Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gorilla - Recorded In Oct 2012 - pulled not to alientate my 1 fortune 500 client (def not on FB) - National Elections always so sensitive. Here's my little rap against a Civil War Beat. Busniess comes and goes, wealthy people barely spend money anway, clue: that's why they are wealthy. Bush era tax breaks laughable. True story, I can't wait to be super rich, dispel these myths

And just for the vinyl, I work hard for a living, pay working man taxes and started a charity eight years ago with good Americans that sit in the high bracket. We're Sons Of Liberty, Lexington, Astori, traveled, educated and well married. Yg Foundation, when's the last time any of these extreme right wing flings raised 50k for kids that never had the connections, family or schools they parlayed? Guns simply don't effect their families and community. Thank u Metco married next to a white heart is a good start, and to quote j. White on the Silver, Nike tip, much work to do #banguns and re-read the first sentence of the 2nd amendment and post it! Re Post the whole thing. Guns are for wars not everyday life. My clan thrives in the New America. economy will come back, Young Guns receive much dap, #94 sadly red states are grossly uninformed, racist and uneducated. I do won't to shrink entitlements badly, sadly but we're coming to a head. These guys are in a white pissing match, work with the guy, don't be afraid of Bary O being the next Clinton, that's what he is. Don't lose it all right now with everything melting under your feet. Tea Party? Custards last stand, this BO is more conservative than u think, hate to say race, but it's America, guns, and race, and quick money is our character... I'd be content to agitate the gravel myself. I'm a Patriot , 2013 so excited for the next 20 years on earth, and hey, don't fret, trust me, we'll be OK. #Politics, insecurities. dumb blog blowing up, few hundred hits a day for my barely educated ADD slog of a brain, hahaha - my family always know where i'm at, they can count on me. It's the USA form an opinion, AND IF YOU CARE FIGHT IT, NOT HERE BUT WITH $$$ foundations, lobbyists and players. Other wise your a curtain a house wife men included sounding off with your "friends" pre determined on-line - hahahah yeeeeeeah booooyeeeeeeeee - Flavor Flav -

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