Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Lizard King Talking American Music, Predicting The FUTURE, 1968 Rare Footage

As if we needed another reason to trumpet this mans musical genius. I freaked out watching this today, I immediatly thought of BIGGIE with Puff on a talk show right after Pac passed. The Sunglasses, rock legends, here Jim Morrison predicts that music will one day be down on machines, one man.

And I LOVE that this was 1969, this was on PBS bitches, the height of the Doors, the end of the crazy ass 60's, there he is. And he was facing four charges in Dade County, just like a flashy young rapper whose tumultuous ride with fame plays out in real life in the unimaginable high's and low's life brings rock legends.

Here's another comment same interview, oh and they did this episode, long interview played five songs live to support their 5th studio album, the Soft Parade. PBS was the only outfit that would let them play. Promoters, insurers, venues all walked away after his performance and subsequent charges that swamp night. Anyway listen here as Jim basically talks about being the first freestyle rapper on the planet.

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