Sunday, April 01, 2012

Date Night, DC, Spanish joint, Pearl Dive + U Street (Jazz)

So this weekend was (drum roll please), Summer Crushes birthday, holla! Going out is expensive maybe that's why people do crazy stuff for money because it sure is fun. In this segment we celebrate Washington DC, downtown and 14th street, a Friday to remember. To jump start the glorious my office headed to my favorite happy hour in the world. And it's of proud consequence that the best Spanish restaurant is the country wraps itself right around the block from us. It was cold and our coveted sidewalk table had to be ignored. But still the Sangria, truly amazing is cut down to half price from 3:30-6:30PM.

Here's a shout from a prized corner indoor table, we're the restaurants most frequent and consistent customers, the Tapas is amazing.

And from there we headed to Pearl Dive, 14th NW, so sick. They had these, in a can, and early !

And we saw this little one driving down the street
and true to the joints title, these
And then to U street for some good old American jazz. The next day we headed to the National Portrait gallery for their homage to video games. It was literally (I'm channeling Parks & Recreation there) the most enjoyable exhibit I've ever attended, wow, I sincerely suggest you attend running downtown through the summer. And the follow up. The juxtaposition of the old and new graphics was astonishing. Loved this too, TV, USA tribute -
Sega 16 Bit (sigh)
And when we got home Summer open's present #2 :) Gift 1 were these, the eye kid .

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