Saturday, June 16, 2012

From Arequipa to Cordoba and Wine Country AR.

Happy Tuesday! Usually I would've said this twenty times already to customers and prospects going through my daily currency call list. Instead I'm writing from Mendoza Argentina, in the thick of wine country in our make shift home for the next couple of days looking at our hand delivered whopping breakfast. This includes fresh the the local bakery (we're staying in a small hamlet 30 minutes outside of downtown Mendoza) of sugary coissants, ham, cheese and buttered sandwiches, fresh coffee, tea, another basket of various breads and who enormous piece of chocolate cake and of course freshly squeezed OJ holla.

To say our latest crib is re dunk u lis is an understatement, our roofs of rest continue to escalate, I've video'd much of it however due to weak internet signals have been unable to upload and share. In any event a lot has transpired since I last left you on the write so let's get top the business.

Last words on Arequipa and the Colca Canyon. One item I omitted regarding the Colca Canyon last entry was day 2 after our hiking expedition we were led to the canyons natural hot springs for a dip. This was indeed a highlight for the kid, natural hot springs seemed just what the doctor ordered and I down right giddy having not known this was an element attached to day II in the canyon. Also on the bus trip over reviewing stunning views and informed from our guide that the best vierws were actually from the bottom is that for adventorous travelers the canyons hot springs also had an active zip line built into the landscape. "Should we do it?" And a bubbly summer crush had asked, "Of course!" I replied seeing to it that not so much as one stone be left unturned as we take South America. I assurred her that I was a veteren of zip lines from my Hayden days to which she suspiciously acquised my confident thread of past zip line triumphs. The Aussie boys were psyched for everything zip line as the older couples contemplated such a feat battling their male genitals and face keeping in the face of other corageous and single i might add male excitement. The older "wives" it seemed were attemteping to squelch the visions their husbands zip line aspirations in the face of the younger lots excitment of such a feat as well as it seemed an admission of male potency was bring ing about. "Honey your knees, your medications, your arthrightis, your back, your last accident." The voices of reasoned were summoned from the pulpit of accidents past but not from summer, she was excited and would do it as long as I did and aft5er all I reminded her it's just a zip line. Arriving to the volcano's natural "hot springs" and zip line our host pointed to the zip lines first and second post, the line and the where to pay the fee. The older husbands bowed down to their older laddies concerns, "What about the grand kids." And I took one look at the height of the second post as Sky Diver carnival ride anxiety gripped my chest, "No fucking way I'm doing that." I had my own vault of accidents past and rapid falls of personal anxiety related specifical;ly to height induiced free fallingbtasks as such. "But just a second ago." I grinned and beared it, "I know summer, sorry, let's hit the shower." The hot srpings, and Pisco Sours were just what the doctor ordered as this was not the Hayden Zip Line, I felt my mothers spirit petting me on the head saying, "that's a good boy." And we enjoyed the 45 minutes natural sauna amidst a fairy like setting with deep acoustical merit, the open bar was the cherry on top and we watched the careless crop that chose to zip line have the time of their life threatening the fates of Peruvian safe guards. One thing for sure was that it was quite a zip line, I ap;oligized to Steve Savagbe in case he happened to be dead and might have been watching. "I'm a sauna guy." Imused to summer after my first zip, "you really had me going there for a second." And at the end of the day minus the accidents I would've loved to do it and applaud all that hold that Bransonion spirit.

From the hot springs we retreated back to our retreat in the canyon which reminded me of the great Ben Horn owned Northern Inn from Twin Peaks, we headed back to Alequipa for a night before another days worth of travel would take us through Lima and into Argentinia, finally.
ADD strikes back. With only a couple hours left in Arequipa I left Summer at the compound and headed out to buy stamps and rush out our first round of post cards. As we were checking out, I reached for a bank card that wasn't there, I had pulled a dad, ADD was alive and well after a mere two and half weeks on the road. I left my bank card in the ATM a mile down the street, ands this was in an area where the retaurant we dined at last night attacthed a card to our bill esstentially pleadsing with the customer to allow them to call a cab no matter the distan ce on account of the many fradualunet cabs and kidnappings that are apperently apart of Arequipa nightlife. I think blue eyes and a Carolina blue sweater carried a great bounty. Anyway our cab was soon on it's way and we had top go the the airpirt, the card was gone and thanks to Summer's request to keep her phone on until we reached Buenoies Aires I sinmply called the bank and had that shit deleted and re-sent.

The Hotel Bill in Arequipa. $230 USD's. This included 3 nights, two dinners, three messages, a lunch and my bar bill by the pool. Their is fooitage of the place and meticulous sprawling grounds inside the heart of an unbelievable city. Our cab arrived, the driver was vetted for possible terrorist ties and we arrived at the sirport a couple hours before our short flight to Lima. Once in Lima we had a six hour lay over before a 1AM flight to Cordoba AR. With anxiety of losing the bank card ontop of rushing out on an empty stomach had made me sick after an ill fated sudmission to Macdonalds at the airport. I felt woozy, we did find some great deals on X-Mas stuff, it's all about baby Alpaca wool in those parts, butter. Our flight to Cordoba felt like I was on a slave ship and lasy all through the night, it was rough as I'm not the best flyer but we arrived in Argenentia early in the morning on a clear blue skied spring day. I was only hoping that the coffee was administered in one unit as in Peru you added coffee to hot waster ala tea, also the napkins I was praying were a bit thinker to no avail. In Cpordoba it felt like a miniu Beunoes Aoires and seemed a prefect appetizer before our end destination, after of course some much needed rest.

Our hotels it seemed continued post Cusco to augment the ammentieies and basic needs i.e. running hot water we could actually brush our teeth with. And for the first night in the heart of another great city we raided the min fridge, stayed in and crashed out to three hours of Jersey Shore which sadly was playing so far away from the states. The next day we set out to tour a couple musuems we'd picked out, got ouyr bus tickets to Mendoza and of course pick the perfect outdoor lunch spot for a customary bottle of wine before siesta. And nothing was opened, the famous strip we'd peeked at bustling the day before was empty, we walked up ten blocks, empty, walked to the musueam , empty, nothing. Everything was closed, we learned it was a national holiday, and were lucky to find one illegally opened bakery with a bread line that reminded me of pre-fascist German bread lines, thank godf I wasn't there for that. We squirreled a couple of sandwiches of god knew what as even our hotel was shut down for any foods or beverages. And then their

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