Saturday, April 07, 2012

Chasing Strawberry Abita (celebrating our 1st Starwberry toast of the Season!)

Strawberry Abita our fascination with this seasonal ass kick of delight fused four years ago, the exact # of years they have put this one of a kind beer out there to the masses.  The Abita brewery in LA, is located close to some lucscious strawbeery fields.  And each year during harvest this delectable delight is released.  And each year the frenzy led by us gets zanier and zanier.

From rumors to a bad harvest and limited releases this year it was April and still we hadn't a whiff of our favotite beer which always comes here in March.  Becoming more troubled by rumors of Abita powerhouse providers in the area saying they might not get it at all we called Abita.

Come to find out they import hops from Europe and I can QFY'd them to sell them EURO'S.  It got better, staff insisted that the harvest was a gem, and 200,000 cases went out, 50,000 more than the year previous.  There was huge demand and they were all sold out, it was just a case of delivery.  Troubled by photo's on Twitter and FB of people enjoying Strawberry Abita's we went on a one week manhunt climaxing in one placer in the whole city that got the advanced Friday shipment.  And this was after a weeks worth of calls to a hundred different retail and bar locations.

This is our journey, I almost lost it. 

Some pic's from the long day peddling and motoring around our nations capitol in search of that first seasonal sweet sip, yum
More 1st sips

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