Saturday, May 05, 2012

Early Winner, GDD 2012's Photo Of The Year, Othello, the remix London)

And this says it all, I need to framed signed and hung above my wet bar on the second floor of a someday in my future house. This was the Globe theatre, just now, yes the outdoor joint, yes they hit a high peak in their pioneering journey in the deep end of the world of Shaespeare, theatre and B boy.

I couldn't stop laughing the first time I read the New York Times two word review of the Q's inagural contriobution to a genre they own, Bombitty of Erros, and it was "word up." Put me on the floor, and now here we are. Jackson looking out over a true moment to be cherished awash in standing ovation. He's doing the lead off home run trot to win the series step one after dropping the pine. The history makes it so hype, the Olympics,l the fact any time these guys touch anything it's cahun and usually blows up.

Photo, next we have P O yo what's the D O, P? god dam, i know it's sick, so amped on alternative rarely used thanks, P's can't fucking believe these mutha fucka still can't sit down. And then you have J and G re treating like Jeter and Andy Petitie old pro's, just doing there part to jump off the Olympics for American this in the summer games. And that's why it's GDD photo of the year, because they represented their country, this just happened, great job. I posted the vid or shared on FB.

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