Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lexington High School Didn't Want This Guy Coaching Anymore? Yeah That Makes Sense

yeah that makes sense.

a true throw back coach = zero tolerance, i love the ACE plug, and make no mistake about it, this was the LAST guy that ever should've been removed given his tenure, track record and of course the timing of his grandson's terminal illness :(

Better believe the jv kid discussed here, well his mom i'd bet my sometimes change jumped on the bandwagon of voices against my beloved Big Guy coddling an administration intent of removing the man for yelling too much at kids.

THIS IS WHY They lost in 88 - so many coaches swallow principals in the holy chase to win, he didn't and still, you know, won like all the time.

I'm going to SMASH this doc - cutting up the footage, binning the clips, logging the footage, it's a time commitment few are keen to make outside of their real jobs and lives. Also I'll be writing the script that eventually is pieced together with Jimmy on smash smash, OK?????.

Dam I'm going to be like a Q brother in a play they wrote, direct and starred in, i.e. HEAVY on the credits. Believe dat! Post production is everything young film makers!!! And of course u do have to capture something endearing + come up with an amazing idea, oh and get lucky. Big Up's to keebs + M izzle as always for capturing, running with it now, learned so much in the process, still so creased at the seam on how they did my Coach, and teacher.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Lizard King Talking American Music, Predicting The FUTURE, 1968 Rare Footage

As if we needed another reason to trumpet this mans musical genius. I freaked out watching this today, I immediatly thought of BIGGIE with Puff on a talk show right after Pac passed. The Sunglasses, rock legends, here Jim Morrison predicts that music will one day be down on machines, one man.

And I LOVE that this was 1969, this was on PBS bitches, the height of the Doors, the end of the crazy ass 60's, there he is. And he was facing four charges in Dade County, just like a flashy young rapper whose tumultuous ride with fame plays out in real life in the unimaginable high's and low's life brings rock legends.

Here's another comment same interview, oh and they did this episode, long interview played five songs live to support their 5th studio album, the Soft Parade. PBS was the only outfit that would let them play. Promoters, insurers, venues all walked away after his performance and subsequent charges that swamp night. Anyway listen here as Jim basically talks about being the first freestyle rapper on the planet.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


MY NEPHEWS JOINT - check him out 17 and hungry

Thursday, May 24, 2012

2 Best You Tube's Of the Week that are not OURS! 3/24/2012

Ok, this is some funny shit many of you know the love and adoration we have for Chad Ochocino even within a paltry 15 receptions last year, the man is so real. We LOVE him, Chucky P is a HUGE fan. This is funny, take my keys, Ipad, wallet, cell, but please, please don't fuck with a man Starbucks gold card???? And guess what fans? My man GOT THE CARD BACK - just the card and was grateful - amazing, 3.5 million twitter followers gives u a certain leverage over all of life

Chad Ochocinco ✔@ochocinco I wish Tyrannosaurus Rex diarrhea on whoever broke my window and stole my #Gold starbucks cards...

Mad Men. Johnn Hamm, this is funny - good actor

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More from Q Brothers, Othello! Ride this Train BE GLAD U DID!

OK we're going to cover this like we do all Q brother asdventures, FULLY. Nothing has changed except this time around, it's going to hit harder than usual. I've been waiting for them to translate a tragedy in their idiom, and I love not only how they our repping USA! but also that of the hip hop language, still pushing threw new barriers 12'.

Usually when they do something new esp. theatre they win the various contests and best in show type of events they are lauded to attend. And upend that strategy, now, me know thinks, dam, have no idea how a little jar Jar Binks just floated out. But Mr. Paradise will keep u posted, and even thread some old memories of the boys, myself, the road and life. It compliments their bold new endeavors. Handicapping this to win in Scotland, and go global, this might be the one that's translated into fifty languages and frankly their work was translated like a decade ago, hip and strong.

The boys will be busy, music festivals, TV pilots, a hit play around the globe and their own label and group the Retar Crew, GorrilaDunkProductions house and only act. Hey I'm proud again, and like tom Brady says after Super Bowls, it never, ever gets old.

Long live ! Q brothers, Jax, Pos, JL, b Boys, dude from baltimore, grommits, IG, Bish, Them vs. them, crazy lead singer, Magic, Monster, c-rat and the rest of the fam.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Tell me something I don't know, It's My Birthday!" Gordon Gecko + GorillaDunkDaily blows threw 20K VIEWS SINCE AUGUST!!

