Wednesday, July 25, 2012

02-12 2007 - Practice. Manic Monday, 16-0 before Stoneham @ Home, Bangles Mash Up!

First Family, how it always was for 30 some odd years. Yes, we got Mr. Thompson, Nicky No-No's (he takes no no's for answers) Big Guy, Harry laye, Philly, Tina and the little guys, more Matty footage, he would've been a player funny how focused the chap was even @ 2 ????

People often say the best ideas, products or businesses stem from something the creator desired for himself. and so it is with this, prosterity, Coach even mentions that towards the end. He evokes the importance of what we did.

Anyho - Cold calling for my life, married, bills, family and crazy world w / zero film assistants perhaps drags this out longer than it should. I've enjoyed this process in spite, the ACE kid comes home after 13 years post graduation (barely) to honor a prgram and coach that was everything to me. I love this sequence and remain confident that someday on the horizon Magic and I will live in Cali couting ends and take on a gutter high school hoops team whom success had turned a blind eye on for far too long. Why, how? When this is complete, the veil will be lifted and anyone who cares to understand the secrets of success can have it here.

When I got to college, I knew right away from my first practice we would not be successful, it was just the way practice was run. We were .500 coming off a 2-23 campaign so we did improve with our first ever recruiting class @ Curry College, Sean Grey stand up! We could've been better. You need things timed in practice, u must manufacture competition, serious cardio and a unchanging regimant doused in wisdom over endless scrimmages. You have to keep kids enganged, and there is no room for banana heads.

This team was special in the sense that they had no off the court issues which paralyzed my own team as well as the glorious squads of late 80's. No, there was none of this and people say times got worse. In the end their toughness cost them but not before they delivered 20 in a row, 40 staright in the middlesex league, wow, we got it all.

Excuse the Bangles over boys high school basketball, A) I love this group and B) I'm running out of tunes and unable to access my i tunes pruchases last night for some new stuff.

Soon, the mash up of all 300 hours will be complete. Soon, I'll have binned and "marked" anything worry. Soojn the script will be written and integration with Jimmy the kid will commence. Soon we'll take it all back and in tjhe process have accomplished something worth cheering about

Happy Wed, hump day if we're talking hayden camp Gorilla dunkers...

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived." - Henry David Thoreau

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