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Just Another Practice - Jan 8th, 2007


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Freestyle Friday! + H.UG.E News out of lexvegasbiz@blogspot

OK - yes, LOL freestyles are wonderful and difficult. It's hard to hear an instrumental and not click a record button and rhyme thoughts that pop in my ADD riddled happy head :)

OK the big news out of hear today is this The welcome to fabulous Lex-Vegas t-shirts are here! I few more tweaks this weekend and they are shipped to press. We'd like to thank Tricon Sports and Lex-Vegas for being so live. In addition to rocking the dopest t-shirt ever yet made a generous portion of the proceeds supports the YG Foundation.

HOLLA! Charlie Paradise

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Fall River Dreamig, Rollie, Skippy = The Big Gy, Coach "Roberto" Farias

This clip explains allot.

Othello, the Remix (press release)

Chicago Shakespeare Theater and The Q Brothers follow
"Globe to Globe" Festival at London's 2012 Cultural Olympiad with engagements at Germany's Shakespeare im Globe Neuss Festival and Scotland's Edinburgh Festival Fringe Chicago—April 18, 2012—Chicago Shakespeare Theater (CST) announced today that in addition to being among the 37 international companies who will come together for an unprecedented 37-play "Globe to Globe" Festival for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad on May 5 and 6, CST's commission, The Q Brothers' Othello: The Remix, will be Chicago Shakespeare's premiere appearance in Germany's Shakespeare im Globe Neuss Festival July 6 and 7 and return engagement at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, August 1–27, 2012 where Funk It Up About Nothin' won critical acclaim in 2009. The company is currently in rehearsal at Chicago Shakespeare Theater for the production's debut in London next month. Shakespeare's 448th Birthday on Monday, April 23 inaugurates the showcase of 37 international companies in the unprecedented 37-play "Globe to Globe" festival. Othello: The Remix joins the multi-lingual presentation representing the language of American hip-hop. The Globe Theatre's production of Henry V will be the only other production presented in the English language. Shakespeare's plays have been translated into every major living language and there is a long tradition of his plays being performed around the globe in people's own vernacular. Additional languages and companies span six continents, and include: the National Theatre of China's Richard III; Belarus Free Theatre's King Lear; from Bangladesh, Dhaka Theatre's The Tempest; a Zulu presentation of Venus & Adonis; The South Sudan Theatre Company's Cymbeline; and from Kyoto, Japan, Chiten's Coriolanus. Othello: The Remix, created by The Q Brothers, GQ and JQ, is a fresh urban take on William Shakespeare's tragedy, spun out and lyrically rewritten over original beats. Born and raised in Chicago, The Q Brothers started their professional careers in the Off Broadway hit The Bomb-itty of Errors. The current production is their second collaboration with CST Creative Producer Rick Boynton, who was instrumental in the creation of The Q Brothers' award-winning CST commission Funk It Up About Nothin'—which received critical acclaim in its world premiere at Chicago Shakespeare and subsequent international tour to New York, Australia and the UK. In addition to The Q Brothers, the cast of Othello: The Remix includes Jackson Doran and Postell Pringle. Performances of Othello: The Remix are presented by Chicago Shakespeare Theater and Richard Jordan Productions. Presentation at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is in association with Pleasance. # # # Also the Retar Crew please vote for there spare time band when they are not re-writing Shakespear and scorhing the earth's surface with there theatre cajun prowess.,0,1184267,post.poll holla.

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The Infamous Bully In This Kayak Ad Is REAL, And Here's His Facebook Profile Kim Bhasin and Laura Stampler|April 19, 2012|

Big Plug 4, GDD! (From Businessinsider) Kim Bhasin and Laura Stampler|April 19, 2012| 3,132|1 Every ad has a story behind its creation, and Kayak CTO and co-founder Paul English revealed a particularly funny one at Fast Company's Innovation Uncensored event in New York this week. It's about the popular "Frank" ad that aired last year (in which Frank is banned from Kayak for life after giving the website's founder wedgies in high school) and it all began with Gerry Graf, the creative director whose agency has been responsible for Kayak's commercials since 2010. Graf, who went to Lexington High School in Massachusetts in the 1980s, remembered a guy named Frank Reardon who "was a bit of a bully in high school," said English. So Graf called him up. He told him that he does advertising now and was writing a sketch, then asked if he could use Reardon's name. Reardon thought it was funny, and so he signed a release (so that they wouldn't have to pay him.) The character was modeled after a prom picture from Reardon's personal Facebook page (click here to see the page, which English assured Kayak didn't create.) Graf went to a casting agency, and tasked it with finding someone who looks exactly like Reardon. They somehow managed to find his doppelganger and the "Frank" ad was born. According to the blog Gorilla Dunk Daily, the author of which was friends with Frank's brother Lynx, Frank's bullying might have been featured on Saturday Night Live as well. "Frank Reardon was big and burly and actually attended my alma mata Curry College were he was a four year starter on the football team, and I'm pretty sure made at least a handful of kids eat lightbulbs on the peer pressure tip. When another lexington high graduate legend, Rachel Dratch made it big on Saturday Night Live, Frank was convinced the bully, drunk character was based off of him in her famous Boston prom skits." Apparently Reardon is now a bartender in Boston who thinks "a lot more hookups happen behind the bar than over the bar"—he met his wife when they were working together; she was his boss—and is famous for making drinks named after celebrities. Read more:

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Where Defense Began - Central remix, When The Music's Over Turn Out The Light's.

