Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lexington Legend(e)'s Volume XI Amanda Palmer, goes Radio Head Takes Down F'ING Labels, H-Awesome!!

vID is soooo tight. Here's a fun exercise for the day gorilla dunkers, google Amanda Palmer / evil high school jock carl easton


CLASSIC. Something in that lEX-vEGAS water back in the day, talented town outside of a championship city nestled in the cradle of freedom's first sparks, w-w-w-w-what ~!!

very cute vid - very cool husband and career this lightning bolt has been enjoying. When I was in the 9th grade I'd walk by the smoking corner en route for a slice on my never ending lunch breaks as i rarely attened class. Anyway this lovely one, photo'd above would throw purple dust in my face, all carved up and jumping out of a goth gown and being down right scary looking white person, "Carl easton will be hit by a moving car now!" poof.

Now i don't know if I was ever "evil" per say, I always thought of myself as a freedom fighter against the rich, for the weak and down trodden. And obviously this was not a universal belief, and I didn't like purple dust being thrown in my face on some witch shit, I had enough problems. So OK, who knows what I did???? I probably blew up the whole smoking crazed blond hair haters right there, them cats were positively unaware I was stuck in a white mans body!! And I was de tached a bit from right and wrong, reality, boundaries and personal space much akin to the purple dust thrower in my mind.

In any event witch craft as it pertained to accidents that would befall on your boy didn't reside so well, I'm sure I got crazy. I'd been run over by a lawnmower and at that point didn't want to die unlike so many despressed rich white kids around me at the time irony paramount

Closing, I LOVE this video and give homegirl much props for keeping it freezing as an artist, living the real and capturing those dreams that seemed so elusive for so many dreamers back in the day. AP def world wide rock star, to quote Coach Farias, "unbelievable" you DID IT !!!! nuff said

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