, Bobby pink, try out's, lex Vegas from Vegas, c-Rat, Cabrini G, Nice, Joey bag of doughouts, SRC (RIP FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!) and bam, J.A.Q. And BAM (Batman)his brother G. The older / younger brother G to the Q. The OG original grafter of the Bombitty of Error's. The play that changed it all. And that's big when your not 9 or 11 but nineteen and twenty three! It was so perfect. And Jeffey (as we affectionately refer to him from first tap whom smartly avoided my aDVICE to claim that as his hip hop handle back in 1996) told me it was going to happen. "Rat we're going to blow up and it's just the beg" And boy, man, did I believe do, to just be around the kid, you had to.

And I'd seen it happen already. I'd partnered with Ha$ back in Lex Vegas on wax and mic (92). I'd watch his brother T, (Terry Yancy, DJ T) explode as the Funky Bunch out of Boston. They went worldwide. I knew it could happen. And had already reaped the auxillary benefits of merely being close to a classic situation. And I was hooked. And as I witness a sixteen year old JQ spring up from a headspin with a blunt smile and gurantee as much, I was sold. Too much swagger in hip hop? Sorry that's life, if your judging you need to pump that shit ! confidence is everything.

ADD, THIS post is about GQ in a new series we'll be doing per Pac entitled finding, Othello, the remix. Our boy Steve would've been so proud. It's the track you never want or poke fun at due to lots of saturation and less sense - getting shit is a parody in our crazy United States of America. But I have to put that in print. Our sister city of Chi lost 1 of it's original bridges to Boston. Bobby Pink survives along a wild side of history, brotherhood and free market naked capatlism. It 's something you don't forget and as you wet your beaks and I write + reflect kicking in my head to aN OLD JQ BEAT, I GOTTA HOlla.

ADD part 9,125,846. GQ , OK, the first time I met GQ the man after years of Nice And Jeffey was New Years day, 2000, NYC. That's right folks the day that was never suppossed to happen I, along with childhood buddy Monster somehow pulled my shit together to attend a matinee @ 45 Bleaker street in the heart, the heart, of the west village (NYC), 01/01/2000 Bombitty of Errors. "dude?" I awoke New Years day on a sidewalk. These are the black out blues. We'd hit rock button. And the funny thing was Monster was working on Wall St and I had a broker gig in DC slanging foreign money. So why did we wake up, literally on a street corner? Our youthful recklessness never went away. We woke up faded on the side of the street at 6AM.

It was 1999, 2000, we smelled reckless, we were zillas anyway. I'd for the first time in my life gone on that ectasy run I'd heard about. And Monster such a zilla together we stood so far away from wisdom on a unfounded yet unshakable confidence that we're indestructible in America. We're white and subsequently ate all the X at a party we were ventually "chucked" from. I went into double figures the one and only time. And the biggest reason i never "ran it" back was because, "Paco" an old school Lex Vegas head pocketing 400K a year on Wall Street informed us we had an outstanding $650 drug bill. Unbeknowst to our memory bank Bolivian marching poweder had of course also entered into our menu of a night, a page turned. We had the black out blues. "Fuck! What time is it? Where are we? What do you remember last? Nothing? Same. Fuck. keys, wallet, cell. Let's go. I gotta call Mi's MA, we have a lunch invitation and a play! Fuck dude - what did we do?"

And off a west village sidewalk we collected ourselves, smoked a ciggerrette and found Monster's sparkling new apartment. He'd recently defied gravity and somehow got a job with Goldman beating out, you'd think a THOUSAND OTHER Ivy league kids with his paltry academic performances in both college and high school. He ended his last interview, sealed it on this. "Hire me. I'm good. people love me and let's face it, I'm great looking, I mean look at me." Sounds crazy? it works. And thus began chapter three of Monster, Manhatten Monster I. Part of the charm of Manhatten is you can really play cards. And that means people, places, needs, whatever, you gotta appreciate 10 million people 7 million people on a seven mile island. It's palpable, play with it, if you were born with utmost pretension, shh, confidence we ran around Manhatten as kids with artillery. And were loved.

So the story, right, right we showered. We threw up. I'd already read American Psycho (SRC, thanks) and assualted Monster's high end lotion cabinent he was neurotic about. We grew up together me and Monster, we loved stealing shit in general but also from each other. That family code, you could joke about my ma but you? Hahaha much love to mom's and Richard Pryor. I borrow one of Monsters high end outfits he puts together, "I'm going to make you look cool." "Settle down guy." secretly I loved it. We were HURTING having copped just a couple hours of sleep via the street. I was depressed. My head pounded. I had anxiety over what bridges we'd burned the night before as we roared threw what had alreaDY BEEN A PRETTY EVENTFUL EXISTENCE. "OK, let's go." I puked on the way to lunch. My best friend from college, I was the 2 he was the point guared, fucken NASTY, his Mom was a knockout, a former buyer, model, even had her own steak and cheese hush ass spot in lowere Manhatten. Anyway she had my man young and was still SOOOO hot. Manhatten for us Boston boys just nailed down how ill our own shit was. After all NYCV was just down the street. And before we knew and regarldess, "we hated the Yankee's" and "did OK" (Dom) JEff!) Side note: Getting sober (which I'm currently NOT) get's you a handle on that ever elusive reality of time , it's not a concept dawg.