"sad when times move so fast we lose sight of who and why we got there." CEE

Big C in the mix from Something 2 Ponder with the opening riff!! And of course Preem ill scratch hooks. Now, I could give this one all away but nope. This was shot in all high def, but as I work through the very end of the footage and misc "lost" tapes suddenly re-appeared, I post the footage grainy and the audio clear, keep it a lil business since we give everything away for free anyway, get it? two Pac's????

Preemo calls it "warming it up the streets." I know this because A) I read magazines but B) know the mutha fucka well.

So much I want to say about Coach Farias, a titan! Forced out because he was tough, pzzzzzz. As N please. And I got the story, and I intend to write it with no formal training and or English classes ever attended. But it's in my heart and my brain retains, processes and executes that what's inside of it, gorgeous.

Here's the quote from the bible today to support this long sequence and mix. Out of the 29 mixes posted here since last August so little will make it. Anyway I tried to integrate in high def, just couldn't. This is a story, I'll past today's notes for the film and family below this quote. Here's the quote, It's from Fall River Dreams, the father of both Mike (back to back state titles 87-89) and Chris (Boston Celtics) Herren. Their father played basketball at Durfee like my man Coach Farias. In so many ways the center of our movie, why he lost his job, sad when times move so fast we lose sight of who and why we got there. Huh, I'll quote coach Farias right here and say respectfully, I should be quoted on that

Here's the best quote of the book Fall River Dreams

"I loved Skippy, to the point that I don't tolerate any bitching about Skippy in our house. When I played Skippy didn't have to tell me twice. He didn't have to pump me up. My practices were like a war. If you were on the other team in practice, I hated you. If I played outside in the park, I played every game like it was my last game. Guys would tell me to lighten up and I'd tell them to shut up. I didn't know any other way. If Skippy told me to punch a guy in the balls fourtimes, I would have done it five. I bought the whole package. Where I came from, we didn't have too many guys taking piano lessons if you know what I mean." Al Herren _ Fall River Dreams.

And minus the piano lessons, I felt the same way about basketball at Lexington. And I loved Coach Farias to the same point where I didn't tolerate anyone speaking bad of him ever in my presence. And like Mike Herren in the above referenced Fall River Dreams I liked to fight. I still do but it's in a different way now, as a broker , on the phone dialing for legit dollars. And if I treat my job with the work and dedication and respect that I did Lexington Basketball I'll be big. Thank you Jesus for sparing me !

And I played every pick game like it was my last. And that's what it takes, to be successful, in life, it's war. And funny how we bail out the CEO's of investment banks and fire Coach Farias while cutting education. It's a known fact that the school committee told the man they were emphasizing sports. Can you see me shaking my head? The funny thing is I've now realized this documentary isn't even about basketball.

I used to tell the Big Guy coach Farias on an orange couch in the old ACE program after a bad report in high school, they have it all wrong Coach, I'm not a trouble maker I'm a son of Liberty." To which he'd reply, "yeah and a little out of touch."

Again much love to the crew that put down 300 hours and captured the end of an era of something I bought the whole package for too. Just like Al Herren.

You have to go home you see because the Big Guy told me I had to leave, and he was right. I had to leave so that I'd be able to come home if that makes any sense. Skippy should've given the same advice to both Michael and Chris out of the gates, wisdom, you think I wanted to leave? So thankful I did, he knew, I'm ALL give back all the time more days than not, support the YG foundation and stay tuned from a monster move out of LexVegasbiz@blogpot

one of a kind T's, 1 place to get them, coming soon, stay tuned our best idea yet, Matty Doran is in the house. ! Oh Yeah Jackson Doran from the Retar Crew has the same last name as you! You gotta come to Chicago, we'll bring the wives and tie it into business on of these days.

much love to Black KNight BTW and his clan holding down Roxbury and the barbar shop holding down DOT, in the cut, my happy place, yeah Keith you own a barbershop! So far from c house fades in the bathroom. Excerpt from Legendes Arriving to my court I’m tingling due to the usual development of goose bumps that evolve naturally whenever anybody inches unto their sanctuary. See to me I wasn’t arriving at a shitty court to throw some lobs at Stan (the rim) to catch breath ahead of yet another scolding domestic assault. No, I was the 12th seed in March madness an Astori kid that had danced his way to the sweet sixteen behind a cool carl Easton’s hot hand. I was going to carve that court. I’m the hardest hustler on and off the court. The court was my escapism. My dysfunction was the reason I was good. Games could be found anywhere. This is where I came to work. Hard sprints up and back, right and left, head always up. Stop and pop, side to side, jab and go, shake and stutter, inside-outside, baseline and back, thousand free throws, defensive slides till I cry, smack my face, bite my left arm, cry, take a free throw and if it’s a swish I’m all done, if it’s a swish I go home. I bury my first attempt and as I head home I drop my ball and nestle up to the baseline like an Olympic sprinter, I’m not done. Even as a kid I could here Coach Farias voice screaming “tap drill.” I could always hear him in the back of my mind rattling off his many truisms, “the most important day of the season is today.” Or “It’s up to you, how great to you want to be?” Coach Farias the head coach of the boys varsity basketball team inspired us to meet the challenge. I wanted to win a state title as a senior. No way was I done. push yourself. Suicide sprints followed by court length dribbles and power lay ups. Right side, left side, drop the rock underneath the backboard. Jump up and down touching the backboard as many times as I could until my legs dangled, became Jello and felt like Andre the Giant was on my shoulders. “Can you make a free throw when the game is on the line?” I could hear the Big Guy from his famous summer camps. Those were the moments that separated the winners and the losers. Tears, I felt so alive. I slowly walked shaking to the free thrown line. Two dribbles, a breath, spin of the ball into my primary shooting hand, bend and release. And I could hear him. “It’s a free throw, a free-throw, no excuse for ever missing a free-throw.” He was always with me at that court. “And that’s why we run like we do on the varsity level, you can’t be sucking wind at the end of the game. That’s when we press the most, you can’t bail out on your teammate and miss the free throw that costs you the state title because you didn’t pay the price in the offseason!” And as I released that free throw and in the spirit of “practicing perfectly” swish even if it was just especially if it was just you CEE