I was thinking this morning as an alternate ending for Wall St. One where Bud Fox sticks with Gecko, you know takes the parachute, walks away from his family and the airline. Be a fun last 20 minutes watching those too literally sail off into the sunset, “stick with me sport.” End cut, roll the credits, I can just see it !

Other thoughts, today is my 36th birthday, I was 32 days late, I knew it was on once I was out and probably wanted to marinate in the calm as long as possible….

The Celtic’s are amazing akin to 87, old, hurt and beat up but they find a way to win, who knows, shortened season, I like us against the Heat in a 7 game series without Bosh if we can finish of Philly. Game 6 is huge, we are the oldest, we are the most beat up, we need the rest. Also Dwayne Wade is such a baby, let’s be clear, I LOVE Lebron, I love the movie he made with the kids he grew up with, I do not like Dwayne Wade, it wasn’t always this way. He’s dirty, push s off all day long and then hurts opponents when they have frustrated him (shook) See Rajon Rondo last year. PLus is such a baby overhim 4 real

RONDO. Puts entertainment into basketball and can turn people who have absolutely no interest in the game of basketball into real fans. Question, can Chris paul do that, answer, no? Rondo just has an arsenal of moves no one has ever seen, he’s constantly freestyling never before seen stuff, it’s insane. Rondo is b etter for the game than CP3 even though everyone is Boston would've made that trade, we railed against and further rail against the people (Magic) that still would make the deal, strage how many basketball heads would. Also crazy that Sam Presti our old hoops friemnd from AConcord as kids turned into the best young GM in the NBA today. it's amazing what he's done constructing Ok City into the Western Conference Finals, c ya Lakers! Watching celtic's with wife who has no interest in basketball. I only wished she saw me own passion for the game, the way I was trained to play back in the day. Anyway I’ll say, “Summer Crush watch how the smallest guy out there gets all the rebounds.” It’s amazing to watch even to a novice eye how does he do it, smallest guy out there? Playing agsainst the Adams family dam! I loved my role in college as a rebounding guard off the bench, it’s intuition, it’s courage and heart. 2 of the 3 available to us all…

Facebook, dog! They muffed the IPO, retail customers got burned, stuck, lost money, 100 to 1 earnings??? N please! Get the fuck out of my face with that! Social media has been getting beat up just like we here @ GDD predicted since last year. Again irrational exuburence was just ten years ago, Zuckenberg lost 4.4 billion yes. How funny / meaningless it all is……. House of cards just like our FED, I'm still long gold.

I’m not saying become a prepper, just know your options, read GDD for life savings / changing type shit / Also keep Edisons lit towards our fam alerts, gorilla google news and as always play like the Japanses and save for a rainy day.

I'm sure many of you have noticed the ad's on GDD, I'm torn. First off, adsense shot me down on 3 occassions, and one time gave the reason as , "Inciting racial intolerence" as the reason for the snub! Unbelievable, I'm a son of liberty I thought. So, props to Ethan Zohn, matty D, Energy Dip and the YG Foundation, your tweets helped really climb the hits, even mr. Paradise got nervous when he saw 1508 hits in a day maybe a lil too much where much more comforttable here with a few hundred hits a day but then again we used to be happy as clams with 60! In any event Mr. paradise made it clear he was uncomfotable the stabndard background checks that follow a site getting literally (chanelling parks and Rec) getting thousands of hits in one single day.

But hey if the Retar Crew can post a couple million hits on youtube then we gotta goal here! And to quote the legedary coach Bob farias, "someone has to be #1, it might as well be us." good 5/22 mwah Point being the ads can be funny, sometimes they mirror the content and our dope, I'ev made $8.92 so far, we'll let you how that goes, flirting with "iging" though.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thin Sweaters, WWAFD?

And a rap came out, RIP my man makes zero sense...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

WTDB - 01/12/07 @ Stoneham vs. Stoneham..

Footage is streamed ruff, mix tapes, full length all HD BUT, BUT, I'll say this, the Big Guy is miked up! And if your a fan your a fan your family. holla

Nationals / Red Sox Rant

This week Charlie Paradise scolds Washingtonians for neglecting their first place team they lobbied so hard to bring here. And yes baseball in DC = proper = yes = Americas pasttime makes sense. And by the same token he blasts his home town team and the the wussy fan the organization has bred.

follow us on twitter carlericeaston, i think.....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

North and South An Early Education ! Metco + In the Cut

First, the song, this is my favorite piece of sheet music ever recorded. It captures my utmost imgaination. And imagination was in full swing in 1985 when this mini series based on the classic john jakes novels debuted on ABC. The 80's were a time of big idea's, chances, this was when TV, ABC, CBS, NBC, the big 3 made epic TV mini series based on the greatest periods in all of history, Napleon, the Odyssey, Egyption rulers and yes, North & South our American revolution. And what an ensemble cast it was, check the names, what a budget long before 1,000 cable channels divvied the pie.

