Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Steve Wonder and Why It's Good To Go Out Sometime's!! Georgetown Cafe Milano 5/09/12

OK every once and a while we get an unbelievable story here at GDD. And this would happen to be just that occurence. This was last week in Georgetown, Cafe Milano, my business partner, the Turkish Tom Cruise is having himself a meal and a date and some family time w / his Turkish brother Tunch whom recently launched a Rose' line, banging Rose' line, in town following up with a handful of his first buyers. Cafe's, clubs, shit like that.

Anyway a wonderful night going through the motions our motions when luck would have it fucking Stevie Wonder walks in with his WWF looking security guard.

And if that was enough in this tidy, slinky cafe in Hoya land, for as luck would have it, about an hour later the manager came back over and said, "I think Stevie is going to play for us" a couple ditti's. And sure enough in front of 40! Count em! 40 gracious heads, he laid down this, the Nike song :)!!! 1 of my all time favorites, i love 70's Stevie

Amazing, and thanks to Omer Esiner (CEO of House of Bespoke Custom Suits) for the pull.

Happy Tuesday everyone, crazy story from one rainy recent night out in Georgetown.

And thank you Steve Jobs without the Iphone people would hardly believe half the stuff that jumps out of this gorilla, we r streaming more and more video these days which is sad cause I like to write suckaz !!@!

And to quote the man himself the "O" (not our Lex Veagas O we know who that is !!!) when asked him what night this occured last week, Sat? he replied, "Wed Charlie, nothing like that happens on a Sat night." Oh the good life....

Apologies for dropping off, look for GDD to make an inspiring run here in May with Q brothers, legendes, lexVegas biz, hoops movie and YG foundation. RIP Alex Fayne our family took a huge hit this past week and uncle Chucky had to agitate the gravel back to his native bean to pay respects to a fallen soldier, earner and overall wonderful human being, just 34, never smoked a cig in his life. Tough to digest, OK, phone time, $ is rallying bitches !

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