R2-D2's Other Message / 2-Pac

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

J. Wig - Our Dawg and Family Changes the Course of NFL History!

Had to repost this from back in the day - I can't wait to begin telling his story, REMARKABLE. This was the icing as well as the end of a long road. Top six reasons Steelers won sixth title — No. 6 September 2, 2008 happened. On that day in Steelers history, the organization pulled off a blockbuster — trading backup center Sean Mahan to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for an undisclosed 2009 draft pick. You may remember Mahan, who started every game for the Steelers in ’07, from such films as “I get teabagged by every nose tackle in the league” and “The Steelers signed me for how much money? …sweet.” Mahan was the butt of every Steelers offensive line joke and was despised by fans during his year as a starter. For some reason, when he entered camp this season, he felt his starting nod was all but locked up. The Steelers, however, thought otherwise, electing to bring in Justin Hartwig to compete for the job. Mike Tomlin declared Hartwig the starting center in late August, stating that his size was better suited to handle an opponent’s defensive line. “Look around our division and look at some of the people we have to play against, not only in the division but in the AFC, and there are some big and powerful men that play over center,” Tomlin said. “[Hartwig] has the skill set to wage that physical battle for us and we’ll move forward.” The post-gazette report continued… Mahan was at morning meetings yesterday, but he did not practice. Tomlin said Mahan received a phone call shortly before lunchtime and he had to “attend to a personal emergency.” An inside source told me Mahan discovered turf in his vagina. Sure, this action probably went unnoticed by many Steelers fans, because — despite what he had to say at the end of the Super Bowl — the o-line still provided Big Ben protection about as good as John F. Parker’s. But think of it this way. Mahan’s departure created a ripple effect of events that changed the course of NFL history forever. » Mahan gets traded. » Hartwig starts every game at center. » Ben still runs for his life. » Ben leads Steelers into playoffs. » Hartwig starts every playoff game. » Steelers beat Ravens to earn spot in Super Bowl. » Hartwig commits this penalty:
» Cardinals use safety to take lead on next possession. » Lead gives Ben the opp to lead game-winning, two-minute drive. » Steelers become first team in NFL history to win six titles. Okay, I hear what you’re all saying. If Hartwig doesn’t commit the holding penalty, then the Steelers convert that play into a first down and likely run out the clock. However, I say to you this: We don’t know that would have happened. For all we know, Ben could have fumbled the snap on the next play and given the ball right up. Hell, anything’s possible — right Jerome? What we do know, though, is what happened. Hartwig allowed Larry Fitzgerald (a favorite of Tommy Gun’s and mine) to receive some of the spotlight, which in turn provided Ben the opportunity to execute a 2-minute drill touchdown drive for the ages. No? Don’t like my theory? Whatever. Besides, I’m sure Kevin Colbert turns that undisclosed 2009 draft pick into a fifth round gem in April that eventually turns into a special teams stud by next season’s end. Here's a shot of Wig with the Pouncey brothers NYE - classsic. of course they would've have parked a 7th Lombardi if they kept Wig on maybe even two. two years 2 injuries in HUGE season ending games for the old Steelers squad.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Gorilla Dunk Daily (Photo Of The Week NYC)

NYC what is it about you.....? Your big, your loud, your tough....

On Friday we headed out to Fort Greene Brooklyn to see my goddaughter whose 4 months old now ! You remember her birth as reported 4 months ago on your trusty GDD blogger, holla

And of course our week here in early Spring would not complete here at GDD without further documenting Abita strawberry as part of our first sips series...

Magic nails this, Summer has begun , wow!!!! This is my dear friend Aren who is the best looking guy in America - And his girl Jessica And jakey And Suzy Q aka the Spring tyakes us pic home with Sunday in America brunch photo of the week.

I have this spirit that no matter how long the night prior may have stretched, i simply cannot sleep in on weekends, ever. So being up a solid three hours before anyone lifted themselves back into the game, I stumbled right upon my favorite sequence in one of my favorite movies. The best around! Of course you can hear here, why I might not be the best house guest. But I do get things moving.

And I'm really exciting with everything that's going on with the crew and greater creative family at large. You'll notice I'm working through a final version of my first novel which we'll leak and in all likelihood self publish the finished product, Amazon i love u!

Also our theatre / rap contingent is getting close to dropping, Othello, the remix in London come may, hotly anticipated. Also we've made another big leap with our hoops movie about our hometown. I've ercieved missing footage from very early and the end which will cut cut up, logged and binned.

