Monday, April 02, 2012

Moday ! It’s a powerful thing how quickly a life can change when you’ve been granted an extra one.

I think what Thomas Jefferson meant when he said every generation needs a revolution was that it’s essential to excellence for a country every once in while to experience re birth. On an individual basis I also fid great merit in this. A slow dance with death, a torment that destroyed everything that was you, re built from the ashes hungry and new. He compared regular revolution to the natural manure of democracy. And words of wisdom, and so long ago, a different time, era, if only we had a time machine and could go back to Monticello spend a day with Thomas Jefferson and tell him about the internet. What would he say to an idea like that, conceptually he’d understand, and more powerful than muskets he’d know it to be.

“The information” Ice Cube’s answer to professor Lawrence Fishburne in higher Learning asking what the white man controls and what he as a black student should pursue.

It’s a powerful thing how quickly a life can change when you’ve been granted an extra one. Wow. Gorilla oriGinal Quote Of the week Great Quote. And it’s not an entrée in the say Syrian conflict or a repudiation over cling on’s and their tight grip on outdated policy from another era. Laws like people must adapt to the times. That’s why they are building the new bay bridge in San Fran like they are. So it can move when the earth does, laws are crafted with a similar thought in mind, I guess the other way around.

It’s just a point, that so much of life is perspective, the silver linings of the saddest or scariest stuff often spark this. I relish the rebound. Ad speak the absolute truth when I’m not lying.

Happy Monday.

Joke. OK, so I guy walks into a bar after biking home from work. Yeah Nah man, I guy never walks into a bar after work when he biked home

BTW College basketball championship tonight is an indictment of you as a fan, and where you stand on the ethics of college basketball. Ad for that reason go Kansas, eve though there is little chance they will beat Kentucky, sadly this is their year. Boy they ca play, ejoy the show ad what will be rest assured a great college basketball game.

Last thought, you never think how may words the letter N is in until that key stops working. CP Kentucky Wins !

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