Monday, March 19, 2012

Tricon Sports , holla!


Real Lexington is Tricon sports, Tricon sports is real Lexington. Our first in a series to be equally featured via our sister site,


We are hoping to preserve the treasures that truly define Lexington, it's marrow and ageless heart beat. In a town of historical preservation it's ironical what has been left to die. And fortunately for us, we're a big unit and even in the face of mass destruction, attrition and the kicker wussification we're strong, like the union, still.

I wonder how Rob Tavilla, former LHS hockey captain and current owner of this timeless town gem, Tricon Sports feels about the town deciding to put a de-emphasis on competitive sports at the high school level? In Lexington, no, these days it makes sense but no! The people who are the true faces of true Lexington's strong quilt are not cut from this trophy generation kids cloth.

Tricon is Lexington high school sports, they make and embrioder the game jerseys, the practice gear. What a feeling it was to go to Tricon and get my first varsity football jersey, #2, corner baCK, hot off the press which is in house. I'll never forget it. Skate sharpening, go there, Turkey Bowl gear, head there. Summer league jerseys, new LHS hoops pratice gear, field hockey, soccer, Larosse, it's all Tricon. A life line, the fashonista for varsity sports. Believe me the trend is down, in three years their will be not one winning record left of the major sports offered at my revered LHS.

We've talked about this before on GDD but what separated, what elevated property values laden in high cost? It was a combination of sports and high quality education. Winchester, Lexington, Andover all the towns that rose past there neighbors in the 70's, blew up in the 80's when things started rolling and never looked back shared this unique combination. Great education and killer forilla sports programs, all that you could ask for, you could not be fronted on, as a town.

Who remembers the old location, cradling the alley, in the heart of the center behind Peking Garden? The downstairs was a magical journey inside, accessing all the Harry Potter swords you'd need to master your suited craft if you were so willing to put in work. It was something else, all our dreams, like the 54 goen in battle that first time on the civil war tip. Who remembers Eddie? Eddie was a town pillar on par with maybe only Paul the Barber from the shop donning the same name when it came to town information. Small businesses are the life line of this whole country, so fuck Wal Mart and toast a town legend, so cute and cozy at her new or latest location over the past 20 years on Waltham St diagonal from our lost market Highland (sign), Matty Doran!!! (see Strike it Rich and us circa 1994)

And to further the facts, Tricon owner, Robby Tavilla has hooked up our home grown charity, the YG foundation each and every year for our annual Thanksgiving party / annual golf tournament at Stowe Acres. The man captained a hockey team in Lexington, as a senior that almost won the league despite the best ten players in town going to private schools. Something about that in MASS, doesn't happen in hoops, a little but but certainly not like in hockey. What you need to know is that the owner of Tricon Sports, a town landmark, for us and real Lexington was a downright nasty high school hockey goalie.

So raise your glasses to a local kid, a great kid done come a man and carried on a legendary imprint of providing all the tools and uniforms needed fir the town proud sports program to engage in battle seasonally for honor, college acceptance and dam good old American fierce competition. What's happening to a town that fires hall of fame coaches for being too competitive. This is for you Tricon Sports, stay gold and thanks for the wristbands, the eye black and the tape. To name just a few.

PS: Big shouts to Mr. Brendan Cudha, a scrappy little scorer on the boards that played along aside Mr. Tavilla a couple years ahead to this day helps man the shop and keep in place one of the staples that helped make Lexington, Lexington. thanks guys, keep banging. GORILLA.

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