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Before 7AM, up and grinding it down. You may recognize this footage, LHS hoop fans, had to remix. I'll save you the Gore of why let's just say this is like the book itself a massive undertaking i.e. feature length documentary by 1st time filmmakers whom were home schooled by each other.

This will be a big score for learning disabled kids all across the country when we fucking rip this shit in toto no promo no homo all love in the air. We'll be getting some Coach Farias footage at Hayden camp which he still does on Monday. We need the Rollie speech, if you don't know you don't know.

A couple points, 1) this Belmont team went on to win the D2 title this year. This was a very good high school team albeit D2. So funny to think if Lexington ever dropped down a division through the years like all of their Middlesex league counterparts how many state titles would they have won? A dirty dozen. In a way it's happy sad for me. I love happy / sad, let me laugh and cry each and every hour. But you'll see the Belmont coach in the first scene, their program lost a player who innocently enough was caught up in gun fire getting off his late bus (METCO bus). And they went to the Garden to Worcester and they did it. They couldn't beat Lexington once over the past two years at this point, but they won it all, amen, they did it for their angel. Gun legislation needed badly. Little man was an all-american kid and a good basketball player.

We lost our best friend and power forward, but it wasn't 2 guns, we lost allot of people back then, dam. Our center got hurt and my own off balanced life, well, we were never ever able to bring home the state title, the only dream I ever had as a kid sans famous rapper. In spite of time and evolution barring black inner city youth I whole heart believe times are actually simpler for kids, in Lexington anyway then they were early 90's, 80's, 70's. Micro managed more money post Columbine freedoms stripped and lessons learned the world around make growing up these days quite boring. Maybe we all would've been better off.

MId August - love mid August maybe because everyone else is tired of it. Go the other way you know? Or maybe like basketball and the program itself I'm enamored by one old Bob fact: The most important day of the season is today. And also what a women, home owner told one day when I was landscaping her crib, she said hard work to me is defined by what you do when nobody's looking.... true. I was weeding like a mickey fickey and she was watching out of a bay, curtained window in her mansion. I was trail blazed , hands and knees, walkman, blasting Steve Wonder 4 once if my life, man, I was bringing the war to the weeds! And she had to step out comment and commend, have pride in whatever it is that you do.

Also lex - if your local head down to Tricon and pick up 1 of our Welcome 2 Fabulous Lex-Vegas T-shirts. All PROCEEDS support the YG foundation. It's a triangular cross fire of our video prowess, the LHS hoops movie. The telling of my own coming up as a novel / memior / blogger type of thing but what ties it all in, it's all a lesson drenched in rich material, is the YG Foundation, UNLV 94 came home to roost pay it back and then launch it forward. I'm hoping we at the very least inspire others. And in the meantime raise that 100K for the charities we believe in, kids, sports, community our 3 core beliefs. Who would've bet on that back in the day, answer = 0.

Maybe Mr. Steve Bogart, Maybe Mr. Paul Barstow and maybe even the late great Larry Robinson short and distinguished three. The hundreds of other teachers, probation officers, therapists, parents, doctors, um, no - and there in lies the beauty. Long story shirt, go pick up a shirt, take a picture and post! We'll get it out there and helps us tremendously. + T's are cajun, rock it proud, it's quite a place. And crazy to think what that town produced back then, basically the people running the world packed with mad artists that went BIG. And so many we lost which gave birth to the rich tapestry that spawned such outliers. You can't be funny without being scared without having lost - remember the greatest comedians are the saddest people in the world.

Big shouts to Coach Farias my structure, and thanks for reading and thanks to the kids that are still trying to get it right, it's much easier to blow when things are normal on your homefront, bills are paid, parents are together homework gets done. Let us never forget the crazy people submerged in adolescent that inspired a personality and seeing eyes that processed the cliff you never wanted to jump off of.

Other than that Happy Friday. Things are slow in the FX markets in August, big election year here in DC. BTW did you know the stock market has gone up every election for the past hundred years between Aug - Dec????? So that being said, it'lkl go up despite so many bears so much tepid economic #'s worldwide.

Also did you see how I predicted Facebook's plunge, Groupon's plunge, Pandora's plunge, I mean how could chaps not see???? 2000 WAS NOT THAT LONG AGO! WTF!!!!! Doesn't take a smart person to understand billion dollar valuations for companies making little or no revenue is not sustainable. That being said, these things are getting close to buys as their share price falls out of the sky. Don't let school get in the way of your education! I learned none of this in school all outside, people, books, jobs and practices, holla.

You know if the economy is the most important thing in this election, then we ought to teach more money classes in public protocol. I mean we start french in the 3rd grade? WTF??? We start typing in the 6th, music in the third, wood working in the 6th, come on! No wonder I sold candy, no wonder I was a high school bookie, I wanted that knowledge because it's such a stress in my home coming up like so many, teach more classes about the economy, the fed, inflation and what 2 look 4 N public offerings.

This greater awareness of the economic pistols that spark our economy to life would bring greater awareness to voters regarding the economic policies that work. The ad campaign of both Romney and the president reveal one thing, just how far public education has fallen in this country. You are dealing, pitching or selling to an electorate that's clocking drop out rates that have piled on and up for decades. it's gross, most of the country is not NYC, DC moi frere, just took a road trip myself. You must go low to get the attention of the uneducated voter.

In closing I'm writing today's column in replace of Charlie Paradise whose off somewhere, good riddance :)

Please enjoy - we'll keep em coming, time to slide on the spandex 1991 style center courts and bike to work from Columbia Pike down past Pentagon against the Potomac across Memorial bridge past Lincoln turn head right see nations Capitol down Constitution up 17th peep the white house turn left on Penn AVE bitches and arrive at an office I started for an existing brokerage house with my boys. Yes, our own show with bosses in Cali (sigh).

*PS - i might start posting call recordings I make for training purposes here, I'm a down right lunatic on the phone, how I'm selling to an uneducated American populace, selling money, foreign money to multi national corporations AND mom and pop shops that import and have exposure to rates of exchange. I ween them off and take on the big bad bailed out banks. Citi bank knows shit, sad and true, the death star as the treasury department once referred to them as. I'm the robin hood of foreign currency believe me, I'll never change.

"This album is dedicated to all the teachers that told me I'd never amount to nothen and all the people call the police in my building when I was trying to feed my daughter, it's all good baby baby" BIGGIE IT'S YOUR DAY IF YOU WANT IT - I DO. Last quote just to be funny and because it popped in their from the King in the classic Coming to America, "Son I know I've never asked you this but I assume you've had sex with your bathers, I know I do." HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Love it. Stay off the sauce when the gene ripples through bloodlines or at least try and keep that shit in check, mate. Get it, 2-pac's pac's??????????????? 1 These posts pertaining to hoops and old memoir are intended to help support the YG foundation and bring awareness and funds to our cause check us out and please donate even five bucks helps us - by a T today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also trying to help further put us on the map, now sing it, OVY!!!!!!!!!!

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