Here's what I've learned about doc. film making, 1) film 2) 2 paper Log footage 3) create clip bins 4) create a long sequence with your best stuff 5) write the script 6) integration and lastly, polish it up, and lace the soundtrack which will be both original and hype.

Stay with us baby - YG Foundation golf outing approaching as well. h-h-h-h-h-h-holla, thanks NYC, see you next week.

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Graduation Freestyle (words BELOW:)!

And I think back, this track get's U reminiscing about that one grand day when all that bad shit went missen, all the stress, and the bullshit, accuastions and lies the pressure of happiness, dysfunction disguised and parked itself for one day somethen special can't stay when you simply don't believe and there's no other way, OK, but you achieved and you dreamed threw your hyper active son, and it's so fucken good, god bless the young Gun, that believes he can make it take a chance and just rape the oppurtunity like it's a cajun babe from Caymen and rocken that style no denial just funk, that comes from hard work when you love and slam dunk, everything you ever wanted you believe and apply life is so krazy in a blink of an eye... it passes by, bold decisions happen now, remember those lessons son about watchen the crowd you keep man auz they may keep u from your true callen fallen u asleep duuu and that's why this song now so profound because it means hope one day one promise one cloud sometimes all u need when grief suceeds to knock the hope out it's the days like this we believe, that made the route worth it, I know my mom haerd it when i shouted to the sky copped the diploma and waived to the Big Guy, even blinked an eye at the guy whose name we can't mention, alluded apprehension, 2 worlds i was fencen tryen to get a benson, no confession out of me, i skirted death twice who had a long file G, but that just be a bad coincidence, time and again ma, i know your not dense so fuck u tried your best and i'm choken on a tear so many tough years kept depression out of gear N fear we'd be abandoned, straight up stranded before HBO demanded that it wasn't TV, that's all that was effective general hospital at 3, put our lives in perpsopective best friend shit cemembnted that the fact that we stuck to our weapons mom, you always had my back my mutha fucken dawg......... Happy Gradutation (slimer, shout's final credits)....

Meet The Retar Crew. Chicago Sun Times (BLOG)

so great forever proud of these dudes, Jack-son! LOOKING Sharp my man, we're almost famous almost there, going to hit big, it's coming, no worries, very soon to a theatre near u. Here's the whole interview

If you haven’t heard of The Retar Crew your life is meaningless. Okay, maybe not meaningless but definitely lacking in dick jokes and Shakespearian influenced Hip-Hop. While Retar Crew members The Q Brothers created Chicago hit Funk it UP About Nothin (by the q bros/CST/Richard Jordan productions), an urban “hip-hoptation” of the Bard’s classic comedy Much Ado About Nothing, The Retar Crew as a whole is perhaps more famous for the internet sensation "No Homo." But whether updating Shakespeare or slyly skewering the same people who embrace their music, The Retar Crew remains fresh, silly and unexpectedly shrewd. This May, all four members are involved in the much anticipated Othello The Remix which goes up at London’s Globe Theater, but first, member Jackson Doran spoke with Our Town about humor both high and lowbrow.

Our Town How did you get involved with Funk it UP About Nothin’? Jackson Doran In 2007 I was freestyling drunkenly at a party to the repeat of the Napoleon Dynamite DVD menu when another guest joined me and basically slaughtered me with his skills. I never saw the gentlemen again until about a year later, I was drinking bourbon by myself at my local pub and noticed another fellow a few stools down also drinking bourbon alone. It was the same guy from the party. I was like, "JQ?" and he was all, "Jackson?" and for the next two hours we proceeded to play the Megatouch game where you are a polar bear trying to hit a fish as far as you can with a baseball bat. JQ remembered I could "rap" and that I was a struggling Chicago actor. He had written a play with his brother, Funk It Up About Nothin,' which adapted Shakespeare into hip hop. JQ said he would get me an audition and I [told] him not to blow smoke up my ass. Two days later I got a call from Chicago Shakespeare.

OT What makes Shakespeare and Hip Hop such a good fit? JD Shakespeare and rap actually use many of the same poetic and rhetorical devices. GQ always says if Shakespeare were alive today he would be a rapper.

OT How do you go about transforming Shakespeare? JD J and G as "The Q Brothers" write the hip-hop adaptations of Shakespeare. They go through and translate line by line to make the whole play into rhyming couplets. From there, the play goes through anywhere from 20 to 40 drafts. [It’s] transformed into a new conceptual rap form of the same story, usually a condensed version and very fast paced. Since this style of theater is relatively new, the form is being adapted as we create more pieces.

OT And The Retar Crew grew out of your experiences doing the show? JD While in Edinburgh [where Funk It Up About Nothin,' won best musical at the Fringe Festival] JQ and I began writing little refrains about our experiences abroad--the Fringe Fest is a pool of art and debauchery. When we returned, out of depression and boredom, we began to develop our little ditties into real songs. We asked JQ's brother GQ and their long time collaborator and friend, Postell Pringle to write verses on the songs. After six months we had ten tracks about sex and drinking to complete an album. The Retar Crew* was formed.

