Tuesday, June 19, 2012

J. Wig Sounds just like Jim Morrison go figure!

OK back on a Doors voyage which happens every few years I stumble upon this. An interview 1970 Jim Morrison, it was after Florida, his arrest and he took a tough old newsman interview to promote the bands 4th studio album, Waiting for the Sun.

This is part V, I'll post the remainder for Doors fans. It's a great interview, Jim is serious and talking to the man like a friend, it's interesting to me, how apparent the lesson learned in Florida scared him. And it's interesting to see how much clear he could see. And this interview runs the gambit, it's cool to transport back to 1970, hear the same themes and pot holes. One thing is for sure, music % the Doors were pretty cool.

Anway I couldn't believe the first time I heard this and thought to myself how similar he sounded to J. Wig! I followed the Super Bowl champion around with a camera for years, I heard this Morrison rare interview and it struck fiery in it's immediate and clarifying connection. How bizarre? They sound just alike. I'm going to dig a bit and find some Wig clips and match the tone, stye, the veracity and curiosity. The boldness, the cool way a young icon spills out the treasures of his pains and successes.

Here's a clip of Wig on the radio today in Iowa. He's home to be inducted into the sates high school football hall of fame. BIG

It starts in the middle, listen through and see if you can find it if not go right back to the above Morrison radio interview, listen to the first five words and it'll hit you.


What's interesting to me and the above radio Wig interview was the closest most recent thing I had, and it clicked. This is a relaxed Jim interview so i just need to find a relaxed Justin interview, this last one posted here was radio, hometown hall of fame shit, I need the just kicken Justin joint of which there are many. And it's crazy to think how different the times were how similar they were although 1970 psss, 2 years after 1968? Get the fuck out my face, step off 0, '12. And our issues are gigantic but not as bad I'm convinced. Still what a coincidence putting these two together. If your a Doors fan peep this whole interview, straight fascinating and also, relaxing, imagine that? Rare Find. The 90's were just as sad now music sucks as we've descnded into a commercials set to harbor content a life negret it's not if your ignorant toward it. It's a shame but you MUST RESPECT THE LEGENDS. The Jedi's, the truth the balance for we ask questions.

Anyway I'm going to dig and with such a vast amount of source material for both will come up with striking similarities in tone, description and well, tone. Very funny

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