Friday, March 09, 2012

Today's Protest in DC

Ok.  So this is the corner CT and I, a block from the white house and the gorilla pimp office I started for global payments.  Anyway two brand new state of the art see through buildings have just gone up facing each other.  And they are gorgeous.  They are where I want to move Comfex DC in a couple years as we pack the joint.  They are as expensive as they are cajun.  And everyday you have this posse of "union workers" banging anything that can make noise outside of these brand new buildings.

I'm not sure what union they represent or if it's lunch break at the shelter but this white dude has just had enough.  There was a swing and this was the tail end of a larger scuffle as I made my way to PJ Clarke's for one hell of a burger.  I will say these noise makers have been doing this in DC since I first got here in 99.  They sometimes have the big inflated balloon rat which I want to steal ala Batman Joker for my first video as c-rat, 1.0

If I was a bit quicker there would be more highlight's.  The white guy kept saying leading up to the pushing and swing, "every fucking day!  Every fucking day I gotta listen to this shit."  The sad part of this noise making faction which is all over the district is the goose egg it's layed regarding any objective beyond pissing off the working white man which has some honor, I'll give them that.

I do appreciate their dedication but feel they need a savvier approach.  I appreciate the drums, I love go go and my boy is the white ninja from Drumline, holla.  What's not to like?  What I do need is a quicker camera trigger, classic shit out there hapeening right now that we'll miss and should be recorded.

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