Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Concord Magic on Bench 2006 + Post game stuff AND Sully HOF part II of III post Black Knight's Wedding

This is for my best man, magic - kid belongs on a basketball bench somewhere. I actually picked up a basketball for the first time in years on Sunday, and wow it brought me back to youth.  It was me, myself, Rollie and a rim.

Do you want to be a player? the most important day of the season is today?  practice perfect practice, hey if it wasn't for the gout attack I'd of run a couple suicides and fly like moons past.

We asw Coach Farias on Monday at hayden camp, got the audio fROM him famous Monday AM Rollie Speech. The truest friend you'll ever havold. Anyway in today's clip Coach Sullivan takes down Lincoln Sudbury, traditional powerhouse in the dual county. What's remarkable is that just 2 years prior, Concord won 2 games, and in this sequence you can see Coach calling in the scores to the Globe and Herald, they are 11-2, all's this guy does is win, Needham, great Eric Johnston plug, turned Concord around and came within 1 second of winning a state title at the garden with his current employer, the city of Woburn.

So many life lessons in sports, dedication, teammates and perservation.  Please help us move it along pay it forward, make a donation today to

CHECK US OUT.  Long Live YG 94 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOF, Coach Sullivan part II of III.

Ttitled, better late than ever, listen as I break down the mans hoop prowess / greatness.  Time waits for no 1.  AH DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMZ!

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