OT I have to ask how you got your name and, seriously, why? JD The first time JQ and GQ let me come on stage for their set at Lollapolooza-- they perform at the kids stage every year--I rapped about having fun and getting crazy and rocking the mic real hard. Then in front of hundreds of kids I almost rhymed "hard" with "retard" and stopped myself before I could finish the ‘d.’ We never mention or write about mental disabilities and indeed one of our mission statements has become to kill the stigma and hate that words can cause. We are against political correctness and stretch the boundaries of appropriateness in a satirical way. Needless to say its been a rough road trying to go mainstream.

theretargirls-home.jpg The Retar Crew is Jaxtar, Binxy, JQ, and Jason Postell Prigletar AKA Jackson GQ JAQ and Postell Pringle.

OT Why put your music catalog up online for free? JD We believe in getting paid for our art but in the modern capitalist and greed-driven music industry where people pirate things anyway, our intention was to allow the young music fans free access to help our art spread faster with the hopes of then exploiting the capitalist mentality we don't subscribe to in the form of sponsorship. If we can get enough traffic to our free site, corporations will then see us as a commodity and want to stamp their name on us in the form of advertisement. We then continue to produce our own art and have the money come to us from businesses with our fans still having free access to the art. This is the philosophy. So far our one corporate sponsor tried to censor us so we had a parting of ways. We're still hoping this new way of looking at making money on art will pan out.

OT You’re definitely internet famous for "No Homo." JD J and I wrote the whole sketch at a pub in Sydney Australia. It was an awesome and hilarious process. It took about 3 hours. The hardest parts were writing the trading dialogue parts. The super-graphic explicitly-gay Dr. Suess monologue I do actually came quite easily for some reason. We knew where the sketch was heading and were a few pints deep at the point. Some sort of repression coming out? Who knows.

OT "No Homo" pretty much mocks the frat types who say No Homo but I’d imagine that those exact types end up celebrating some of your work. Conflict of interest? JD We started this group knowing we were going to toe the line when it came to appropriateness. We asked ourselves how we could be controversial and offensive and still appeal to a large demographic. I think the solution has been to incorporate comedic forms that haven't as popular in American humor, like satire and parody in a more veiled and less blatantly sarcastic way. Unfortunately we live in a very divided country when it comes to education and values. We're trying to comment on that and at the same time make art that can be accessible on a basic level of auditory enjoyment as well as advanced on multiple comedic levels. It's like well-made family movies. They are enjoyable for children on one level and adults in a more clever way. Homophobes like no homo cause its gross I guess and they can just be like "ha ha fags!" but the sketch ultimately is pretty "pro-homo."

OT What's a typical Retar Crew show like? JD Drunken, super melodic, dancey, funny, smiley, joyous, delicious, passionate, free of charge. No seriously all our sh*t is free.... we're broke. Next free show: June 23rd. Double Door. Be there! A writer with an MFA in Creative Writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Sarah Terez Rosenblum freelances for a number of web sites and print publications. Her debut novel, “Herself When She’s Missing," (Soft Skull press) is available for pre-order here. She is also a figure model, Spinning instructor and teacher at Chicago’s StoryStudio. Inevitably one day she will find herself lecturing naked on a spinning bike. She's kind of looking forward to it actually. IMPORTANT: the official Our Town site doesn't support comments. Join in the conversation by following and Sarah on Twitter: @SarahTerez and Facebook.


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Hip hop - Cajun (Charlie Paradise - C-rat, Slimer)

Jessica's "Daily Affirmation"

Opening Day in DC

OK, 1st clip? I was breaking down baseball and old Fenway Park, the memories of peanut or cracker jack or can beer sellers winging the items against a back drop of a collective system in the staNDS mitigating commerce is the shit. It was great, just when bam! The guy guns cracka jacks at Summer, priceless and still in effect, wurd.

Opening day in Washington DC, do you know that Ted Williams managed the then Senators here in DC five decades ago? It was the highest team batting average the organization ever experienced. I think of Root Beer floats, I think of Ted Williams. I love Washington National fans because like me for the most part people in DC or Northern Virginia are not from the area! And since I'm over the Red Sox in a small way, I want to move my remaining interest to the National league. I wanna be a khaki, button DC cap touting National fans. The artist formerly known as the Expos, I saw a button down Dawson powder blue Expos jersey in the stands today. I said "the hawk" loudly and gave the dude some authentic dap, two guys that got it, sick jersey no one cares.

And how dope is this? The guy from Blues Traveler laying down the harmonica on opening day.

BEN'S CHILI BOWL - wow u have no idea, available only in DC The best A couple other pic's

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Chasing Strawberry Abita (celebrating our 1st Starwberry toast of the Season!)

Strawberry Abita our fascination with this seasonal ass kick of delight fused four years ago, the exact # of years they have put this one of a kind beer out there to the masses.  The Abita brewery in LA, is located close to some lucscious strawbeery fields.  And each year during harvest this delectable delight is released.  And each year the frenzy led by us gets zanier and zanier.

From rumors to a bad harvest and limited releases this year it was April and still we hadn't a whiff of our favotite beer which always comes here in March.  Becoming more troubled by rumors of Abita powerhouse providers in the area saying they might not get it at all we called Abita.

Come to find out they import hops from Europe and I can QFY'd them to sell them EURO'S.  It got better, staff insisted that the harvest was a gem, and 200,000 cases went out, 50,000 more than the year previous.  There was huge demand and they were all sold out, it was just a case of delivery.  Troubled by photo's on Twitter and FB of people enjoying Strawberry Abita's we went on a one week manhunt climaxing in one placer in the whole city that got the advanced Friday shipment.  And this was after a weeks worth of calls to a hundred different retail and bar locations.