My father was excited long before it aired, I was 9, the early ominous commercial bites were enough to mouth hook us straight on couch for it's longing duration. I had so many questions and unlike the middle east these were questions my dad attempted to answer. I felt myself rooting for the slaves wishing their was some way I could help. North & South was a family story at it's heart, two friends meet at West Point, best friends from two familes, an industrial family contrasted against a plantation (North & South). And at west point these geographic differences meant little, they were Americans. The regional difference were something to celebrate and explore the traditions and mores of another place apart of your matching glorious homeland of the free, the brave. And the West Point stuff was so cool. It was great propaganda beacuse I, from that point wanted to go to West Point, it was so captain. I of course didn't forsee the minor slip into juvenile deliquency and consequently had to count on basketball not west point to barely escape life working Shell gas station.

But this song, that era, the story of best friends that soon after West Point fought in the Mexican war returned home decorated hero's only to be thrown back into war, the bloodiest our fair lady of liberty and her torch will ever endure. So many questions as a kid, I used to tell teachers in Junior High I hated white people this would inadverently land me with the therapist. And my points were valid, i couldn't pass a class to save my ass but I loved history. I couldn't understand for the life of me the reactions and responses I'd get from adults about this topic of slavery. This topic of segregation, this topic of American injustice.

I figured the English were the root of most evil over the large landscape of world history I only partially understood. I got to college, shit, I was right ! I had an instinct for basketball, sales and for a rascist eye. And this series along with my black brotherhood helped foster a fight that everyone loves to say was for another era.

Side Point Trayvon Martin: The last thing I'll say about Trayvon, and I'll channel Mathew Mchouney in his legendary role as an attorney in John Grisham's, A Time To Kill, "what if she (he in my example) were white?" it's something you don't want to hear about, people have their own problems and ultimaly have never been a victim on the other side of a racial blockade.

And through it all i saw injustice, I recorded it's ledger and upset many in a status quo that never wanted to bothered by such past anomlies not knowing it was in fact a birth defect of America herself. It was infact alive then as it was now as it was in this series. And it will never go away, can only be dealt with. The striking contradiction in our bill of rights how do you reconcile that against a child's questions watching slavery in all of it's inhumane horror? The curious institution of slavery i believe the europeans then referred to it as.

My dad would tell me to study borroughs of eastern europe and then big up America, and I did, but I just couldn't shake the hypocrosy? Black and white that divided that simple. Except for us! And that gives Charlie Paradise a swagger you'd have to see to believe, and it gives me these guys. The YG foundation supports METCO, so often once they left town and our athletic fields the school is done. The bond soon ends and if it wasn't for facebook we'd know these many faces and personalites from our childhood only through memories of polariods. Not us

Here's a vid of me sneaking home recently and dropping in on the barber shop, my dear friends and teammates in LIFE, Terrence Nolen and keith Bodden. Keith seen her cutting T-Bone's lettuce in the cut (name of shop) a true hero of mine. he took 5, yes5! to the head, lived to tell it and now owns a barbar shop to support his five children and awesome wife Chalonda. And it's not for the faint of heart, and too often you don't want to hear it, you think your tough and life was too, but nah. Anyway w/ out further due for the true fans of YG and that of GDD, KEEP BANGING, the FIGHT NEVER ENDS.!

Please check out our organization at


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lexington Legend(e)'s Volume XI Amanda Palmer, goes Radio Head Takes Down F'ING Labels, H-Awesome!!

vID is soooo tight. Here's a fun exercise for the day gorilla dunkers, google Amanda Palmer / evil high school jock carl easton


CLASSIC. Something in that lEX-vEGAS water back in the day, talented town outside of a championship city nestled in the cradle of freedom's first sparks, w-w-w-w-what ~!!

very cute vid - very cool husband and career this lightning bolt has been enjoying. When I was in the 9th grade I'd walk by the smoking corner en route for a slice on my never ending lunch breaks as i rarely attened class. Anyway this lovely one, photo'd above would throw purple dust in my face, all carved up and jumping out of a goth gown and being down right scary looking white person, "Carl easton will be hit by a moving car now!" poof.

