Friday, April 13, 2012

Graduation Freestyle (words BELOW:)!

And I think back, this track get's U reminiscing about that one grand day when all that bad shit went missen, all the stress, and the bullshit, accuastions and lies the pressure of happiness, dysfunction disguised and parked itself for one day somethen special can't stay when you simply don't believe and there's no other way, OK, but you achieved and you dreamed threw your hyper active son, and it's so fucken good, god bless the young Gun, that believes he can make it take a chance and just rape the oppurtunity like it's a cajun babe from Caymen and rocken that style no denial just funk, that comes from hard work when you love and slam dunk, everything you ever wanted you believe and apply life is so krazy in a blink of an eye... it passes by, bold decisions happen now, remember those lessons son about watchen the crowd you keep man auz they may keep u from your true callen fallen u asleep duuu and that's why this song now so profound because it means hope one day one promise one cloud sometimes all u need when grief suceeds to knock the hope out it's the days like this we believe, that made the route worth it, I know my mom haerd it when i shouted to the sky copped the diploma and waived to the Big Guy, even blinked an eye at the guy whose name we can't mention, alluded apprehension, 2 worlds i was fencen tryen to get a benson, no confession out of me, i skirted death twice who had a long file G, but that just be a bad coincidence, time and again ma, i know your not dense so fuck u tried your best and i'm choken on a tear so many tough years kept depression out of gear N fear we'd be abandoned, straight up stranded before HBO demanded that it wasn't TV, that's all that was effective general hospital at 3, put our lives in perpsopective best friend shit cemembnted that the fact that we stuck to our weapons mom, you always had my back my mutha fucken dawg......... Happy Gradutation (slimer, shout's final credits)....

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