This is our journey, I almost lost it. 

Some pic's from the long day peddling and motoring around our nations capitol in search of that first seasonal sweet sip, yum
More 1st sips

Coach William Tighe. Lexington Legend(E)s Part III

Coach Bill Tighe

One aspect of real Lexington that gave credence to high property taxes was the high school football coach who at one time was the oldest football coach in America, William “Bill” Tighe. What a privilege to play for everybody knew, loved and respected.

Coach Tighe was the seasonal flank and perfect compliment to another long time legendary basketball coach Bob Farias. Ad if you were the rare athlete that could play for both of them, they were coaches you’d ever soon forget. Coach Tighe was tough and all heart. He wanted your best and understood when things didn’t work out because that’s life. He never forgot the name of any player that ever played for him. I ca attest to this because I played only one year and stunk. But I could see him tomorrow, he’d smile remember my name, position and be close on my year of graduation.

Still he won more than he lost, taking the 1985 team to the D1 Super Bowl against Brockton at Sullivan stadium which at that time was the largest high school east of the Missippi in the country. He loved the game and he loved the kids. And he was and remains a treasure of wisdom. And like Coach Farias he was also forced to resign, and it wasn’t the yelling as much as the age I believe which is outrageously discriminate and undeserving. At least he was given the proper send off many men will undertake the art of a teacher few will impact the lives of kids as a Coach Tighe.

He’d eternally comment his favorite part of the job and proudest moments were his players that went on and accomplished amazing things in their own lives. The kid that grew to help others became a man that understood the art of giving back and those were the stories he most cherished. I remember being burned out at the thought of basketball by that senior year, asking Coach Tighe if he thought I could compete collegiately in football. He said if I wanted it, I could and that next week I was in touch with (Junior) college of the red woods, Cali. And that’s when he becomes much more than a coach. His true skill and he’ll admit this, was getting kids to college, which on a basic level should be the genesis of the gig and a true skill.

In 2006-07 filming our documentary on Lexington basketball Coach Farias shared one of his favorite Coach Tight stores with the team, which involved me. And it involved Coach Tighe yanking on my facemask as I was vomiting on the sideline telling me to get back in the game. I’m sure that would be shot out of the sky by the ruling trophy generation of parents and soft school committee’s during today’s tough times. Coach Tighe is an incredible almost national treasure and this morning we salute you Billy Tighe on Gorilla Dunk Daily.

See below for some clips. Lexington Legend(E)s is an on going series in conjunction with our sister blog, Please look for our upcoming documentary, Where The Defense Began and novel Legendes (Charlie Paradise) and thaniks for youir on going support, we've clipped 10,000 views showing some add's and giving back. PLease visit our foundation @ A great way to support three amazing and local charities all in one, sports, kids and diversity is what the YG Foundation is all about.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Good, Good Friday! Morning Bike Shot, National Mall

So, week 1 of biking to work in the tank, k.  I'm about to get evangelical with this biking shit.  I here to convert, get involved!  A great way to do something small for your mind, body and country, yeah that's right bitch, country.  Holla at honest Abe here, and the on going renovation to the reflecting pool that sits in between the holy triangle of the white house, Lincoln and national monument, h-h-h-hoola.

Also see below (LOL) for this weeks most boring news fact on earth!  And happy Easter, big up's to JC.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ice, Ice Baby November 9th, 1990 “Everything is happening as I’ve foreseen” The Emperor

Legendes (excerpt)

If I believed I was a rapper on the up Mr. Robinson was a force same too. I prayed for his PageNet beeper. He had flair and was quite the challenge, which was the wrong way of looking at it.

All-Star kids were drawn to him, and “bad seeds” my category if there was a census bureau, avoided him at all costs. But to me the “SAC” it’s snitches and honor society students that spent time there on Mr. Robison’s MAC playing Tetris and discussing timeless teenage issues was all politics. I appreciated the sunlight, penthouse view and dialogue. It was a cool place to be when you were scamming. And he saw me. I had to be careful, I knew it cold from our first encounter.

Unlike my fellow delinquents that had already cracked the thirty-detention mark I liked making unannounced cameo appearances to the


Mr. Robinson knew my schedule better than I did so it had to be a truly “free” moment to dip. And this occurred typically before or after my improvisation class. My sister spent time in the “SAC.” Mr. Robinson was fond of Brooke as were most people she came into contact with. She was no longer skating solo but still precision with the Haydenette and would appear on national television with the rest of the cast for their customary New Years day Rockette style skate in Rockefeller center. I felt like a young Janet Jackson watching her older brother Michael on national TV on major US holidays instead of being home like every other kid. The Haydenette’s were national champions, I’d be happy with states.

Basketball was now less than a month away and I still hadn’t passed out my first football card.

I need to get some UNLV members to help me start passing out football cards this week yo

The high school “clock” was something I was always aware of. The race towards legendary status in Astori had a clock. It was an hourglass and you had to stay on track. In the second week of November I finally had forgotten around to my new candy thing.

Saturday Morning: Beyond my hyperactivity there was one other reason I got off the coach in the morning. And it was something I’d hear Coach Farias say all summer.

