Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Tell me something I don't know, It's My Birthday!" Gordon Gecko + GorillaDunkDaily blows threw 20K VIEWS SINCE AUGUST!!

I was thinking this morning as an alternate ending for Wall St. One where Bud Fox sticks with Gecko, you know takes the parachute, walks away from his family and the airline. Be a fun last 20 minutes watching those too literally sail off into the sunset, “stick with me sport.” End cut, roll the credits, I can just see it !

Other thoughts, today is my 36th birthday, I was 32 days late, I knew it was on once I was out and probably wanted to marinate in the calm as long as possible….

The Celtic’s are amazing akin to 87, old, hurt and beat up but they find a way to win, who knows, shortened season, I like us against the Heat in a 7 game series without Bosh if we can finish of Philly. Game 6 is huge, we are the oldest, we are the most beat up, we need the rest. Also Dwayne Wade is such a baby, let’s be clear, I LOVE Lebron, I love the movie he made with the kids he grew up with, I do not like Dwayne Wade, it wasn’t always this way. He’s dirty, push s off all day long and then hurts opponents when they have frustrated him (shook) See Rajon Rondo last year. PLus is such a baby overhim 4 real

RONDO. Puts entertainment into basketball and can turn people who have absolutely no interest in the game of basketball into real fans. Question, can Chris paul do that, answer, no? Rondo just has an arsenal of moves no one has ever seen, he’s constantly freestyling never before seen stuff, it’s insane. Rondo is b etter for the game than CP3 even though everyone is Boston would've made that trade, we railed against and further rail against the people (Magic) that still would make the deal, strage how many basketball heads would. Also crazy that Sam Presti our old hoops friemnd from AConcord as kids turned into the best young GM in the NBA today. it's amazing what he's done constructing Ok City into the Western Conference Finals, c ya Lakers! Watching celtic's with wife who has no interest in basketball. I only wished she saw me own passion for the game, the way I was trained to play back in the day. Anyway I’ll say, “Summer Crush watch how the smallest guy out there gets all the rebounds.” It’s amazing to watch even to a novice eye how does he do it, smallest guy out there? Playing agsainst the Adams family dam! I loved my role in college as a rebounding guard off the bench, it’s intuition, it’s courage and heart. 2 of the 3 available to us all…

Facebook, dog! They muffed the IPO, retail customers got burned, stuck, lost money, 100 to 1 earnings??? N please! Get the fuck out of my face with that! Social media has been getting beat up just like we here @ GDD predicted since last year. Again irrational exuburence was just ten years ago, Zuckenberg lost 4.4 billion yes. How funny / meaningless it all is……. House of cards just like our FED, I'm still long gold.

I’m not saying become a prepper, just know your options, read GDD for life savings / changing type shit / Also keep Edisons lit towards our fam alerts, gorilla google news and as always play like the Japanses and save for a rainy day.

I'm sure many of you have noticed the ad's on GDD, I'm torn. First off, adsense shot me down on 3 occassions, and one time gave the reason as , "Inciting racial intolerence" as the reason for the snub! Unbelievable, I'm a son of liberty I thought. So, props to Ethan Zohn, matty D, Energy Dip and the YG Foundation, your tweets helped really climb the hits, even mr. Paradise got nervous when he saw 1508 hits in a day maybe a lil too much where much more comforttable here with a few hundred hits a day but then again we used to be happy as clams with 60! In any event Mr. paradise made it clear he was uncomfotable the stabndard background checks that follow a site getting literally (chanelling parks and Rec) getting thousands of hits in one single day.

But hey if the Retar Crew can post a couple million hits on youtube then we gotta goal here! And to quote the legedary coach Bob farias, "someone has to be #1, it might as well be us." good 5/22 mwah Point being the ads can be funny, sometimes they mirror the content and our dope, I'ev made $8.92 so far, we'll let you how that goes, flirting with "iging" though.

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