Tuesday, April 17, 2012

J. Wig - Our Dawg and Family Changes the Course of NFL History!

Had to repost this from back in the day - I can't wait to begin telling his story, REMARKABLE. This was the icing as well as the end of a long road. Top six reasons Steelers won sixth title — No. 6 September 2, 2008 happened. On that day in Steelers history, the organization pulled off a blockbuster — trading backup center Sean Mahan to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for an undisclosed 2009 draft pick. You may remember Mahan, who started every game for the Steelers in ’07, from such films as “I get teabagged by every nose tackle in the league” and “The Steelers signed me for how much money? …sweet.” Mahan was the butt of every Steelers offensive line joke and was despised by fans during his year as a starter. For some reason, when he entered camp this season, he felt his starting nod was all but locked up. The Steelers, however, thought otherwise, electing to bring in Justin Hartwig to compete for the job. Mike Tomlin declared Hartwig the starting center in late August, stating that his size was better suited to handle an opponent’s defensive line. “Look around our division and look at some of the people we have to play against, not only in the division but in the AFC, and there are some big and powerful men that play over center,” Tomlin said. “[Hartwig] has the skill set to wage that physical battle for us and we’ll move forward.” The post-gazette report continued… Mahan was at morning meetings yesterday, but he did not practice. Tomlin said Mahan received a phone call shortly before lunchtime and he had to “attend to a personal emergency.” An inside source told me Mahan discovered turf in his vagina. Sure, this action probably went unnoticed by many Steelers fans, because — despite what he had to say at the end of the Super Bowl — the o-line still provided Big Ben protection about as good as John F. Parker’s. But think of it this way. Mahan’s departure created a ripple effect of events that changed the course of NFL history forever. » Mahan gets traded. » Hartwig starts every game at center. » Ben still runs for his life. » Ben leads Steelers into playoffs. » Hartwig starts every playoff game. » Steelers beat Ravens to earn spot in Super Bowl. » Hartwig commits this penalty:
» Cardinals use safety to take lead on next possession. » Lead gives Ben the opp to lead game-winning, two-minute drive. » Steelers become first team in NFL history to win six titles. Okay, I hear what you’re all saying. If Hartwig doesn’t commit the holding penalty, then the Steelers convert that play into a first down and likely run out the clock. However, I say to you this: We don’t know that would have happened. For all we know, Ben could have fumbled the snap on the next play and given the ball right up. Hell, anything’s possible — right Jerome? What we do know, though, is what happened. Hartwig allowed Larry Fitzgerald (a favorite of Tommy Gun’s and mine) to receive some of the spotlight, which in turn provided Ben the opportunity to execute a 2-minute drill touchdown drive for the ages. No? Don’t like my theory? Whatever. Besides, I’m sure Kevin Colbert turns that undisclosed 2009 draft pick into a fifth round gem in April that eventually turns into a special teams stud by next season’s end. Here's a shot of Wig with the Pouncey brothers NYE - classsic. of course they would've have parked a 7th Lombardi if they kept Wig on maybe even two. two years 2 injuries in HUGE season ending games for the old Steelers squad.

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