Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lexington AD Martin Suspended Over Doctored Email

This story just keeps getting better and better. Sadder, and sadder.

So, this is what de-emphasizing sports looks like? That was one of the reasons given for the termination of long time hall of fame coach Bob Farias. This is the AD that spearheaded the movement that resulted in his termination after 35 glorious years as a teacher and coach, really? You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s bad enough that this AD circumvented the entire hiring process to replace Coach Farias, by hand picking a college buddy with no prior coaching experience. This however is far worse and unveils a vendetta of a personal nature, it’s tough to swallow.

This is the AD that made that happen. She cleaned house, the entire staff of former captains and coaches - all let go. Her next act was to apparently lie to a committee to further push her agenda. Even worse, the crutch she used to hold up her “argument” was the complete cliché that there was a “threat of a lawsuit.” Or in this case, a fabricated lawsuit since one was never apparently threatened. But she wasn’t clever enough to cover her tracks this time. As it was eventually revealed to all involved that never once was there a threat by a parent TO SUE THE SCHOOL IF GIRLS GAMES WEREN’T RE-ALIGNED according to this article 9. Certainly not the town or in the most egregious example of her dishonest the Massachusetts office of civil rights.

This is the AD that for some reason again, I’d guess particular to girls basketball re-aligned the entire Middlesex league! These were historic changes. And she LIED to make it happen, crossing the very threshold of barriers she was hired to uphold. A ONE week suspension? It’s a JOKE. She’s not a high school student nor should she be punished as one. She needs to be held to a higher standard. In this process she’s broken the link. For my entire adult life coming home for the holidays I could always count on a Lexington basketball home game. I’d bring my mother to home games, see old friends and watch great basketball. Part of the fun was watching Coach Farias! The gym was always a packed, warm and proud place. I was sad when they cut down the bleachers. I found it upsetting when they removed the minuteman from center court. I was gutted when they removed Bob, especially the way they did it and the timing. It was with a heavy heart that I went to senior night last year and found the gym empty and cold. There was no one there and little excitement. I was truly heartbroken. As a kid that came up through the camps, played for Lexington basketball, played in college because of it, this was devastating. They even removed the mural of Ronnie Lee. Why? It didn't feel right. And the entire time this AD was using the same forces and channels used to persecute one coach to also promote herself! It’s completely shameless, something I would’ve done, in the 8th grade. Using the all mighty threat of lawsuit, a sad example of what pussies we Americans can be, her little story unraveled. At what point do we say this is just a bit too much noise for an AD to be making? A one week suspension for lying…. Coach Farias coached for thirty five years and you couldn’t even give him one more season for a proper farewell. You can’t have it both ways her feet need to be held to the fire.

The legend of Lexington Basketball never should’ve ended the way it did. Coach Brinklow should be coach, carrying on the tradition. We need to start a petition to get this AD removed. This just adds salt to the wound that won’t heal. The silver lining though, it is erases any doubts as to the true moral fiber of this AD. She’s an unscrupulous, egotistical liar. Clearly she’s not the great up holder of mortality she proclaims herself to be. How can we entrust her with shaping the character of the students of Lexington High, when the model she provides is one if lying and cheating? Coach Farias never lied, and he never ever cheated. He was positive role model to me, and I had to get this on vinyl.

And again, this has been largely brushed under the rug. The school committee needs to set the example, and look at the bigger picture. Here, they need to act swiftly and decisively.

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