“Hey, you can sit on the couch, but guess what the guy in the next towns not, and some kid in another towns not, you got to practice more than him if you want to be a player.”
It was real. The basketball was my best friend and the towns storied program gave me something to look forward to in life. And although my right arms handicap presented a formidable obstacle, I faked it, pretended it never happened. Saturday morning meant Hayden
“Good Morning miscreants!”
My father entered with the enthusiasm of being in a room without my mother. “Mis-cree- what?” Lamont responded in a high pitch my Nubian brothers reserved for big question marks I'd soon adopt. “What’s that mean?” It didn’t match up with any of the 100 or so words I was familiar with.
“Look it up, you have to be able to speak English in America if you want to get a good job guys, you know why?”
“Uh-uh.” We said back slowly shaking our heads.
“Because everyone else can and everybody does, you guys know about two words combined, all this yo and rap I better than you crap cause I have a gold chain.”
And he let that settle.
“Gold chains make a man dad.”
I say testing. “Bunky Saturday morning can you give me a break for just one day?” “OK, I’m sorry.” It was a valid point I was showing off for Lamont. Alewife to Ashmont. End to end that was always Lamont’s route back to the city on the subway. The two stops were bookends encompassing two vastly different environments. Alewife was named after a fish found in the nearby rivers stream. It was the first stop on the city subways Red Line and closest to Astori. “Hmm, you want to go on a trip to the city bunky?” And both Lamont and I knew what that meant, and I responded in my best Bobby Brady, “Would I!” I loved my dad for extending that rare offer many times. It was a long drive and crazy to think Lamont along with two hundred others made the commute daily to attending school in Astori.
“Thank you sir!”
Lamont had just got a big boost to his day. And for my father a kind and caring man, he didn’t mind besides he loved to use these “hood” runs as a subconscious preview of how good I had it. Seeing that he paid all of $150 bucks for the latest motorized gerbil he’d drive anywhere. My dad
“OK, let’s go, I have a new route I want to try.”
My father loved new routes, and found satisfaction like many men in talking best routes and discovering hidden shortcuts. Soon we were out the door.
“OK, thank you so much. Yo C you soft for not playing football.”
Pulling out of the driveway and out of town, we passed the sprawling Wilson Farms and hopped on route 2A towards Cambridge. And as we barreled down the height peak of route 2A towards the city of Cambridge and subway stop Alewife, Boston’s charming city line awakened my idled Edison’s. (footnote) Back in Astori.

I had a new thing I wanted to try along the same lines as the Candy thing, which brought joy and speculation to me while attending Junior High. Now older this time I’d figure I’d start off with employee’s. So I arranged a meeting mid-week which I reminded the three people I invited on Friday about on several occasions. I had visualized and here it was, I had to get to the shower because alls I could think about was what I was going to wear. My very first business meeting, I felt I was growing up fast.

Inside the slippery seclusion of the shower I soon realized I had to wear a suit to the summit. This led me to sneak into my father’s closet, which with my mother down in the kitchen equaled a viable take. I smelled mothballs and this closet didn’t appear to house the lion’s share of my dad’s wardrobe. Putting the oversized suit on my body I was ready after the soap was properly applied to my hair to look in the mirror. I was dying for girls hair mousse but it was downstairs. It sucks so fucking bad

“The death of larceny is hesitation.” John Daley

The mirror, OK, not bad, not great but not disastrous you know so might even laugh. But what do they know anyway? What do they know about anything? Have they ever stopped to ask me how I’m doing? Nah, nah just what the hell are you doing? That’s what they ask. If they did ask me, one time if I was all right? You know I might even say, no. I might say that I’m a bit fucked up. I might say that sometimes I feel alone. Sometimes I cry, punch walls and ask Jesus to protect me cause I don’t think anyone else besides me will and sometimes I think I don’t do the best job of it. I would say some shit like that. If they ever asked that’s just some shit I might say

I was happy with the suit and didn’t like the mirror. Climbing out the window I felt like a young rapper on the rise. I’m shady. And was always role-playing. Regardless I was climbing out of my window because my mother would have a thousand questions if she saw me leaving the house in broad daylight wearing dad’s suit. I hopped on my silver Mongoose and peddled my way towards my first business meeting hooked on a feeling.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Gorilla Midnight Express

Like Houston one of the hero's emblazoned on the iconic marine Iwo Jima statue in VA drowned, drunk, in less than a foot of water, dam, Chucky P almost loses it hear, this segment to the meldonic sounds of the Doors as he searches for reason

Monday, April 02, 2012

Moday ! It’s a powerful thing how quickly a life can change when you’ve been granted an extra one.

I think what Thomas Jefferson meant when he said every generation needs a revolution was that it’s essential to excellence for a country every once in while to experience re birth. On an individual basis I also fid great merit in this. A slow dance with death, a torment that destroyed everything that was you, re built from the ashes hungry and new. He compared regular revolution to the natural manure of democracy. And words of wisdom, and so long ago, a different time, era, if only we had a time machine and could go back to Monticello spend a day with Thomas Jefferson and tell him about the internet. What would he say to an idea like that, conceptually he’d understand, and more powerful than muskets he’d know it to be.

“The information” Ice Cube’s answer to professor Lawrence Fishburne in higher Learning asking what the white man controls and what he as a black student should pursue.

It’s a powerful thing how quickly a life can change when you’ve been granted an extra one. Wow. Gorilla oriGinal Quote Of the week Great Quote. And it’s not an entrée in the say Syrian conflict or a repudiation over cling on’s and their tight grip on outdated policy from another era. Laws like people must adapt to the times. That’s why they are building the new bay bridge in San Fran like they are. So it can move when the earth does, laws are crafted with a similar thought in mind, I guess the other way around.

