Thursday, May 24, 2012

2 Best You Tube's Of the Week that are not OURS! 3/24/2012

Ok, this is some funny shit many of you know the love and adoration we have for Chad Ochocino even within a paltry 15 receptions last year, the man is so real. We LOVE him, Chucky P is a HUGE fan. This is funny, take my keys, Ipad, wallet, cell, but please, please don't fuck with a man Starbucks gold card???? And guess what fans? My man GOT THE CARD BACK - just the card and was grateful - amazing, 3.5 million twitter followers gives u a certain leverage over all of life

Chad Ochocinco ✔@ochocinco I wish Tyrannosaurus Rex diarrhea on whoever broke my window and stole my #Gold starbucks cards...

Mad Men. Johnn Hamm, this is funny - good actor

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