Thursday, April 12, 2012

Opening Day in DC

OK, 1st clip? I was breaking down baseball and old Fenway Park, the memories of peanut or cracker jack or can beer sellers winging the items against a back drop of a collective system in the staNDS mitigating commerce is the shit. It was great, just when bam! The guy guns cracka jacks at Summer, priceless and still in effect, wurd.

Opening day in Washington DC, do you know that Ted Williams managed the then Senators here in DC five decades ago? It was the highest team batting average the organization ever experienced. I think of Root Beer floats, I think of Ted Williams. I love Washington National fans because like me for the most part people in DC or Northern Virginia are not from the area! And since I'm over the Red Sox in a small way, I want to move my remaining interest to the National league. I wanna be a khaki, button DC cap touting National fans. The artist formerly known as the Expos, I saw a button down Dawson powder blue Expos jersey in the stands today. I said "the hawk" loudly and gave the dude some authentic dap, two guys that got it, sick jersey no one cares.

And how dope is this? The guy from Blues Traveler laying down the harmonica on opening day.

BEN'S CHILI BOWL - wow u have no idea, available only in DC The best A couple other pic's

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