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Terrence “Spec” Nolen Comes to DC!! I ain’t the man!!! (METCO / WARCHESTER, LEX VEGAS AND THE YG FOUNDATION

Terrence, Lamont, Spec, freight train, T-Bone, Boner, Bonus, he hated that last one as a kid I always thought he’d hate Boner more, Good #35, Freight Train! The latter preserved stoically in my brains own ice chamber as my #1 favorite T-Bone nickname. Of course Spec, short for spectacular as in football is what they called “T” in his neighborhood incidentally his other and I can assure you much realer life. No need for quotations. Two worlds, two brothers same country black and white yeah it’s worth writing about.

Spec flew to Washington DC this past weekend for the first time since I've been down in DC / Virginia for all my 12 years. And we got legit quality time, realized as always how much I love dude.

By the end of his stay I was talking just like him, again, and I could easily see why it was that I never spoke like white people spoke until I got to college. Why? All the brothers were gone! Yeah a few here and there believe me I was aware of the who, what, where but it was different. I played ball in college, it was cool but different. Black and white most of my favorite characters were not present. The truly interesting and at times smarter kids didn't take the college route. Sounds insane, right? Depends on the case, I for one NEVER wanted to go to college but I'm glad I did, I'm glad I played almost three years of D3 NCAA college basketball. If I didn't play ball I imagine I would've begged to be a runner on the Boston stock exchange devoured knowledge I truly obsessed over and cross my high school book of gambling client's into something legit. It's funny in a way I still do the same thing, client's, relationships and collections the game never changes just ask JZ.

Anyway to get back college meant re set, all of my favorite people were gone which included the strong black METCO platform I designed myself around. This was weird. METCO was a thing in Massachusetts established to help bring opportunity to inner city kids that otherwise would go to poorer performing inner city schools. It was a chance out, a path to college and success. Success or financial independence as I’m sure most conservatives that have never spent a day in a beautiful black section of an American city would spin it.

Metco gave a chance it was said to inner city black in a country that had forever shunned the plight of our American black brothers. This much we know. Notice I’m saying black allot someone’s got to.

I’d like to see half the managing directors I know in corporate America, 1% pull themselves out of the ghetto and overcome the built in obstacles that comes with our little birth defect of how it all came together in such grand sweeping fashion. And these are no longer nor have ever been dangerous ideas. It’s free speech, right? And that’s why I loved Gordon Gecko from Wall St, “hey pal your not dumb enough to think we’re living in a democracy?” I never knew when I was a kid what he meant, until years later yeah he was a city college kid who knew the deal.

“No one cares, you were wrong about that.” Yeah C was right when he said this to Sonny a dead Sonny at the end of Bronx tale just like I’m right about that last sentence cracked forth, the predecessor guy.

The grand program from our dearest liberal Commonwealth and state the METCO program helped the white well off kids in Lex-Vegas more than it did the “black” kids from the "horrible" places in the Ghetto, more “quotes” please. And that's my point METCO benefits the rich kids, no quotes there more that it helps the kids it was created to assist.

Isn’t that crazy? And how would you ask? Well I believe our friendship is a good place to start which based on my thesis does imply Terrence, Lamont, Freight Train, T-Bone, SPEC Nolen did more for Charlie Paradise than I or the town of you know where ever did for him. Let's document that. Fun Fact: Did you know you typically need 6,000 new views to earn $100 dollars on BLOGGER? Tough to do. Please notice in the new lay out the spedomitor that publicly displays the BLOG views like miles on a Chevy.

Back 2 Blog:

This past weekend as we sat on the porch looking at the pool in Virginia hashing back through childhood and touching on our traditionally topical lanes of verbal spit (dam!) Spec said this, “yeah C but you can tell sometimes when someone even though they being undercover are like that.” And it was a question, “yes” was my response. I have an eagle eye for it. And it's everywhere still, see Trayvon Martin. I can spot it a million miles away but sometimes it takes longer, you don't know, and then one night after a few cocktails they slip, it’s the last thing said target would ever want to hear and would vigorously go bizerk and become defensive when called out and if you can't, if it's a person with more power, you just chess it, mate :) And that’s just 1 part of the game. I don't have tattoos, Terrence has a dozen, I have scars, a white boy speaks of rivers only to honor the mighty Langston Hughes holla

Two different worlds, two brothers, one black one white same country, yeah it's worth writing about esp. on the 4th of July.

I see Mr. Spec Nolen more often than not when I’m home, I try too. He stood up for me at my wedding in Pasadena 2 years ago. He spent night’s at my house on and off since the 3rd grade to present. I’ve stayed at his house as a kid, in college, a young adult and now my old white ass. I always told Terrence that black people age much better than white people and it's true. Our older siblings graduated together and shared a graduation party at our house in Lex-Vegas. That was a sight to behold and we took it all back for all of us.

A true moment that echoed the power of the METCO program. And also a lesson to the non believers. See, what I learned from Spec couldn’t be taught in a book the gap between knowledge and wisdom is a worthy area of comprehension.

Don’t let school get in the way of your education.

I love that quote JQ rapped it in a song once cause I said it so much around him crushing drinks and we riff off each other. Mark Twain said of course had said it originally and when I first scanned that quote on sheet with these, my barely workable edisons I’m packing on my face, brilliance. That was my life in a nutshell, now wonder he’s Mark Twain.

And for the vinyl the unusual accent I garbled from that blender of life stemmed mostly from METCO, rap, speaking non stop, jive, double meanings, the art and reward of learning another language. I was hooked. Today it’s like a card trick back then I was teaching the teachers being a dam idiot my dam self. All’s I knew through my relationship with Terrence when seeded into a realm of potentially racist chatter was they were wrong. About that they were wrong, the adults. As kids, and I’d seen North & South as a kid, I knew that our friendship although a microcosm was major and imperative for our countries prosperity. People should understand that.

T-Bone and C – two good old chips off that American block

PS: We TORE up DC. And realized we still adorable straight solid duo – Much L

Here's some pic's of our Fri - Sat - too much fun for pictures The pool at the crib from deck, Lobster Mac 4 lunch @ PJ Clarke's downtown, best Sangria on Earth at the Spanish joint by the office 17th and PN Ave baby, mmm, and Mr. Paradise on the phone

Terrence / Charlie Cont. Health Care:

Terrence : Hell yeah we should all have health insurance being a citizen in this bitch

CP: Concur

On Bernie Madoff:

Terrence: Yo C, I think he shouldn't even be in jail. I mean if you dumb enough to just give your money to a dude that doesn't know what he's doing, that's on you! Dude shouldn't be in jail

Charlie Paradise: I agree! However, i mean i dunno i agree w / the man, don't be retarded. And when that comes to money means only 1 thing, DILIGENCE. Do your due diligence

On Therapy: Terrence aka Spec: Yo we don't play that. People will think your weak, can't have that

Mr. Paradise: OK, we disagree on this one hefty. I LOVE therapy esp. free therapy, take it any where i can get it.

Some conclusions: Black people are nicer than white people unless your at a PGA Golf tournament.

Dam sure that mighty dollar heightens ones perception in thy self. But not to me *

This is a short story in an ongoing series to support METCO and the YG Foundation. Please click on the link below and scroll down to buy your 1 of a kind Welcome To Lex-Vegas T-shirt. All PROCEEDS GO TO SUPPORT THE YG FOUNDATION. Make a difference and check out our mission statement and the below, below link, thanks, YG 94



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