Now i don't know if I was ever "evil" per say, I always thought of myself as a freedom fighter against the rich, for the weak and down trodden. And obviously this was not a universal belief, and I didn't like purple dust being thrown in my face on some witch shit, I had enough problems. So OK, who knows what I did???? I probably blew up the whole smoking crazed blond hair haters right there, them cats were positively unaware I was stuck in a white mans body!! And I was de tached a bit from right and wrong, reality, boundaries and personal space much akin to the purple dust thrower in my mind.

In any event witch craft as it pertained to accidents that would befall on your boy didn't reside so well, I'm sure I got crazy. I'd been run over by a lawnmower and at that point didn't want to die unlike so many despressed rich white kids around me at the time irony paramount

Closing, I LOVE this video and give homegirl much props for keeping it freezing as an artist, living the real and capturing those dreams that seemed so elusive for so many dreamers back in the day. AP def world wide rock star, to quote Coach Farias, "unbelievable" you DID IT !!!! nuff said

Noah Cover of "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO - BEST COVER EVER YET!!

worth taking five minutes if you haven't already copped this  via your edisons :)!!  love this kid.

Steve Wonder and Why It's Good To Go Out Sometime's!! Georgetown Cafe Milano 5/09/12

OK every once and a while we get an unbelievable story here at GDD. And this would happen to be just that occurence. This was last week in Georgetown, Cafe Milano, my business partner, the Turkish Tom Cruise is having himself a meal and a date and some family time w / his Turkish brother Tunch whom recently launched a Rose' line, banging Rose' line, in town following up with a handful of his first buyers. Cafe's, clubs, shit like that.

Anyway a wonderful night going through the motions our motions when luck would have it fucking Stevie Wonder walks in with his WWF looking security guard.

And if that was enough in this tidy, slinky cafe in Hoya land, for as luck would have it, about an hour later the manager came back over and said, "I think Stevie is going to play for us" a couple ditti's. And sure enough in front of 40! Count em! 40 gracious heads, he laid down this, the Nike song :)!!! 1 of my all time favorites, i love 70's Stevie

Amazing, and thanks to Omer Esiner (CEO of House of Bespoke Custom Suits) for the pull.

Happy Tuesday everyone, crazy story from one rainy recent night out in Georgetown.

And thank you Steve Jobs without the Iphone people would hardly believe half the stuff that jumps out of this gorilla, we r streaming more and more video these days which is sad cause I like to write suckaz !!@!

And to quote the man himself the "O" (not our Lex Veagas O we know who that is !!!) when asked him what night this occured last week, Sat? he replied, "Wed Charlie, nothing like that happens on a Sat night." Oh the good life....

Apologies for dropping off, look for GDD to make an inspiring run here in May with Q brothers, legendes, lexVegas biz, hoops movie and YG foundation. RIP Alex Fayne our family took a huge hit this past week and uncle Chucky had to agitate the gravel back to his native bean to pay respects to a fallen soldier, earner and overall wonderful human being, just 34, never smoked a cig in his life. Tough to digest, OK, phone time, $ is rallying bitches !

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Early Winner, GDD 2012's Photo Of The Year, Othello, the remix London)

And this says it all, I need to framed signed and hung above my wet bar on the second floor of a someday in my future house. This was the Globe theatre, just now, yes the outdoor joint, yes they hit a high peak in their pioneering journey in the deep end of the world of Shaespeare, theatre and B boy.

I couldn't stop laughing the first time I read the New York Times two word review of the Q's inagural contriobution to a genre they own, Bombitty of Erros, and it was "word up." Put me on the floor, and now here we are. Jackson looking out over a true moment to be cherished awash in standing ovation. He's doing the lead off home run trot to win the series step one after dropping the pine. The history makes it so hype, the Olympics,l the fact any time these guys touch anything it's cahun and usually blows up.

Photo, next we have P O yo what's the D O, P? god dam, i know it's sick, so amped on alternative rarely used thanks, P's can't fucking believe these mutha fucka still can't sit down. And then you have J and G re treating like Jeter and Andy Petitie old pro's, just doing there part to jump off the Olympics for American this in the summer games. And that's why it's GDD photo of the year, because they represented their country, this just happened, great job. I posted the vid or shared on FB.

Friday, May 04, 2012

C-Rat, Freestyle, Wild Wed Night, DC!!!!

Been a very busy week, light's are low, dark viewing and sound sucks, was happy with it live

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Trace of Trace by The Retar Crew

New vid from our house  band @ GDD most underrated unsigned band in America , mwah :)