Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lexington High School Didn't Want This Guy Coaching Anymore? Yeah That Makes Sense

yeah that makes sense.

a true throw back coach = zero tolerance, i love the ACE plug, and make no mistake about it, this was the LAST guy that ever should've been removed given his tenure, track record and of course the timing of his grandson's terminal illness :(

Better believe the jv kid discussed here, well his mom i'd bet my sometimes change jumped on the bandwagon of voices against my beloved Big Guy coddling an administration intent of removing the man for yelling too much at kids.

THIS IS WHY They lost in 88 - so many coaches swallow principals in the holy chase to win, he didn't and still, you know, won like all the time.

I'm going to SMASH this doc - cutting up the footage, binning the clips, logging the footage, it's a time commitment few are keen to make outside of their real jobs and lives. Also I'll be writing the script that eventually is pieced together with Jimmy on smash smash, OK?????.

Dam I'm going to be like a Q brother in a play they wrote, direct and starred in, i.e. HEAVY on the credits. Believe dat! Post production is everything young film makers!!! And of course u do have to capture something endearing + come up with an amazing idea, oh and get lucky. Big Up's to keebs + M izzle as always for capturing, running with it now, learned so much in the process, still so creased at the seam on how they did my Coach, and teacher.

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