Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Retar Crew is GOING CRAZY I....N SCOTLAND!!! And it's wonderful

for me, especially at work, when I need a break from cold calling on say today. It's three o'clock I'm almost there no one's around, it's August, DC, markets are thin, it's Friday, business is slow, Europe's off rioting about having to, I got a gout flare up, I'm a google the fellas. I've done it a couple times today, but they are in Scotland letting them have it, Ok, I'm gonna check then call viola I stumbled upon this little gem, Huffington Post (UK) "The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is well and truly up and running now. The Royal Mile is a no-go area for anyone who doesn't want to be chugged by interpretive dancers, everyone's got a throat infection and we've all had at least one very late night drinking session with the Othello The Remix guys."

Day made. These guys are leaning into what JQ once called Africa for white people, and it was great to picture in my head the yuck fest taking place by hero's w/ another smash of sickness on they hand and dam, Onyx!

Jeez I should've fedex'd four fedoras from the hat store in San Fran this past weekend, but I'm selfish, and I didn't. I should've have - and these rap-ap-tations they create plays a more important role in the culture than we're aware of. It takes them to a very profound level with art, that of crossing over for a purpose than the platform for which yourself you assigned. It's some Ali shit. It brings kids to the table for Shakespeare, finally. The golden question of all Shakes production houses over the last forty years esp. US.

So they have that going for them which is you know, Greg. I'm happy Scotland got them for a month. Because it is ridiculous. Always great to watch professionals in action. And I'd never seen anything like it from the first time I met JQ when him and Pete Nice were sixteen Chicago, IL. I was nineteen with a unique introduction to mob chi town crew, and it's funny, the first time I met JQ it was a wrap audition over illest person I'd ever met. I went back to Lexington and Dorchester just telling everyone about him. The beat box, freestyle, production, head spinning (yes the first time I met him in a park on a piece of cardboard)and it just happened so quick for those guys and the kicker they first blew up re-writing SHakespear into hip hop. And from 45 Bleaker Street, to LA, movies, TV the world and back. And they are back, the best one yet. The first tragedy they've done, Othello, the remix

If you catch this 1 you've seen a great show. The quartet at their best, the show it's tightest. All born to perform they've crafted their flagship (Willy Shakes)hip productions into the best piece of theatre they have yet to produce. With Bombitty, and Funk it was roller coast ride of laughs at a neck breaking pace. You stepped out knowing you loved, they crushed it and you had to talk about it. And it was truly for all ages. And what a cool idea. And maybe our educational system our country will be all right. Othello, the remix manages to brings big laughs but so true as always to the actual stanzas only translated the dark moments come and crescendo in a deafening silence that permeated a gifted old hand crafting great art. You could hear a pin drop, and as a veteran of everything Q brothers you behold the might of rap as a modern day blues and how well this genre translates the tragic.

Gorilla Dunk Daily 5 ****** stars five stars. From License to Ill, Footloose, tennis, foul mouthed poet you must like Ferris said pay attention, you might miss something aka a classic reference. Pos is a beast as Othello, in the role of his life to date, so perfect is the direction and casting this cast like any good thing only gets better. Jackson D as Casio, it was all just meant to be. Good guy kids with good spirits by their side get set to get punched in the face with life. And in this old reporters bones, there's nothing better than that.

watch the whole entire thing here over six camreas in Lodon, HD, And 2 Othello himself, word up, congratulations, I heard you got a son ;)! Here's some other classic shit of them, off their album and random skits like this.

If they don't do you won't eat that lightbulb soon I'm die digesting 1.

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