Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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Never forget your progress, every little inch moves you further from your starting point. Be mindful of progress and chip, chip away, time demands so much from us these days. Oh that sacred side hustle - It’s always inside you, you’ll always know where it lay when walking down an honest path. It’s where your passion is revealed so much inside us that we keep concealed.

It’s never too late to unstring the trap. So much of life falls through anxieties cracks. There is wisdom in your breath, slow down Bunky, slow down and take a deep breath. Silence is the favored drug of the brain, why it’s so hard for me to learn that drives me insane. Oh my gorgeous republic how we race to forget our short past, and yuck it up Broadway style the shit simply will not last. History is our compass moving forward, disqualifying is powerful indeed oh how the middle class has been slaughtered like sheeeeeeeep. If Hilary Clinton had been president of the United States, there’d be no tea party. White people, white suburban Americans, love to spend money on defense. We got stadiums stacked with nukes how big of pussies can we get? The backbone of a conservative base, so so safe. So many more lost on broken city streets, so sensitive due people get when of that U speak. Of something far worse than a Syrian crisis, these are our sons, American sons and yet we can’t even ban assault guns?

The numbers our blind, white people give themselves too much credit, they studied so hard, never once let down their guard, OK. You know I mentioned on this blog years ago, the GOP, the grand old party is dying off slow. You can only fight progress, and social mobilization for so long. After all this is America and in true political acumen and gusto the GOP faithful of which I once walked, was the underdog. How’d that happen?

The debates on the plate and how that should be interesting when the tea party ruins it, thank them nicely. In an ironic twist of good American luck, this tea party which scared me like fuck and got so stuck on the black one day a women in Arizona said, “I’m going to take my country back.” Well I’ll take it too because man you guys blew should’ve probably knew that the far right is what cost you… not that long ago, we love to race to forget the past in these parts. It’s electric and now trifling, loud –

Silence is proud and a bargain.

These racist seeds sowed for far too long that brought us back a few million yards divided and won but wars our never fought over just a few sun rises but it’s American how quick and vibrant it seems we love to rush for gold, Silicon Valley so many stories told, the west is the best, yes today and forever, vote your heart and no matter who wins the election of our clever, free market system, disagree ideologically but don’t fucken diss him. Be mindful of your arguments, its poverty not race, say that to yourself ten times. It’s poverty not race.

The rest of the world is not so bad, if George W Bush ever left the country outside of Isreal before he was elected the first time that would’ve been rad. Learn much on days away from these borders we try so hard to control, humans are humans, oh how we get carried away. I wish to wish it was me that died in a war for my country back in the day. I grew up in Lexington, I was proud. So many examples you can crawl back through this GDD and see! Power is never given up so easily, not without grave hesitation, prayers and fight. So much for our kids we want that perfect world we imagine in our heads when we put them down to sleep at night.

How quickly Paul Ryan and Sara Palin rocketed in our sight such little experience was no blight, high office coming quicker w / less in sight, youth is revered, here in the US our kids have more power than even their parents in their own house posses. And yes We fight silence for three hundred years but listen closely ghosts of the past will whisper inside of your ear. Your god is not found in church he’s inside of you it’s an amazing and convoluted message that’s true.

And I ask for strength an extracting his presence facilitating silence in my life, it balances the excesses and fuses the strife into a cherry swirl calm, a gentle summer swan, a dimple, bike ride, smile someday back lawn. Remind me to give, keep an open mind, and grind baby grind

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