Friday, July 27, 2012

Michael Marin Commits Suicide In The Courtroom After Being Convicted of Arson + Presidential Motorcade, JAST NOW - Happy Friday in America !

They'll probbably take this down soon.  Watch up, yup, the stealing white man can't do a 16 year bid!  He probably could get that down to a decade but can't even do that.  He lit his house on fire and emerged from the ash in Scuba eqipment - crazy to watch this unfold in real time.  Let DODD/FRANK PASS THROUGH, more regulation, sorry guys, if hal;f the street wasn't in jail or suicdal, this is nuts I 'd be on the other side.  Deregulate let us fly, not the case, 80's, 90's 2000 and still, 12, long overdue.  Re Distrubion of wealth overdue, but with the way we're set up.... Lobbying money, Super Pac;'s, Tea Party, brothers in the hood still barely got a shot.

OK, not the best attitude I'm sorry, but we're in the same shit going backwards on social moblization and basic race realtions.  I thought that @ least always get better with time...

And in brighter news we witness Obama going to lunch (2nd limo at very beg.) as we're coming back from PJ Clark's.  And the entourage to end all entourages, the presidential motorcade!!  DC baby DC, this was on 16th walking up towards the back of the WH.  A 1 mile drive costs taxpayers 20K - the very least of our worries. 

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