It’s just a point, that so much of life is perspective, the silver linings of the saddest or scariest stuff often spark this. I relish the rebound. Ad speak the absolute truth when I’m not lying.

Happy Monday.

Joke. OK, so I guy walks into a bar after biking home from work. Yeah Nah man, I guy never walks into a bar after work when he biked home

BTW College basketball championship tonight is an indictment of you as a fan, and where you stand on the ethics of college basketball. Ad for that reason go Kansas, eve though there is little chance they will beat Kentucky, sadly this is their year. Boy they ca play, ejoy the show ad what will be rest assured a great college basketball game.

Last thought, you never think how may words the letter N is in until that key stops working. CP Kentucky Wins !

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Date Night, DC, Spanish joint, Pearl Dive + U Street (Jazz)

So this weekend was (drum roll please), Summer Crushes birthday, holla! Going out is expensive maybe that's why people do crazy stuff for money because it sure is fun. In this segment we celebrate Washington DC, downtown and 14th street, a Friday to remember. To jump start the glorious my office headed to my favorite happy hour in the world. And it's of proud consequence that the best Spanish restaurant is the country wraps itself right around the block from us. It was cold and our coveted sidewalk table had to be ignored. But still the Sangria, truly amazing is cut down to half price from 3:30-6:30PM.

Here's a shout from a prized corner indoor table, we're the restaurants most frequent and consistent customers, the Tapas is amazing.

And from there we headed to Pearl Dive, 14th NW, so sick. They had these, in a can, and early !

And we saw this little one driving down the street
and true to the joints title, these
And then to U street for some good old American jazz. The next day we headed to the National Portrait gallery for their homage to video games. It was literally (I'm channeling Parks & Recreation there) the most enjoyable exhibit I've ever attended, wow, I sincerely suggest you attend running downtown through the summer. And the follow up. The juxtaposition of the old and new graphics was astonishing. Loved this too, TV, USA tribute -
Sega 16 Bit (sigh)
And when we got home Summer open's present #2 :) Gift 1 were these, the eye kid .

The Tricon Barbershop. (

Few places are as sacred in the male lore than the local barbershop. And you thought it was just a black thing, wrong, it’s a sacred thing. And few places transcend the spectrum of race and time like the good old Barbershop. Just the very definition of Barber shop ensures it a happy place, and when it’s done right, well, legendary status. And such is the case of Tricon Barber shop. No relation to the sports shop outside of being the second featured local business tribute / shout on GDD!

Tricon barbershop is the kind of place when I’m stuck at that impasse between mid and uptown, heavenly speaking I wish it to be there. A prelude to eternity, I know mine is one that won’t be a snap decision, let that be the waiting area. Part of the brilliance of barbershops in General is their close association to my beloved Saturday morning, so, so strong.

Part of the posterity that enlists us to put down such a shout is how throw back the joint remains. A hallmark of greatness IS consistency, this place has never changed. Cut from the cloth of recent establishments in ritz city parts tending to the old style of barbershops we’ve enjoyed as such since we were kids.

A few musts, 1) the squiggly, swirling, red, white and blue thing. 2) The Herald and the Globe. Others: Straight edge razors, a nice scalpel, the blue coats, the hot lather, latest town happenings, sports discussion and of course the grand separator, full shoulder message with the 50’s device, spectacular.

Unlike the trendy barber shops dotting major US cities, Tricon remains affordable. And if you truly ever really want to know as much as possible about what’s happening in your town or city, had to the barber. And have a good relationship with he or she. See, no one in town has more information than the barber. The moral of the story is we see you ☺

My memories are going to the barber shop when I was eight and nine, sit with my dad who’d always make me wait for Paul who at the time was in the lowest ranking seat, closest chair to the back door. Far away from the head chop seated gallantly in the front widow with sidewalk views.

And I’d listen to the men talk about Woburn high school football, and Lexington Basketball, D1 sports, it was awesome. I’d get cut up before being dropped at the requisite Hayden with LHS hoop dreams dancing in my head. And of course even as a kid you’d get the hot lather, a little, and the highlight of the month, the couple minute shoulder massage. And it was Art, Paul, Joe and Charlie eventually Paul got to that head seat, took ownership from Art and with Joe, a new chap, Charlie, the crew is still in tact. And it’s been like that for forty some odd years. And a special sauce G love shout to my main man Paul, a true friend and all around great

fucking guy. Thanks for the hair cuts, the wisdom and for always supporting our annual YG golf foundation tournament. Some great moments there like in 1991 when Coach Farias promised the team he’d shave his head if the won the league title with a few games to go, they did. Paul administrated the famous balding of the Big Guy.

And shouts and a speedy recovery to 50/50 legend, Harry Laye. Thanks for your priceless art work congratulating Paul on taking that front seat years ago it still survives framed. And to Art, Joe, Charlie, the new kid on the block, I’m proud to say I hold the record for longest haircut in the history, administered again by Paul. It was back in the band days, we were filming the LHS hoops movie, and I figured if I was going to be around the program that year, best to conform the lettuce to team practices and standards. A great, great place that has taken care of so many I love through the years, you never let me down. Nothing makes my day more than getting a call, hearing the barbershop filled with people I know sharing a nice laugh at my expense, keeps you rolling.

Thanks Tricon, I’m coming home just for a cut.