Thursday, March 15, 2012

What's Your HandiCap?

What does handicap mean to you?

Golf per say or something that you've been through?

Maybe the mastering of the course as the lay out of your life

Or the tendons that you lost so late one night?

The knife in the back with which you always stab yourself, your lack of wealth

or lack of limbs, can you say, I.E.D.?

Or is your chromosone count too high like Florida degree's?

Has age rotted a mind once so bright, instrumental in our most glorious fight, a time of life, a time alight with dynamite,

shaking the world to it's core, dressed tidy in mental decor

a gifted intellect once arousing, scouring for images,

life is pictures

of lost innocence's

so what's your handi cap, was it everything you hoped it would be?

did it devour or make you into the type of person you always thought one day you'd be?

did you block or shout it out?

did you hide or always blurt it all out?

Did you tackle your Vadar, face your courage, take it's tempature and jump

your heart thump, the pump, the fear, DON'T LOOK NOW, your handi cap is swallowing your career

The voices that cradle your potential, rock it comfortable, allowing it to stabilize, nurture and dissolve! remaining resolve that will kill your will to capture a dream or mystery resolved

And most days it's a decision, be consiouss and choose perspective,

It's easy to find these days.

These words are a passion

Block out the no and bring on the yay, a spring day in VA, thanks for summer, thanks for thoughts, thanks for Cherry

Blossmoms, cherry clans and cherry dots

Hate excuses.

Crave results.

love those around you and realize a greater power than you'd ever experience had you never been, handi cap.

CEE . 1st night March Madness 2012 after breaking glass on accident Spring in DC

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