Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More from Q Brothers, Othello! Ride this Train BE GLAD U DID!

OK we're going to cover this like we do all Q brother asdventures, FULLY. Nothing has changed except this time around, it's going to hit harder than usual. I've been waiting for them to translate a tragedy in their idiom, and I love not only how they our repping USA! but also that of the hip hop language, still pushing threw new barriers 12'.

Usually when they do something new esp. theatre they win the various contests and best in show type of events they are lauded to attend. And upend that strategy, now, me know thinks, dam, have no idea how a little jar Jar Binks just floated out. But Mr. Paradise will keep u posted, and even thread some old memories of the boys, myself, the road and life. It compliments their bold new endeavors. Handicapping this to win in Scotland, and go global, this might be the one that's translated into fifty languages and frankly their work was translated like a decade ago, hip and strong.

The boys will be busy, music festivals, TV pilots, a hit play around the globe and their own label and group the Retar Crew, GorrilaDunkProductions house and only act. Hey I'm proud again, and like tom Brady says after Super Bowls, it never, ever gets old.

Long live ! Q brothers, Jax, Pos, JL, b Boys, dude from baltimore, grommits, IG, Bish, Them vs. them, crazy lead singer, Magic, Monster, c-rat and the rest of the fam.

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