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Sequence 54 -LH01302007B01-02 , ALL-IN Wakefield @ Home 15-0. Where The Defense Began

Latest sequence after another brief colony of external HD collapse. Coach Farias had a great line during this season, he said, "Jimmy's the only guy that knows what he's doing." Referring to the then 18 year old whiz kid that was an instrumental force on the ground that good year of 2006-07. He is in large part why I know if we put the effort in now it can get done because like the Big Guy used to say, "Jimmy's the only guy that knows what he's doing!" So thanks Jimmy for being apart of this, look forward to bringing you everything we'll need this fall.

This sequence, gggggreat! More Matty Langone footage surfaces, I had not yet seen this material some of the cutest stuff yet. Also this was a very good team. There were no individuals and a bevy of talent, competition. It's too bad Bob never got to coach the talented class that left this last year. Please prepare for a titanic fall for LHS now, like we've said it takes a couple of years to run a good thing in the ground just like in corporate America. But make no mistake about it, a couple years is all it takes to shake down a factory of success for fifty years prior under weak direction and new management. I say below .500 this year, u heard it here first, wow, that's unthinkable.

Anyway to the sequence, Wakefield had given them quite a game in their first match up of the year, Lexington @ home smoked them which at the time ran their Middlesex consecutive streak to 32 straight. Quite an accomplishment. Also I love that TH, the MVP and my homy puts Brinklow as his favorite athlete in the program ala Magic and me, Hobbies: Hayden. h-h-holla.

PS: I love coach Brinklow ordering the chicken cutlet to the Fifty beat towards the end. Also new mystical matty footage discovered here. I always put the music of Yoda's theme from Empire to matty stuff. it feels healthy, reflective and as if a mystical force is still in play. I love it, kid would've been a scholarship player. Watching him dive on the ground for loose balls puts me in the happiest place.

Some great shots of my hoops first family at the end. Also i LOVE when Matty brings the mike to Shirley, and she bugs when Bob reveals it's the mike and as always she just need to turn her neck to see our alweays present cameras. Shirl like Bob would always ask, what's it about? And 2 B fair, I didn't really know.

It was going to be a lex hoops movie, past and present and then we disvovered 20 years of footage had been thrown out as comcast became verizon, and we had to go all in that season and scrape the scraps of remaining old footage out there that we could get our hands on. Of course as you follow GDD, you know we got right into an NFL agreement / doc. Followed a Super Bowl career, and wound up talking to attorney's when old friends killed a work in progress over tapes, right's and payout sadly when there was no money on the table.Years went by, I left the country and eventually all roads lead home. We all wanted to finish what we started. And when I came back to it, Coach was dismissed , Matty had crossed over, Lexington school systems continue to baffle me incidentally not that great managed and not so great of a school system as you might think for middle of the road, majority of kids.

Too many principles over the last ten years, if it was a publicly traded co. and we saw three CEO'S over five, six years and shake up's everywhere this would be unsettling to investors. Toss in the fact that I know METCO mothers that have pulled their kids from lexington back into Boston public schools because to quote Shalonda "They are doing no favors for our kids" and you have a problem. What no one got was that METCO helped the rich kids more the city brothers, oh how we love our "charity" in lex. And it starts at the top w / the school comittee, zero idea what they are doing. Scared of the parents that are scared of the kids, wow, the 60's legacy reveberates! Kids make the rules in the most endowed of all towns.

In conclusion, this will be a tool for coaches, a testement to a prgram that spawned dozen coaches and a million memories. A blueprint on how to run a practice, a program and how to get everything you can from a kid on the effort tip, that's coaching

It also will be a repudiation of the current administration for coursive and untenable actions to remove what amounted to 1 of the best aspects of the Lex community.

That much I know, and I don't have to really say anything, show the movie, explain what happened and reveal the mighty tradition we captured an eras end of. I for 1 lost big in this as a fan, as a legacy varsity guy. It kills me because lex vows to be so transperent unless it's uber convienent and the money is against them.

So that's what it's about now, the trophy generation and the JV parents that won a long war on shaky logic. This is what happened and here we present a year on the road with him team and real lex tradition all-in. After the facts are put down and you see truly behind the scenes what no one ever has seen or granted an audience to, you'll be free to draw your own conclusions.

enjoy CP

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