Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Tricon Barbershop. (

Few places are as sacred in the male lore than the local barbershop. And you thought it was just a black thing, wrong, it’s a sacred thing. And few places transcend the spectrum of race and time like the good old Barbershop. Just the very definition of Barber shop ensures it a happy place, and when it’s done right, well, legendary status. And such is the case of Tricon Barber shop. No relation to the sports shop outside of being the second featured local business tribute / shout on GDD!

Tricon barbershop is the kind of place when I’m stuck at that impasse between mid and uptown, heavenly speaking I wish it to be there. A prelude to eternity, I know mine is one that won’t be a snap decision, let that be the waiting area. Part of the brilliance of barbershops in General is their close association to my beloved Saturday morning, so, so strong.

Part of the posterity that enlists us to put down such a shout is how throw back the joint remains. A hallmark of greatness IS consistency, this place has never changed. Cut from the cloth of recent establishments in ritz city parts tending to the old style of barbershops we’ve enjoyed as such since we were kids.

A few musts, 1) the squiggly, swirling, red, white and blue thing. 2) The Herald and the Globe. Others: Straight edge razors, a nice scalpel, the blue coats, the hot lather, latest town happenings, sports discussion and of course the grand separator, full shoulder message with the 50’s device, spectacular.

Unlike the trendy barber shops dotting major US cities, Tricon remains affordable. And if you truly ever really want to know as much as possible about what’s happening in your town or city, had to the barber. And have a good relationship with he or she. See, no one in town has more information than the barber. The moral of the story is we see you ☺

My memories are going to the barber shop when I was eight and nine, sit with my dad who’d always make me wait for Paul who at the time was in the lowest ranking seat, closest chair to the back door. Far away from the head chop seated gallantly in the front widow with sidewalk views.

And I’d listen to the men talk about Woburn high school football, and Lexington Basketball, D1 sports, it was awesome. I’d get cut up before being dropped at the requisite Hayden with LHS hoop dreams dancing in my head. And of course even as a kid you’d get the hot lather, a little, and the highlight of the month, the couple minute shoulder massage. And it was Art, Paul, Joe and Charlie eventually Paul got to that head seat, took ownership from Art and with Joe, a new chap, Charlie, the crew is still in tact. And it’s been like that for forty some odd years. And a special sauce G love shout to my main man Paul, a true friend and all around great

fucking guy. Thanks for the hair cuts, the wisdom and for always supporting our annual YG golf foundation tournament. Some great moments there like in 1991 when Coach Farias promised the team he’d shave his head if the won the league title with a few games to go, they did. Paul administrated the famous balding of the Big Guy.

And shouts and a speedy recovery to 50/50 legend, Harry Laye. Thanks for your priceless art work congratulating Paul on taking that front seat years ago it still survives framed. And to Art, Joe, Charlie, the new kid on the block, I’m proud to say I hold the record for longest haircut in the history, administered again by Paul. It was back in the band days, we were filming the LHS hoops movie, and I figured if I was going to be around the program that year, best to conform the lettuce to team practices and standards. A great, great place that has taken care of so many I love through the years, you never let me down. Nothing makes my day more than getting a call, hearing the barbershop filled with people I know sharing a nice laugh at my expense, keeps you rolling.

Thanks Tricon, I’m coming home just for a cut.

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