And we had lunch. Sheryl cooked. Always. We gosppied in that uppitty manhatten splendor of absolutely nothing. We'd honed our skills of hiding our true hinderences. And Sheryl could tell we were banged up but never suspected we slept on E street. She had an "artsy" friend over and the meditarrian fish calmed me. I had a drink and popped a Xanex, talking our our friends and the Q brothers afternoon play settled my demeanor. I was excited for Monster to see this play that the new York Times recently plugged with a two word review, "word up!" And with that we hobbled towards the theatre. We'd lost pete-Nice and now were back on-line + schedule meeting him at the Will call 1/4 of 1PM. "What the fuck happened to you guys?" Pulp Fiction had been released years earlier, we felt him. "don't ask." We'd been through enough already to understand that glorious rule of blissful ignorance. Plus we remember nadda. And as we entered into the theatre to our front row seats, Monster digging through his pocket discovered a pill, "Dude look at what I found, how'd this not get eaten?" He questioned in his sardonic tone. "Dude, chuck it, going to hurl just seeing it." Monster faked the "chuck" and deveroud it in seconds. We were stunned. Monster a drug addict at this point instantly jumps up and down and rubs his hands togerther quickly as if he might start a fire. He knew he'd soon be back setting up a larger and later eventual crash. I was disgusted. But we were Americans. it's all short term. Nice's face flushed amonst such hard lining zilla antics. And towards the end (Monster LOVED the play more than anyone that ever saw it) GQ shouted out "and much love goes out to the ADD crew." That was us.

My army of bandits were always ermedial (C!) slow classes, resourse rooms and re tars (get it?) - and GQ in many ways our fearless leader having overcomed disabilities that were like my brethen pinned on him early. It's a great American story, see only you decide who you are, who you will be and what's to come. It's a powerful lesson. And less than a year after that show, GQ moved to LA, as a kid! Him and his younger brother become part of that kid actor crowd whose lives inexoribly shuffled back and forth between the East Village and the beaches of something with santa in front of it. GQ scored movie after movie and would shower the small screen with timely, tight cameo's. And through it all we watched, helped, hugged and witnessed a greatness whose air when amongst by default you always pick up something meaningful, it's why you take Ritalin. Life can move fast

And now their back on the stage. Theatre is a bit like street ball, it's the place to earn your stripes, garner chops, if you kill a live audiance on theatre, everything else is a piece of cake. So to you GQ! The white ninja from Drumline. Below see footage of our hero being recognized from his films outside of the white house in my own Washington DC. We were there bowling alongside former super bowl champion Justin Hartwig, silly. GQ + The Ring + The Retar Crew + The QWig + Bowling #WhitehouseDC

cool friends. Retar Crew warming up at my pad before that night's show. Check out how easily JAQ delivers the perfect beat box to assist in his brother.

And later that night, live performance of this, Retar Anthem

DReam, bitch ! Art's and entertainment, March madness, Q brothers are back. And GQ, pour feature, full length of the day. Important

stay on this FAM ! missed the supacallafragilessdeeeppseealladopeshit!

burt fear not - much , much, much more on the way. "I'm in my prime." Doc Holiday Tombstone. watch G to catapult back in to the bigger and smaller screens as this thing soars. cajun Here's the boys standing Ovation in London for othello, the remix aka bandwagon is back! here's the trailer. we love you GQ, and Jeffey, Pos, Jacks and everyone else - u know def who u r. Go get em boys. JOIN US NOW RUNNING THROUGH 4/28 - TICKETS $20-30 A POP.

a hip-hop adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Othello written, directed and music by GQ and JQ developed with Rick Boynton Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare March 12–April 28, 2013 produced by Chicago Shakespeare Theater and Richard Jordan Productions Ltd

>“Highly recommended! To cut to the chase: the 90-minute, lightening-fast, hip-hop version of Shakespeare's tragic tale is absolutely brilliant and immense fun!” –Chicago Sun-Times

“This heart-pounding musical mayhem journey of discovery is perfect for any audience. Everyone leaves entertained and eager for more.” –Northwest Indiana times

This fresh urban take on Shakespeare’s tragedy returns home for a limited engagement on the heels of an acclaimed world premiere at Shakespeare’s Globe in London, and wildly successful tours to Germany and Edinburgh. The CST-commissioned hip-hop adaptation of Othello is spun out and lyrically rewritten over original beats by The Q Brothers—America’s leading re-interpreters of Shakespeare through hip-hop (Funk It Up About Nothin’, The Bomb-itty of Errors). Whether you’re looking for a rockin’ night of rhythm and rhyme or a new way to think about Shakespeare, Othello: The Remix delivers an intense, high energy spin like no other.

Recommended for mature audiences (contains adult language)

Approximate Running Time: 90 min (includes intermission)

The Chicago engagement of Othello: The Remix is presented in The Carl and Marilynn Thoma Theater.

And here's 1 for the old school heads hahahaha - yes they had their own TV show at one point - b-b-b-b-b- onkers. Much love T, Franchise, the she G - Q, whole northside fam.

THANKS G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U R LOVED

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