Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Micro-Film, 1965 Boston Globe, via Library Of Congress (DC) Lex WINS!


In 1965, Rollie's 1st year on the job @ lexington, they win. Back then they were class B, meaning they didn't play the citites for it all, brockton, Durfee, Cambridge and Sommerville. Before Rollie, back in the 50, 40, 30 basketball was played in the cities. In we go back like that, Lexington was still a small farming town. The arrival of Rollie would forever change all that, the irony of the farm town becoming the hoops town was kind of like Hoosiers meets Hoop Dreams, and I soaked it all in.

That all changed in the 70's, lexington jumped a class, and never relinquished it's D1, class A status. In the middlesex league, Lexington by 2006 was the only D1 team left. And it was said to be a direct correlation to student population, but there was something more. In the early 90's, my years, as schools closed locally, and the populatiobn dropped, LHS sports all dropped down a class, to D2, all of the teams inlcuding football, but not basketball, they stayed D1. And I loved that, I didn't want to play D2, or 3 public school basketball. It's an amazing thing really, esp. when you measure the state titles other teams have won coming out of the middlessex league over the last decade.

It can be argued that if lexington dropped a class in the early 90's, they may have had a run never again to be matched.

In any event, these clips, so much good stuff. The first Globe I opened from Feb of 1965, was the day Malcom X was assassinated. I became engrossed in the whole of the paper, not just the sports. And from Bill Bradley @ Princeton 2 Fall River powerhouse documentation, LHS triupmhs, and a more rascist tone that pervaded mainstream media, all grabbed my attention. Check out the paragraph on the article titled, what should city give to Russell? I was floored when the Globe explained why the "negro" man has such success in the game of basketball

Check some of this stuff out, enjoy, oh the life of a doc. filmmaker, not glamorous, biked to Library of Congress sat, good way to spend an afternoon. I'm looking forward to the 70's, 90's, we have the 80's and post 2 though...

1965 CONT....

1965, Boston Globe cont..

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