Monday, April 16, 2012

Gorilla Dunk Daily (Photo Of The Week NYC)

NYC what is it about you.....? Your big, your loud, your tough....

On Friday we headed out to Fort Greene Brooklyn to see my goddaughter whose 4 months old now ! You remember her birth as reported 4 months ago on your trusty GDD blogger, holla

And of course our week here in early Spring would not complete here at GDD without further documenting Abita strawberry as part of our first sips series...

Magic nails this, Summer has begun , wow!!!! This is my dear friend Aren who is the best looking guy in America - And his girl Jessica And jakey And Suzy Q aka the Spring tyakes us pic home with Sunday in America brunch photo of the week.

I have this spirit that no matter how long the night prior may have stretched, i simply cannot sleep in on weekends, ever. So being up a solid three hours before anyone lifted themselves back into the game, I stumbled right upon my favorite sequence in one of my favorite movies. The best around! Of course you can hear here, why I might not be the best house guest. But I do get things moving.

And I'm really exciting with everything that's going on with the crew and greater creative family at large. You'll notice I'm working through a final version of my first novel which we'll leak and in all likelihood self publish the finished product, Amazon i love u!

Also our theatre / rap contingent is getting close to dropping, Othello, the remix in London come may, hotly anticipated. Also we've made another big leap with our hoops movie about our hometown. I've ercieved missing footage from very early and the end which will cut cut up, logged and binned.

Here's what I've learned about doc. film making, 1) film 2) 2 paper Log footage 3) create clip bins 4) create a long sequence with your best stuff 5) write the script 6) integration and lastly, polish it up, and lace the soundtrack which will be both original and hype.

Stay with us baby - YG Foundation golf outing approaching as well. h-h-h-h-h-h-holla, thanks NYC, see you next week.

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SummerC said...

Nice one! But are you really the godfather?